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   Chapter 45 Mr. Qin Came To Here 1

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The direct consequence of having a good time on Sunday was that everyone was in low spirits on Monday, especially Clare.

This was the last class of the morning -Chinese class. Because the Chinese teacher was Dora and this subject was the double reason that Clare liked this subject, even if she was sleepy to yawn, she still managed to open her eyes and cheer up to listen to the class.

Buzz! Buzz Suddenly, her phone buzzed in her pocket. She glanced at the platform and took out her phone secretly. It was a message from Austin.

Why did her brother send her a message at this time? While she was confused, she pressed the reading key and quickly glanced at the content of the message. The next second, she suddenly became energetic and stood up from the chair.

"Miss Yuan!" She said happily, "I'm feeling uncomfortable and want to ask for leave."

Dora was speechless

The others were rendered speechless

Carl glanced at her indifferently and reminded her in a low voice, "Are you too happy to be uncomfortable?"


Clare was stunned and immediately lowered her head. She looked at Dora pitifully and said, "Miss Yuan, I want to ask for leave..."

Almost everyone had the same thought at the same time

Hey, Clare, is this too false?

Clare looked at Dora sincerely, "Miss Yuan..."

Although Dora knew that Clare wasn't feeling uncomfortable, according to her usual performance, she was not the kind of person who would make excuses to skip classes deliberately, so Dora did not make things difficult for her. Dora smiled helplessly and approved the leave. "Go ahead."

"Thank you, Miss Yuan!" Getting the affirmative reply from Dora, Clare left her seat happily and ran out of the classroom.

Celine and Lydia looked at each other in confusion:

What was wrong with Clare?

After leaving the teaching building, Clare walked quickly towards the comprehensive playground.

The sky was a pleasant sapphire blue, and the pure, clean and clear color was easy to associate with the sea. The sunlight sprinkled on the stone path of the campus, emitting a little silver light, like a fine diamond.

Clare still remembered that when she was a child, she asked her brother a somewhat childish question: Why are all the light spots we see now round? Not square? At that time, brother replied, "that's because the sun is round, and the sunshine is its child, so it is round.". That year, she was four years old, her brother was five years old, and her grandfather sat between the two of them, smiling kindly

That kind of memory seemed to be very far, so far away that she could not remember what her grandfather had said to them with a smile after hearing their conversation. As they grew older, they no longer asked these naive questions, because now they had a lot of new questions that could not find the answer, so much that they did not have time to find more and new questions for themselves

She took a deep breath and shook her head to get rid of those unpleasant thoughts

nd some gave her gifts as if he was running a gift shop at home There was nothing that girls couldn't do.

Austin looked at his watch and reminded his sister, "Clary, it's time for class." Otherwise, the class would be over.

Clare hesitated. In fact, she and her brother had already finished their high school courses in advance during the summer vacation, so even if they didn't go to school for a few weeks, there wouldn't be any big problems in their exams. But she also knew that her brother certainly didn't want her to skip classes because of his arrival, so although she was reluctant, she went back to the classroom obediently.

After Clare left, Austin stood there alone for a while. After thinking for a while, he took out his phone to check the time and walked towards the teaching building with a smile.

Since he was bored, it was better to meet someone.

Clare, who was supposed to go back to the classroom directly, stopped in front of the teaching building. She looked at her watch on her wrist and smiled mischievously. No one could imagine what would happen in this quiet afternoon. This was how life was. Before the next second came, you would never know what would happen in the next second.

Clare raised her wrist and pressed the white button on her watch. She thought happily, 'it's such a happy thing for my brother to come to S City. There's no reason not to share it with my cousin.'~

"Ding Dong, Ding Dong..." A sudden burst of music rang in quiet class 0201.

Cassie's hand shook, and the book fell from her hand to the ground, which attracted the attention of the crowd. Cassie bent down to pick up the book and quietly pressed the receive button.

Amy's face changed, "it's class time. Who is playing tricks on Cass?"?

Cassie put the book on the seat, lowered her head slightly, and moved her wrist, cleverly moving the watch in front of her. When she saw the person in the watch, she frowned, opened her mouth and asked her silently, "What's wrong, Clary?"

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