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   Chapter 48 The Gossip Is Pestilence

Love Notes: Find My Mr. Right By Mu Xiaoou Characters: 11209

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Carl arrived at the classroom 3 minutes before the class. Clare greeted him happily.

"Yes," replied Carl in a moderate tone, and then with a straight face, he said in a businesslike tone, "I hope it won't happen again for what happened at noon."

"At noon?" Clare was confused. "What's wrong with me at noon?"

Carl looked at her expressionlessly and said, "as the vice president of the student union, you should know better than others what the seventh rule of the school is about. Although the student union doesn't require you to set an example, at least don't show off too much. "

The seventh rule of the school?

Clare thought for a while and finally understood what Carl meant.

She asked Carl in surprise, "Do you think I'm dating with Aust Q?"

The seventh rule of the school was: don't fall in love at an early age!

Without saying anything, Carl looked at her and said, "isn't it?" "...".

Clare was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. She just accepted a rose. Why did everyone think that she and her brother were a couple? If it was true, wouldn't the cousin who hugged her brother in front of everyone be more suspicious of her girlfriend?

"No, I'm not." She raised her right hand helplessly. "I swear."

"That's strange." Sam handed over several printed papers and said, "You look very close to him."

Clare's eyes widened when she saw the paper on the top. "How could this be? !"

On the printed paper, there were three photos in total:

In the first photo, a young man stood on the grass with a smile, opened his hands and waited for a hug. Not far away from him was a young girl running over.

In the second photo, the young man and the young girl had hugged each other. The sunlight sprinkled on the two through the leaves, as beautiful as a picture scroll.

In the third photo, the young man's fingers were fixed on the young girl's forehead, and the expression on his face was blaming and pampering. The young girl raised her hand slightly, as if she wanted to touch her forehead that had been flicked, but there was no displeasure on her face.

Not knowing when, Lydia, Celine and Vincent came to watch. Lydia looked at those photos and fair commented, "They are good photos."

From an outsider's point of view, this group of photos had good angles, beautiful design, good light, rich colors, vivid characters, and clear shadows It was really a good shot.

But the question was, where did this group of photos come from?!

Sam explained to her in a proper way. He handed over the PDA in his hand and said, "it was taken during a photography class in first grade high school today. It was posted on the forum during the break time at noon. The theme is" the birth of the most popular couple of this year. "

Clare looked at the comments below the theme post on the PDA, "handsome men and beautiful women, indeed a good match", "congratulations to the new generation best lover, Clare and that unknown handsome man", and so on. She was so depressed that she wanted to scratch the wall. "We are not a couple, not a couple, not a couple!"

Lydia couldn't help but burst into laughter. Celine comforted her sympathetically, "we know we know."

Carl glanced at the people around him and said, "class is about to begin."

The others dispersed in an instant and returned to their seats.



"All right!" Austin leaned forward and flicked Clare's forehead. "Cheer up. Before the descendants of the Qin family went to the battlefield, there was no one had already demoralized themselves. Since Fiona offended you first, we should fight back. It's not a big deal. Don't think too much about the bidding. Just take it as a game to kill time. As for the rest, just leave it to me. Huh? "

Clare felt warm in her heart and nodded heavily. "OK!" It was so good to have a brother.

At 8:30 in the evening, Cassie called and said that Yolanda was asking her. If Clare hadn't finished dealing with the matters of the student union, Yolanda would come to the school to pick up her soon.

It was not until then that Clare remembered that she came to see her brother with the excuse of "to stay in the school to deal with the matters of the student union" to explain why she came back late to Lewis and Yolanda.

In order not to arouse the suspicion of Lewis and Yolanda, she kept the secret that her brother had come to S City. After hanging up the phone, Clare had to get up and pick up her bag to go back to the Qin family.

Austin escorted Clare downstairs.

In the elevator, Clare suddenly asked Austin, "Brother, are you free on Saturday?"

After thinking for a while, Austin nodded and said, "yes. What's wrong? "

Clare blushed. She hesitated for a while and said, "Then you can teach me how to skate."

Austin asked in surprise. Didn't her sister always keep a distance from ice skating? Why did she bring it up today?

"Why do you suddenly want to learn skate?" He asked curiously.

Clare didn't want to mention the disgrace caused by the skating.

"No, there is no special reason. I just want to learn it all of a sudden."

Austin didn't believe such a vague and perfunctory answer, but out of his understanding of his sister, he stopped asking. He just said, "It's good to learn more." It was meaningless to force Clary to say something she didn't want to. As her brother, he didn't want to make things difficult for her. What's more, there were more than one way to know something. In addition to asking the involved persons, Austin also had many other ways to know, such as asking Cassie and Amy.

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