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   Chapter 51 Encounter With Carl (Part One)

Love Notes: Find My Mr. Right By Mu Xiaoou Characters: 7108

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On Saturday, Clare got up early and knocked on the door of Austin's room in the Fragrant Residence.

Austin had already got up and was on the phone. Seeing her, he made a gesture of shush. Clare understood and nodded.

The call ended soon. Austin put his phone on the table and asked Clare with a smile, "what would you like to drink?"

"Milk." Clare sat down on the sofa.

Austin handed her a bottle of milk. "Why are you so early? Have you had breakfast? "

Clare shook her head. "Not yet. I want to eat with you."

Austin frowned disapprovingly, took the milk from her hand and said seriously, "don't drink milk on an empty stomach. I'll take you downstairs for breakfast."

Austin and Clare didn't have breakfast in the restaurant. The two of them went out of the restaurant and found a breakfast shop on the street. They went in and ordered soybean milk, deep fried dough sticks and steamed buns.

Eating the steamed buns, Clare looked at Austin with a smile and asked, "You haven't eaten these for a long time in Country R. Do you miss them?"

Austin took a sip of the soybean milk and smiled without answering.

"By the way," Clare thought of the question she had always wanted to ask in the restaurant, "Who called you this morning?" The reason why Clare was curious was that Austin said the language of Country R on the phone.

Austin put down the soybean milk and said, "It's from the student union of our school."

"The Wisteria School's student union?" Clare was confused and curious, "Why do they call you so early?"

"I have something to deal with in the student union." Austin smiled helplessly. "I forgot to tell you that the former president of second grade of Wisteria School has temporarily gone to Country A as an exchange student, so I am temporarily acting as the director of the second grade of senior high school."

"Okay." Clare nodded. She wasn't surprised that Austin was chosen as the acting director.

Before the age of 12, Clare couldn't recognize her family and couldn't expose her identity, so she was sent to study in Country R by her family when she was very young. A

s and said, "you're welcome."

After being polite, Frank asked the staff to bring shoes for the two, and then he also took a pair of shoes to change.

After changing his shoes, he raised his head and saw Clare looking at him. She wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. He laughed and said, "don't worry. I'm not that stupid. I won't disturb you two to get along alone."

Clare was embarrassed by his words "get along alone". When she came to her senses, she heard Frank say with a smile, "don't worry about me. I happened to have an appointment with Carl today. He should be arriving soon. "

Hearing this, Clare was stunned. "Carl is also here?"

Before Frank could nod his head, the staff came over and reported, "Mr. Frank, Mr. Yang has arrived."

"Hey, he is here so soon." Frank smiled and waved at the man who came in, "Hi, Carl. here!"

Carl was not surprised to see Clare. Before he came, Frank had told him on the phone that Clare was going skating here. But

His eyes fell on Austin, who had just tied up Clare's shoelaces.

——He didn't expect that the man outside the school that day was also there today.

Clare blushed at the sight of Carl, but she still waved her two paws and greeted him, "Hi, Carl Yang." She had thought that she could learn how to play skate secretly, but now, not to mention the accident of Frank, even Carl knew it. Alas, it's really a mistake.

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