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   Chapter 2 You Don't Deserve It

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"Alas, I'm nothing but a burden to you," Cheryl sighed. "It must cost lots of money for me to go through this treatment."

Wendy was peeling apples for her mother when she heard her words. Distracted, she lost her balance and obtained a cut on her fingertips from the knife. She yelped.

Then she placed the knife back on the table and covered her hand immediately.

The blood dripped down her palm as she winced. Pain raked her over.

Cheryl hurried to hold her daughter's wound tightly. "Are you okay? What happened?"

Although the wound wasn't that deep, blood continuously flowed from the cut. Wendy gritted her teeth in obvious pain.

Not wasting any more time, she grabbed the handkerchief from the bedside table and bounded it up tightly. Seeing as the cut was now bandaged up, she forced a smile into her lips. "I'm fine now. It's just a scratch." She giggled. "My skin has always been thick."

Cheryl's eyes were filled with sadness, but she hid her emotions well enough. "No matter how thick your skin is, you still shouldn't be that careless. You have always been like this. How could I not worry over you?"

Wendy buried her head in her mother's arms like a spoiled child. "I don't want you to worry about me," she murmured. "I want to be with you for the rest of my life, okay?"

Holding her daughter tightly in her arms, Cheryl laughed and shook her head. "Silly girl, how can you accompany me all your life? You have yet to get married."

Burying herself in her mother's soft arms and smelling her familiar scent, Wendy was reluctant to leave her bedside. A cold and lonely tear fell onto the bed sheet. However, she still needed to pay the other medical bills.

The next day, Wendy appeared in the hall of the villa just in time.

The Guan Mansion was huge. The rattan furniture that decorated the hall made everything seem aged and rustic. However, the crystal chandelier provided a sharp contrast to the interiors as its dim lights flickered above them.

Felton Guan had been sipping his tea when he saw his daughter walking into the household. Setting his tea aside, he held her hand in glee. "Wendy, what brings you here? Are you here for me?"

Wendy rarely showed up here. How could Felton Guan not be ecstatic upon seeing his own daughter?

Although the old man was joyful, his daughter was anything but. Her body stiffened once his large hands clasped her shoulders. His warmth made her heart skip a beat, but it still didn't shake her indifferent resolve. Like other children, she had always yearned for her father's love, but after thinking of his cowardice, she pushed his hand away.

"I'm here for Leah," she said coldly.

Suddenly, Felton Guan's bright gaze dimmed down. He looked like a child who had just been scolded as he murmured, "Is your heart made of rock? Is this how you treat your own father?"

Wendy snorted. "Father? You dare call yourself a father? Have you done anything for me? Have you been responsible for my mother? Do you know how much pain we suffered because of you?"

Her entire face grew red at the implication.

Ever since she was a child, everyone had extensively discussed her background. In their eyes, she was nothing but an illegitimate daughter. She was nothing but a stain in the family name.

Back then, she was resistant to the insults. Sometimes, she would even fight back. Now, she had grown numb as if her heart had died the moment realization finally hit her.

Felton Guan gazed at his daughter in masked pain. Rubbing his hands togethe

r, he bowed his head. "I'm sorry for what you and your mother had to go through," he murmured softly.

"A little bit late now, is it? You don't even deserve to be my father," Wendy sneered, despising him from the bottom of her heart. The man couldn't even protect his own wife and child. No matter how talented he was, he was worthless. 'I will only do this to protect my Mom,' she told herself.

Felton Guan felt as if his heart was being stabbed repeatedly. He trembled under her stare. "Wendy, I–"

Just as he was about to speak, Waller, the butler, walked over and nodded respectfully to Felton. He then turned to her. "Miss Wendy, Mrs. Leah is waiting for you upstairs."

Without even giving her father another look, she followed Waller up the steps. Felton gazed at her retreating figure helplessly as his shoulders sagged in unmeasurable sadness.

"So you kept your word after all."

As soon as Wendy closed the door behind her, she saw Leah lying on the sofa. The expensive coat she was sporting hung loosely over her shoulders. Thick smoke clouded over her head.

She loved to smoke. In fact, every time Wendy saw her, it was impossible not to spot a cigarette in between her fingertips.

How could she not come? She had to save her mother's life. "Tell me, what do you want me to do?"

Leah puffed out some smoke and stood up. When she glanced at Wendy, she could see her hardened gaze and the murderous glint in her eyes.

A wry smile carved Leah's lips. "You don't have to look at me like that. If you don't want to do it, then you could leave. I won't force you." She shrugged. "But you have to pay me back in three days."

Her scornful smile was as sharp as an arrow, and Wendy could feel it stabbing straight through her heart.

"Did I say anything about not wanting to do it?" Although she despised Leah, she had to endure all of this. All of this was for her mother.

Leah took out a small bag from the cupboard beside her and handed it to Wendy. "Here. It's necessary for your success."

"What's this?"

"You'll know when the time comes. All you have to do is put the content in this bag in Mr. Leo's wine glass," she said, looking at her meaningfully. Wendy's face flushed, understanding what it meant.

It wasn't that difficult to piece things together.

Her face was red from the embarrassment.

Before she could say anything more, Leah called Waller in. "I've already arranged everything, and I've informed the Jiang Family. Waller will take you to the place and inform you the details of the arrangement."

With a sense of shame, Wendy didn't waste any time to leave her sights.

Along the way, Wendy felt as if she was living in her own nightmare. She felt as if her own strength was being drained at each step she took.

She knew what she needed to do, and there was no turning back at this point.

She hated it,

hated what Leah would make her do, but she had no other choice.

She clenched her fists.

Following the butler, Wendy found herself walking into a luxurious and magnificent hall. It didn't take a genius to know that this was the Jasmine Resort Hotel. They took an elevator and arrived at one of the rooms.

"We're here. You can go in by yourself," the butler said coldly. Without giving her a chance to say anything, he turned and left.

Now, she was all alone.

Wendy's heart started to beat erratically. She didn't know what kind of situation she was about to face.

Adrenaline rushed through her veins as she prepared herself for what was to come.

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