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   Chapter 58 Competition At The Auction (Part Two)

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Austin raised his paddle lazily and bid, "Three million."

The crowd burst into an uproar. They had thought it would be Clare, but they didn't expect it to be this strange young man who couldn't even see his appearance.

"It seems to be a friend of Clare..."

"Is he a helper?"

"It's generous of him to offer her three million. Which family's young master? "

"I've never seen him before."

On the table of Carl and others, Vincent clicked his tongue and said curiously, "That guy named Aust Q is not simple. Tell me, where does he come from?"

"I don't think they are from S City." Sam looked at Carl and asked, "Carl, what do you think?"

With a glass of wine in his hand, Carl glanced at the direction of Austin and Clare. His eyes narrowed, but he didn't say anything.

He felt something was wrong.

First of all, the auction of QFL was not a casual occasion. Logically speaking, even if [秦紫莲] and Fly really got the invitation of QFL, with their dressing, they should not be able to enter the door of the venue. What's more, Clare didn't have the invitation to QFL company. Then, how did she come in?

Second, as far as he knew, Clare didn't seem to be the kind of person who was willing to owe a friend a favor, nor did she want her friend to stand up for her. Besides, she had made a deal with Fiona not to let her friends get involved in their bet. Why would she let Aust Q do it now?

Third, Cassie and other girls' attitude was also a little strange. As Clare's friends, they should be nervous at the critical moment of the bidding, but they didn't. instead, they looked relaxed and confident as if Clare was sure to win

Clare, what are you planning?

Fiona cast a cold glance at Clare and questioned, "Clare, we have said that no one is allowed to help us in this gambling. Have you forgotten?"

"Ha ha." Clare didn't say anything, but Austin chuckled and said, "Miss Gong, what you said is interesting. Who told you that I was helping Clare? Could it be that only you two are allowed to bid for the Celestial tone and no one else is allowed to participate? What's the rule? "

"You..." Fiona thought these words were somewhat unreasonable, but she was still speechless.

Jill couldn't help but give Austin a thumbs up

many cooperative relationships with QFL company, it was always Marshall who showed up and talked about business in QFL company. Austin didn't show up. They only knew that there was a person behind QFL company, but they didn't know who he was. Now that he had the chance to see the real face of the other party, he naturally wouldn't let it go.

At this moment, regardless of the thoughts of the guests, Marshall quickly walked out of the hall while talking with his assistant.

Seeing him leaving in a hurry, Cassie said to the other people of the Dreamlike Seven Stars at the same table, "it seems that a good show is about to reach the climax."

"What do you mean by climax?" Carl and other people at the nearby table had come over and asked Brain.

Cassie turned around and smiled at him. "If we show the play in advance, it won't be interesting to watch the play later."

Vincent asked in confusion, "Clare seems to have lost, doesn't she?" 'Why are they all laughing so happily?

Jill chuckled, "then what next? ——It's a great honor to be defeated. "

Fiona was not satisfied. Although she won, she was not happy at all now.

In less than a minute after she had enjoyed the joy of victory, all the limelight was taken away by the news that the mysterious chairman of QFL company was about to appear. The people around her were talking about the mysterious chairman who was about to show up. In comparison, the bet between her and Clare seemed to be insignificant in the blink of an eye.

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