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   Chapter 59 The Exposure Of The Identity Of Clare

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When Marshall arrived at the chairman's office on 10th floor, Marshall, the manager of the security department, had already arrived. Seeing Marshall, Charlie immediately greeted him.

"General manager."

Marshall nodded, "Is the chairman in his office?"

Charlie nodded with a complicated expression, "Yes."

Regardless of the expression on his face, Marshall straightened his clothes, cleared his throat and knocked on the door. "Chairman, I'm Marshall."

"Come in."

Marin pushed the door open.

Austin was sitting in his office chair, spinning his pen. He had changed his clothes. He was dressed in a straight black suit, with a white shirt and a dark tie inside. He looked formal and noble, like a handsome, debonair and elegant noble man. Seeing that Carl came in, he smiled at the opposite chair and said, "sit down."

As soon as he was about to sit down, he was stunned by what he saw on the table.

In fact, there was nothing special about the things on the table, but the clothes, hats, sunglasses and so on that [秦飞] had just changed. There was a table neatly arranged.

Standing in front of the table, he stared at them as if he was going to open a hole in them.

Austin ignored his reaction and greeted him with a smile, "what's wrong? Take a seat. "

"Mr. Edmund Well... "

Theon raised his hand and wiped the sweat on his forehead, his heart beating fast. When he first saw Austin, he only felt that the man's dressing was really strange, but later he heard that it was the chairman's instruction. In addition, he was busy preparing for the auction and dealing with other guests, so he let him go first. When he heard the bidding price at the later auction, he only vaguely felt that the voice was a little familiar, but he did not think deeply for a moment. He did not expect that the young man was actually the chairman himself

He looked up at Austin and said nervously I didn't recognize you. Look, it's done... "

Austin answered with a smile, "Well done."

Marshall froze for a moment and uttered an "ah" before he could react.

Taking a look at the time on the wall, Austin tapped his feet lightly on the ground, and the chair slid backwards due to the force. He stood up, casually threw the pen in his hand into the pen container at the corner of the table, and said to Marshall, "go and call the managers of all departments over. I'll introduce someone to you."

Confused, Marshall walked out of the office. After he told his assistant to call for managers of all departments, Marshall pulled open the door and asked Charlie in a low voice, "the chairman said he wanted to introduce someone to us? Who? Did you see her or him? "

Charlie also lowered his voice and replied, "Maybe it's the girl named Clare. The chairman seems to attach great importance to her. Just now, you didn't see that a makeup artist, a stylist, a fashion designer and so on. The people in a business car rushed in from the door. The chairman had given an order in advance, and I didn't dare to stop them, so I had to follow them up. "

"Where are those people?" Asked Marshall.

"They are all busy dressing up Clare," said Charlie, pouting

st Q was Austin Qin, and Clare's real identity was the daughter of Qin family. Tonight, the brother and sister gave him an interesting night.


He had never heard that there was another daughter in the Qin family besides Cassie?

He looked at Cassie in confusion.

At this moment, Carl was not the only one who received the inquiry. Facing all kinds of sights that could almost form a spider web from all directions, Cassie nodded calmly, confirming everyone's doubts. "Yes, you didn't mishear. Clary is indeed the daughter of my Uncle Parker, she is also my cousin."

On the stage, Austin was still talking:

"…… Because of her poor health when she was a child, her family sent her to Country R for treatment and recuperation. In order to prevent her from being disturbed, Grandpa and others chose to temporarily hide her identity. The reason why we chose to announce her true identity here tonight is two reasons. One is that we trust and attach great importance to you. The other is that we want her to take over the position of president of QFL company officially... "

Standing next to him, Clare kept a graceful smile to the guests off the stage, but she couldn't help clapping her hands because of her brother's words.

Her brother's official speech was so excellent that even people like her who knew the truth almost thought it was true, not to mention the guests who were still in confusion.

Austin's speech came to an end soon. It wasn't long, but it was wonderful. In just a few minutes, they not only made Clare's identity known to the public, but also showed friendliness to the guests off the stage. What's more, he also showed his outstanding and handsome image as the chairman. It could be said that he got a lot.

As the second daughter of the Qin family, who had just been announced her true identity and taken over the position of CEO of QFL company, Clare also said a few words to the guests off the stage symbolically after Austin's speech. Her speech was elegant, calm and decent. All the guests present agreed that she was indeed the daughter of the Qin family.

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