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   Chapter 22 Misunderstanding

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He thought of Shelly, Ellis's follower. The aristocratic circle in this city was not that large, and he had the best relationship with Ellis, so he knew that Ellis had this fiancee.

As a matter of fact, Shelly was very cute, every time she couldn't find Ellis, she would call Leo!

So at that moment, he called Shelly directly to catch adultery.

He felt relieved until Ryan told him that just now the hospital called him and said that Sallie had fallen down at the airport because there were too many people. She was sent to the hospital by the accident.


Leo felt quite angry, "S H I T!"

For the sake of Wendy, he even forgot that he was going to pick up his beloved woman from the airport.

A few minutes after Leo arrived at the garage of the hospital, he received a call from the hospital, it was said that Sallie had recovered and now she had woken up.

Thinking of Sallie, the displeasure disappeared. He seemed to have regained his vitality, and his whole body was filled with warmth, not cold.

He called his assistant and told him something before he set out.

Since the doctor told Sallie that Leo would come soon.

Sallie's calm face was filled with excitement, she kept asking the nurse whether she looked bad. Was she haggard? Did she look well? The nurse was a little embarrassed by her questions.

Sallie lay quietly on the bed with a gentle smile on her face. She stared at the door, just like the stone on the river, she had been waiting for that person all her life. She looked quiet and serene.

When Leo pushed the door open and came in, he happened to meet Sallie's eyes and smiled. He quickened his pace and put the fruit basket and the large bouquet of lilies on the table beside her, then he sat beside the bed and reached out to touch Sallie's head.

"Sorry I'm late. Do you miss me?"

Sallie's face flushed instantly, she gave a plaintive glance at Leo and turned her head away from him.

"I thought you forgot me! Humph, you are so late... "

Knowing that Sallie was shy, Leo stopped teasing her. He took Sallie's thin hand and held it gently.

"Sallie. How are you feeling these days in America? "

Sallie's face turned redder, it felt good to be held in the palm of his hand. It was as good as being taken care of.

During this period of time, he felt guilty to leave Sallie alone in the United States. But at the same time, he had no choice.

"Yes, I'm fine."

After the treatment in this period of time, her body did recover very well. But...

If the scar was uncovered, it would bleed. However, it was so eye-catching that no one could ignore it.

Her original happiness was covered by a layer of haze, and there would always be dark clouds all of a sudden. Sallie opened her mouth but didn't know where to start.

Of course, Leo knew how painful Sallie was.

Since that big quarrel, the two of them had tacitly stopped talking about it. However, it didn't mean that it would disappear. As for Sallie, Leo believed that he would never let her go in the rest of his life.

"That's good. By the way, I heard from the nurse that you didn't eat much just now. Is it because the food in the hospital doesn't taste good?"

Leo frowned slightly, he didn't agree with Sallie's decision that she didn't take good care of herself. He held her hand more tightly.

Sallie smiled lightly, and the haze that had just disappeared in an instant. Leo was still the same one who used to take care of her. It felt good.

Sallie raised her head and looked into Leo's deep eyes. "I want to eat the fried vegetables in the old alley street."

Leo smiled brightly, was there anything happier than this?

"Okay, I'll buy it for you at noon."

The old alley street was located in the South Street of the city center, there were a lot of snacks, but the most famous one was the fried vegetables there, not inferior to a five star restaurant. Besides, there was a time limit for cooking, and the amount of cooking was fixed every day. Some people often ordered this dish half a month in advance in order to eat it.

Hearing the answer she wanted to hear, Sallie changed her position. Leo understood. He leaned Sallie against him and held her in his arms. There was a light and fresh smell of shampoo in Sallie's hair, and the smell of jasmine was light and fresh.

There is only one person who is willing to let you lean on his shoulder for the rest of your life, and you are willing to spend the rest of your life with him.

Her ears were filled with his heartbeat, and the source of life was for her. And the person beside her was also hers.

The sun shone on the two through the glass. The white wall reflected the figures of the two people snuggling up, warm and happy.

"Leo, can't I?"

The result was obvious, but she just didn't want to believe it. Her illness would not be so ruthless and deprive her of her right.

Their love was so beautiful, but when it was about to bloom, she met a heavy snow. How could she bear such a result?

Even if she didn't have the right, he wouldn't care. It was enough for him to love her.

