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   Chapter 32 The Battle Strip of Fiona

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The first meeting of the board of directors of the new semester was held not long after the joke day.

Clare followed Carl into the meeting room. After sitting down, she looked around the members of the board of directors and saw several familiar faces unexpectedly. She had seen them from her grandfather's photo album when she was a child, but now the traces of time on her face were stronger than in the photo.

The chairman of the board of directors of XY High School was Carl's grandfather, Zachary Yang. But he was still abroad, so this time it was Carl's uncle Parker Yang who attended the meeting on behalf of him.

The process of the meeting was very simple. Before the meeting started, Clare and Fiona made a brief self-introduction. Carl had known the board of directors for a long time, so he didn't need to introduce himself. After the self-introduction, Carl stood up and briefly introduced the members of the board to the two. After the meeting started, Carl, Clare and Fiona respectively made relevant meeting reports. The board of directors gave a high evaluation of the working ability of the three. At the end of the meeting, on behalf of board of directors, Parker Yang gave some guidance to the work of the student union and put forward some expectations in the future

After the meeting, Parker Yang stopped Carl and said lovingly, "Are you free tonight? How about having a meal at my house? " After Parker Yang got married last year, he moved out of the main house of the Yang family.

Although Carl's tone was still indifferent to the elders, his attitude was respectful. He said, "I have something to deal with tonight. I'll call Uncle Parker tomorrow."

"Okay." Parker Yang patted Carl's shoulder and said, " Your grandfather and I will rest assured. But don't put too much pressure on yourself of student union's work. You can take a rest when it's time. You can't finish it."

Carl nodded, "I know."

Parker Yang took a look at Clare and Fiona and said with a smile, "The two vice presidents of this year are well chosen. There are more and more talents of XY High School. If you need anything in the future, you can report to the board of directors at any time. Don't be too restrained. "

Both Clare and Fiona stood straight unconsciously, "Yes."

After Parker Yang left with other board of directors' members, Clare couldn't help but praise Carl, "your Uncle Parker is very handsome."

Carl gave her an anthomaniac look and told her, "My Uncle Parker is married."

Clare was embarrassed, " I just want to praise your good genes. "

Carl thought for a while. Clare praised him in this way indeed, so he didn't say anything more. He nodded and left.

Fiona raised her chin, glanced at Clare and followed her.

Clare also left, but she didn't go downstairs. In

didn't say anything.

As far as he knew, although the Gong family was not as powerful as the Yang family in S City, it could not be underestimated. There were always rumors in the industry that the Gong family had a very close connection with a gang in S City, and Fiona often appeared in some underground places outside the school. Although these were only rumors at present, as the saying went, "there must be a reason for the accident." It was the same.

"The Gong family is not simple. It's not wise to offend Fiona." After a long silence, Carl said to Clare.

Clare suddenly looked up at him and asked in surprise, "you mean, if necessary, your Yang family will fire me for the Gong family?" Somehow, she felt a little uncomfortable because of this guess.

Carl frowned and his eyes became cold. He said, "Even if the Gong family is not simple, it doesn't deserve to control our Yang family in S City."

Clare was confused. "But you just said that..." Wasn't it strange for her to think so?

"I mean you!" After saying that, Carl turned around and left, ignoring Clare.

Clare stood there in a daze. How could she tell from Carl's words that he was gnashing his teeth? Did he mean her? What did he mean just now

Did Carl mean that the Gong family was not simple, so he thought it was unwise to offend Fiona?

But why did he say that? The Yang family didn't need to be afraid of the Gong family, let alone boost the prestige of the Gong family, did they? Did

Clare suddenly came up with a bold guess: is Carl afraid that she will suffer losses if she offends Gong family, so he warned her in advance?

Then, he is——

'Care about her?

Carl didn't know her real identity, so it was not strange for him to think so. Therefore, it was not her wishful thinking Right?

Thinking of this, Clare suddenly felt she was in a——

Good mood. O(∩_∩)O

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