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   Chapter 33 The Battle Between Two Beauties

Love Notes: Find My Mr. Right By Mu Xiaoou Characters: 8081

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After returning home in the evening, Clare told her brother what had happened between her and Fiona on the Internet. Austin respond her quickly, Fly: you told me that you would behave well in S City and wouldn't cause any trouble. What are you doing now?

Lotus: brother, I didn't get into this trouble. She asked for it herself. (grievance expression)

Fly: no matter what, you have completely pissed her off this time, haven't you?

Lotus: Yes, it should be. (pitiful expression)

Fly: what are you going to do with it?

Lotus: I don't have any plan. Let's wait and see. Hey, brother, do you have any good suggestions for me?

Fly: I suggest you accept Fiona's challenge about the auction.

Lotus: ah? (surprised expression)

Fly: No. I have two pieces of news to tell you.

Lotus: good or bad?

Fly:…… It could be said that.

Lotus: tell me the good news first! Let me be happy first!


Lotus:↖( ω )↗Tell me.

Fly: the good news is that I will attend this auction.

Lotus: did I see it wrong? Brother, you are coming to S City. When and when?

Fly: the specific time

Lotus: Yes. when?

Fly: to be determined.


Lotus: then what is the bad news?

Fly: actually, it's not bad news. But grandma think you should take the responsibility as a descendant of Qin family after playing for so many years, so she want you to expose your identity as soon as possible.

Lotus: (terrified expression) didn't you say that I could easily reach the age of eighteen? There was only one year left?

Fly: accept the fact, Clary. You have had enough of it.

Lotus: (crying expression) when did grandma decide?

Fly: she hasn't decided yet, but I think this auction is a good opportunity.

Lotus: so early! ! !

Fly: Not early, right?. Get ready.

Lotus: brother, why did grandma suddenly make this decision?

Fly: actually it's not a sudden decision. In fact, grandma has already had this plan, but she didn't mention it until I arrived in Country R. Grandma has been worried about you for a long time because I couldn't let you recognize our family. This time, you'd better listen to her and make her happy, okay?

Lotus: it's the family affection attack every time

Fly: will you agree or not? (smile)

Lotus: Yes, yes. But Brother, in this way, isn't Fiona pathetic?

Fly: since she put forward the challenge first, she must have the awareness of defeat

e giggled, "He likes you too."

Amy nodded in agreement, "That's true." Except for the two sisters, Clare and Cassie, Austin had always treated the other five girls of Dreamlike Seven Stars as his sisters.

Lydia asked expectantly, "How long will he stay this time?" We hadn't seen Austin for a long time.

Clare immediately said, "I hope the longer, the better. But... " It was just a hope.

With a sigh, she turned to Celine, who was sitting in the corner, and asked, "Celine, how's your draft for 'Michelle Garden' going?"

'Michelle Garden' was a small and famous animation studio. Its editor was famous for his high efficiency in urging drafts. Celine, on the other hand, was a long-term painter who had signed a contract with 'Michelle Garden' two years ago. She published her works on animation magazines and websites of 'Michelle Garden' in the name of "Night Cotton". Her unique style of painting and beautiful painting mirror were deeply loved and praised by the audience. But at present, the Miss Celine of the Cao group, equal to Michelle Garden, is a secret known to very few people.

Celine's brush swept across the paper. She answered without raising her head, "It's almost done. Don't worry. I will finish it before the day after tomorrow. "

The day after tomorrow was Sunday. On a whim yesterday, Vincent had made an appointment with the people of the Dreamlike Seven Stars on Sunday to go out to play ice skating. Clare was not good at this kind of exercise. She always showed no interest to it, but later she heard that John would also go this time. Thinking of Amy, she agreed.

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