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   Chapter 121 The Hidden Tenderness Of Carl

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Although Carl said talk about the meeting later, Clare waited for a long time and didn't see any question from him. She turned over and looked at Carl with confusion.

The light in the ward had already been turned off by Carl. At this moment, the only light source in the room was the lamp on the right table. It was soft and not dazzling, only covering the corner of the desk. Carl was sitting at the desk and writing the student union report.

When Carl was working, his usual indifference and carelessness were gone. Facing the pile of documents in front of him, he looked serious and focused. Although there were many problems to deal with, he didn't show a moment of impatience. He flipped through the materials, dealt with the data, sorted out the theme, and filled in the report Step by step, in an orderly manner.

Clare still remembered that she had read a magazine saying, "The confident woman is the most beautiful, and the serious man is the most handsome."

——Although Carl was handsome enough, when Clare saw the scene in front of her, she applied the words "The serious man is the most handsome" to Carl unconsciously.

After watching quietly for a while, Clare was surprised to find that the sadness and uneasiness that had been caused when she had come to the hospital before had faded away slowly at this moment. Instead, a sense of fatigue swept over, and she couldn't help yawning several times.

The sound of yawning was not loud, but Carl heard it. He stopped what he was doing and turned his head to look at her. "If you are sleepy, you can sleep first."

Clare yawned and shook her head. "Don't you have the question to ask me?"

Looking at her yawning face, Carl said, "You can go to sleep first. I will wake you up if there is something wrong."

Clare wanted to say that she could hold on, but before she could say anything, a more intense wave of yawns came again, and her eyelids couldn't help but start to fight. In the end, she was def

ct, she didn't tell her brother the truth at that time. It was not that she couldn't guess Carl, but Not dare to... In fact, her understanding of Carl was getting deeper and deeper as they got along with each other. Carl was not a difficult person to understand. His coldness and indifference to strangers were just an illusion outside the barrier. After crossing the barrier, the real Carl that people could see was actually a person who was cold outside and warm inside, who valued friendship, whom they could rely on, who would shoulder the responsibility and even silently pay for others.

Clare knew that Carl cared about her, but she was not sure how much he cared about her. Was it love, or just a form of friendship?

She didn't dare to confirm this, and even didn't have the confidence to take a step forward to sound Carl out. She always thought in a bad direction unconsciously. She was afraid that once she said something, she and Carl might not be able to be friends anymore.

As the saying goes, let nature take its course

In fact, it was just an escape of Clare.

She didn't know how to tell this feeling to others, so she had to hide it in her heart and let time digest it slowly.

In the world of love for Carl, Clare, who had always been careless and cheerful, was actually just a coward

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