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   Chapter 122 Leave The Hospital

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Clare didn't notice when the nurse left. She sat on the sofa in a daze for a long time. She didn't wake up until Sean's loud voice rang out in the ward.

"Hi, beauty, did you sleep well yesterday?" Sean walked in with a bunch of red roses in his hands.

Clare came back to her senses and smiled at him, "not bad."

Sean handed the flowers to her and said, "this is for you. Thank you for helping me yesterday."

Instead of taking the flowers, Clare said, "I appreciate your thanks. I don't need the flowers. "

Confused, Sean asked, "Don't you like roses?"

Clare shook her head and said honestly, "I'm sorry. I don't accept flowers from boys other than my brother and my future boyfriend."

Sean was stunned for a moment, and then smiled. Sean threw the large bouquet of valuable roses aside and said to Clare undisguisedly, "you have a special personality. I like you. But have you ever thought that I might be your future boyfriend? "

Clare answered without hesitation, "No way."

Sean was frustrated. It was the first time that he had been refused so directly by a girl. He asked shamelessly, "Why?"

He didn't hear Clare's answer, because just as he asked this question, Carl came in with something in his hand.

Seeing Sean and the roses thrown aside, Carl frowned and asked Sean, "Why are you here?"

Sean smiled and said, "I'm here to visit my lifesaver. ——Wow, brother, what did you buy? It smells so good! "

Instead of answering him, Carl took out a sealed meal box from the bag, put it on the table and said to Clare, "come and have some breakfast."

Seeing the trademark name on the food box, Clare was stunned. It was a delivery box from the Highest-Ranking restaurant.

The Highest-Ranking restaurant was a century old restaurant, specialized in all kinds of porridge, only one in the country. It was in the south of S City. It would take at least 1.5 hours from the hospital and then back to the hospital by bus.

Did Carl get up early specially to buy porridge for her?

Slowly eating the steaming porridge in the lunch box, Clare felt warm from the bottom of her heart to the outside.

After Clare finished her porridge, Sean looked at her bandaged hand and asked with concern, "does your arm still hurt?"

Clare shook her head with a smile. "It's just a small wound. It doesn't hurt anymore."

Sean was relieved. "That's good."

After that, he continued to gossip to Clare with a cheeky smile, "I heard that my brother stayed with you in the hospital last night."

Clare couldn't help blushing. At the same time, she felt lucky that Carl went out to take the med

ll. " The girl said disappointedly and remorsefully, "after Carl's words, all the girls present scrambled to grab the ball, and I was pushed out of the field directly."

"Yeah?" Another girl thought for a while and asked in surprise, "was it the last time when the 'riot' on the basketball court a year ago? I heard that the student union even dispatched the school's public security team... "

"Yes, it was that time." The girl said.

"Then who won the basketball in the end?" Another girl asked curiously.

"It doesn't matter anymore." The girl said, "because Carl left when they were fighting for the ball. Then I heard that he whispered something to his teammates before he left... "

"Maybe he said something like 'girls are annoying'..." Another girl had already guessed.

"Of course not. How could Carl say such bad words?" The girl's eyes were full of love, "Carl just said, 'I'm tired. I'm going back to have a rest. '"

"What warm words!" Another girl began to be excited.

"Exactly..." As the girl was talking, she became excited again suddenly. She patted her friend beside her and said, "look at that girl. Who is that girl ?"

As they had walked into the long corridor of the hospital, Carl put away his umbrella, which made the two girls see clearly what Clare looked like.

"It's Clare Qin!" The girl recognized Clare at a glance. "I saw her when she went to the canteen of our school with Amy of XY High School."

"Qin family's Clare?" The girl said with admiration, "she is so beautiful."

"Are they dating now? If that's the case, then there's no hope for others -- they look like a good match. " Another girl said regretfully.

The two girls sighed and watched Carl and Clare walk out of the hospital.

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