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   Chapter 56 Surprise 2

Love Notes: Find My Mr. Right By Mu Xiaoou Characters: 6933

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Indeed, Clare didn't flinch. She was just preparing to play an interesting game with Austin.

At the same time, in the presidential suite of Fragrant Residence, which was less than 200 meters away from the QFL company building, Clare walked out of the bathroom and showed her masterpiece to Austin with a smile.

"Brother, how about this?"

Austin was playing with his baseball cap and sunglasses on the table. Hearing his sister's question, he turned around and carefully looked at her up and down. She had a lovely double ponytail, matched with a denim shorts and a baby shirt, and a pink Mick bag. She looked like a middle school student With her current outfit, no one would believe that she was going to attend a QFL company cocktail party. However, this was exactly what they needed. It was interesting. How could something that others could guess be interesting? What they wanted was to catch them off guard.

He nodded with satisfaction and said, "Not bad." Since it was an interesting thing planned by two people, of course two people had to participate. Austin was wearing a white T-shirt and jeans tonight. He looked as casual as Clare. From the way he dressed, he didn't seem to be going to the party.

Clare glanced at the clock on the wall, took out a bank card from Mick's bag and handed it to Austin. "Brother, you can go first. I'll be there soon."

Clare gave Austin a top VIP membership card of QFL company. There was an unwritten rule in QFL company: anyone with this kind of membership card could not only get in and out of QFL company at any time without any restrictions, but also enjoy the highest treatment of QFL company. Moreover, there were only two such membership cards in the world. At this moment, these two cards were all given to Clare.

"OK." Austin took the card, stood up, put on his sunglasses and baseball cap on the table, and pushed the door open.

Ten minutes later, Austin arrived at the building of QFL company with a relaxed expression on his changed speed bike.

Although it was convenient to come here by the car pr

st to control her expression and told herself not to show any other expressions except calmness, it was obvious that she failed. Although she had already known that her cousin and Clary would be more "outstanding" once they played the game, and she had already been mentally prepared, at this moment when she saw her cousin's dressing, she could not help but touch her forehead with a headache.

He dressed like he just came back from a vacation in Maldives at the formal business dinner held by his own company. Was her cousin too brave?

Realizing that he had become the focus of the crowd, Austin subconsciously pulled down the brim of his baseball cap and hat. He put his fist against his mouth and coughed slightly to cover the slightly rising corners of his mouth.

Looking at Austin, Jill exclaimed, "Wow, what a cool Aust Q!"

Young said in disgust, "Really? Cool? Aust Q wore that kind of clothes on today's occasion. Isn't he too stupid? "

As soon as he finished speaking, all the girls looked at him discontentedly.

Young was shocked, "What are you doing? What are you doing? Why are you looking at me like that? " Why did it sound like he had said something unpardonable?

"This Aust Q is the one who caused a sensation at the gate of the XY High School a few days ago. He is also a friend of Celine and Cassie and other girls," Sam reminded Young kindly

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