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   Chapter 31 Parasite Expert In Campus (Part Two)

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One minute later, after making sure that the door was safe, Dora adjusted her clothes symbolically and walked into the classroom. The classroom was in dead silence, and every student had an pure and innocent expression on their faces. Dora's eyes swept across everyone, and then she smiled meaningfully, "Class!"

"Stand up!"

"Hello, teacher!"

The class was full of wonders.

When Dora took out the Chinese textbook and was about to open it

The students thought, 'Oh! The good show was coming!

When Dora opened the book and continued her lecture as if nothing had happened

Students: Alas.

When Dora picked up the white board pen on the table and was about to open it

Students: Oh!

The next second, Dora put down the pen that they had prepared on the platform, and took out another one from her pocket

Students: Alas.

When Dora walked down the platform and walked to the group corridor between the groups

Students: Oh!

When Dora kicked away the little marble on the ground without looking sideways and calmly

Students: Alas.

When Dora opened the drawer of the platform and was about to take out the white board to brush

Students: Oh!

When Dora withdrew her hand, took out a pair of gloves from her bag, put them on, and then took out the white board with a thin layer of paint

Students: Alas.

Between "Oh" and "Alas", the class gradually came to an end. Before the class ended, Dora announced to everyone, "I will change your seats for the first time in today's last class meeting. Please get ready."

Then the bell rang and she left with a smile.

At that moment, almost everyone smelled conspiracy.

Vincent shivered and said to Sam and Carl, "I suddenly have a bad feeling."

In the class meeting, the first sentence Dora said was, "Today's joke day is over. Now let's adjust our seats."

According to the principle that tod

o Z City tomorrow. "

Clare was also depressed, bending over the table. "Really? …… Are you playing tricks on us? "

Hearing this, Carl took a look at her, and then looked at Dora, who was smiling more like a fox in the stands. Carl narrowed his eyes and had vaguely guessed something in his heart. But this time, he decided to keep silent.

The second day.

When Clare and Cassie were about to go out, the "Dreamlike Watch" rang.

On the screen was Jill's depressed face, as if someone owed her three lives.

"Stop! Don't come" She said resentfully, "all the examinations and classes are fake. The school is a liar! The school gate was closed and now it was full of people. The school stood at the gate and read, "Happy joke day.". ——Happy! I'll go back to sleep. "

Closing the watch, Clare and Cassie expressed their deep sympathy for Jill and silently condemned the school. At the same time, they felt lucky that it was better to go out late.

On the other side, Carl was lying comfortably on the bed, answering the phone call from Vincent.

"No class? Yes, I have guessed it. …… Tell you? Oh, I forgot. You didn't ask me, OK? …… I won't go out today. …… Well, I want to sleep. Bye. "

As a result, the joke day finally came to an end.

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