But he forgot that love was a matter of two people

, but marriage was a matter of two families. And his family would not allow it. Otherwise, it would not be related to the appearance of Wendy.


Thinking of this, the time when the two of them were together and the subtle changes of himself during this period of time flashed through Leo's mind.

No, it couldn't be.

It was not a long time, but Wendy seemed to have inadvertently penetrated into his life, and every drop of his life was filled with this woman.

Damn it!

It was all because of her that he would betray Sallie and did something wrong. He didn't care about that at all, all he cared about was only Sallie. Besides, he knew the woman's purpose clearly, so it was all her fault.

Sallie was such a gentle and beautiful woman, how lucky he was to fall in love with her.

Seeing that Leo didn't answer her question for a long time, Sallie's expectant eyes were filled with disappointment. Did he also think that she couldn't make it? Or did he plan to give up on her?

Suddenly, Sallie became panic and scared.

"Leo, please don't leave me. I will be obedient and never quarrel with you again, okay? "

Looking at the eyes full of begging and expectation, Leo's heart trembled. 'What the hell are you doing, Leo? How can you be absent-minded? How can you forget the people in front of you and think of a person who can't be connected with you forever?

Leo held Sallie more tightly in his arms, trying to let her feel his heart and his unchanged feelings from beginning to end.

"Sallie, how can I care about that? Don't worry. We will be together. I will keep my promise. "

A word spoken by a gentleman cannot be taken back.

But Sallie always felt that something was wrong, for a rich family like the Jiang Family, children were important. Besides, Leo's mom was the one who always cared about the generations. She knew that Leo was a filial son. However, how could they persuade his family? This matter had always been difficult for the two of them. Although Leo told her not to worry, how could she not worry about the future?

It seemed that Leo also felt Sallie's sensitivity, he helplessly put his head against her head, and the hot air he exhaled passed through her hair to her body.

"Sallie, we can adopt a child in the future. But I can't live my life without you. "

Leo seldom said sweet words. His words at this time were like magic, calming Sallie down.

Sallie's eyes, which were filled with tears, suddenly burst into tears.

What Leo feared most in his life was women's tears, especially those of his mother and his lover. Now seeing Sallie like this, he was flustered.

He kept wiping Sallie's face with his finger, but her tears were like the river, which could never be wiped out. He patted Sallie's back gently.

"Don't cry. I'm sorry. I won't make you sad again, Sallie! "

Tears welled up in Sallie's eyes, he had no choice but to coax her. He had already felt guilty, and now he couldn't do anything.

Sallie cried for a long time and finally fell asleep. Seeing Sallie's reaction, Leo was even more displeased. Thinking of the chief culprit, he was even angrier. Then he shifted all his anger to Wendy.

These days, when Sallie was in America, she had been receiving treatment in the hospital, and because of her health, she had already had a lot suffer hidden in her heart, but no matter what, she had never mentioned it to Leo.

She loved him, so she could bear all these alone. But today, when she heard what Leo said, those injuries and pain seemed to have found a gap in an instant and rushed over.

When Sallie was asleep, Leo was going out to buy some food. When he walked to the elevator, he saw a man passing by him with a phone in his hand, he thought for a while.

"Wendy, I advise you to stop as soon as possible. What you want is money, isn't it? I'll give it to you. Don't try to hurt the people around me... "

Although he disdained to do this, he didn't mind doing it for the future of him and Sallie. Besides, Sallie was about to leave the hospital, he didn't want the two to see each other.

At this moment, Wendy felt like being slapped all of a sudden.


The reason why she did all this was not for money, but it was so embarrassing when it was said by another person. Wendy's sight became blurred, she raised her head and looked at the sky arrogantly.

Someone once said that no matter how many tears one would shed, when he looked at the sky, it would stop. Because tears were the performance of cowards. But she was not qualified to be coward.

"Mr. Leo, I don't know what you are talking about. But it was not a decision only made by me, right? Do you... Do you think you can solve your mother's problem? If you could handle your mother well, you wouldn't have called me and said that to me! "

After saying that, Wendy sneered, which hit the bottom of Leo's heart.

This damned woman, "s h i t!"

It was the second time that Leo said this word today, but the phone was already busy.

After saying that, Wendy turned off her phone directly. Occasionally, a few birds flew in the air, which looked so small in the blue sky.

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