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   Chapter 57 Competition At The Auction (Part One)

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Austin also saw Cassie and others, but he didn't greet them. Instead, he found a secluded corner and sat down alone, taking out his mobile phone from his pocket.

Cassie was confused. When she was about to get up to look for him, her phone rang. It was Aust Q. She took a look at the place where Austin was sitting and picked up the phone.

Austin's smiling voice came through the phone, "Cass, don't come to me for a while. I don't want Marshall to recognize me because he is in the monitoring room." In order to ensure the safety of the auction items, cameras were installed around the venue. Everyone's every move could be seen clearly in the monitoring room. Marshall was the most familiar person with Austin in QFL company, and the most likely person to recognize Austin before he revealed his identity. But at this moment, Austin didn't want to be recognized by him.

"Okay." Cassie asked, "Where is Clary?" To Cassie's surprise, Clary didn't come with her cousin.

Austin chuckled at the other end of the phone and said, "She should be there soon, but you have to be mentally prepared --" he warned his cousin. "Don't be scared by her later."

The first one who was scared by Clare was not Cassie, but the security guards at the entrance of the venue.

The security guards wiped the cold sweat on their faces when they saw Clare, who was dressed like a little girl. One of them wiped the sweat on his forehead with a good psychological quality. He stepped forward and smiled naturally

"Little girl, this is QFL company. Are you lost?"

Clare opened Mick's bag, took out her membership card and handed it to him with a smile. "Hello, I think I'm not lost. This should be my destination."

The security guard held the membership card and his hand trembled.

What day was it today? Why was there even a second membership card with only two?

He had no choice but to call the manager of the security department again.

In QFL company, the only person who knew the existence of Clare was Marshall, the general manager. But even he was only known to her, and he had never seen Clare before. Naturally, it was impossible for Charlie, the manager of the security department, to know who Clare was. But no matter who Clare was and where she came from, the membership card she took out was true. Therefo

embedded into it one by one. This Celestial tone was of great collection value both in its own value and in history. ——The base price was one hundred thousand, and the bidder would raise the price no less than ten thousand each time. Now, everyone here can bid freely! "

As soon as host finished speaking, someone raised his hand and said

"One hundred and ten thousand!"

"One hundred and fifty thousand."

"Two hundred thousand!"

"Two hundred and thirty thousand!"

"Three hundred thousand!"

"Three hundred and fifty thousand!"

"Three hundred and seventy thousand!"

"One million and five hundred thousand!" Someone raised the card in her hand. Her voice immediately attracted the attention of the whole party.

Most of the people present tonight were famous people in H City. The millions of business in the family was just a piece of cake to reverse the situation, so they were not surprised at the price that suddenly jumped from three hundred and seventy thousand and to one million and five hundred thousand. The reason why they looked at it was because this person was one of the protagonists tonight: Fiona.

No one raised their paddles again. It was no longer a secret in the upper class that Miss Gong was going to bid for Celestial tone with a common girl. Many young maters and ladies came to the auction for this. Now that one of the protagonists had taken action, they just needed to sit aside and watch.

The auctioneer raised his hammer and said, "one million five hundred thousand the first times..."

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