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   Chapter 120 Visit To The Hospital !

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After ending the call with Zain, Clare dialed Cassie's number.


"Clary! Why didn't you answer the phone just now? We are so worried! "

"Sorry, I have something to deal with just now."

"Don't apologize, silly girl. It's good that you are fine. Come back quickly."

"Uh Cousin I'm in the hospital now. Tonight I won't go home. "

"Hospital? !" Cassie's excited voice nearly broke Clare's eardrum. "What's wrong with you? !"

"It's okay. It's just a minor problem. Don't worry. I'll tell you the details tomorrow. Bye" After finishing her words quickly, Clare hung up the phone and turned it off.

She knew clearly what her cousin would ask if she continued to talk on the phone. But she was too tired to explain to her cousin why she was sent to the hospital today.

The bed in the VIP ward of Yang family was wide and soft, and it was comfortable to lie on, but Clare couldn't fall asleep. As soon as she closed her eyes, she would think of the day when her grandpa died. That day, she was in the hospital, and the surrounding environment seemed to be like this. Her eyes were full of white, and the air was filled with the smell of disinfectant. The God of death was waiting at the door of a ward with a sickle in his hand. When the doctor announced "death", he waved his hand and forcefully separated the person from the world forever

No way! No way!

She sat up suddenly and shook her head hard. 'No, I can't. If I keep thinking like this, I won't have to sleep tonight. I had to think about something else to distract my attention.'

She tried her best to draw her thoughts to other places. She had thought about all kinds of horrible events in the hospital, from the night visiting morgue of an imperial physician with sleep-walking disease to the weird smile of a corpse with blue ribbon appearing in the elevator of the hospital. When she was thinking about it, the door lock rang suddenly. It was not a very big noise at first, but in this quiet night, Clare, who was thinking about the horrible scene, felt creepy.

She sat up slowly and looked at the door nervously. She pulled the quilt up to her nose unconsciously, leaving only the parts above her eyes exposed outside.

With a click, the door opened. Clare's body stiffened.

——It was the head nurse Clare had met before.

Swoosh It was not

se of the word. She coughed awkwardly and looked away from Carl.

Compared with her, Carl's psychological quality was obviously stronger. He looked at Sean calmly and asked Sean to leave. "Sean, it's time for you to go back. Parents are still waiting for you at home."

"Ah!" Sean screamed Sean scratched his hair awkwardly and said, "I almost forgot it! ——Clare, I'm leaving now. I'll see you tomorrow morning. "

Before Clare could reply him, he had already opened the door and left, leaving Clare and Carl looking at each other.

Clare looked at Carl blankly, who had no intention of getting up and leaving, " Are you not leaving? " Sean had left for home. Wasn't Carl supposed to go with him?

"You presided over several meetings of the student union last month. The summary report of the student union will cover the content of those meetings. I want to ask you some details face to face, so I will stay here tonight."

Carl had always been good at the work of the student union, and he was never careless. So when Clare heard that he wanted to stay here for this reason, she was not surprised. On the contrary, she was happy secretly because of the fact that she would be accompanied to the hospital tonight.

"What's the problem?" She asked as she lifted the quilt and got out of bed. It was not suitable to talk about work when sitting on the bed.

Carl held her hand across the quilt and stopped her, saying, "No hurry. Have a rest first. I have to deal with the financial statement first. We'll talk about the meeting later."


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