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   Chapter 30 Parasite Expert In Campus (Part One)

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The coming of the joke day made the area of the originally lively BBS of XY High School more lively.

The topic of the post: sunny day on the joke day ~ [Top] [HOT]


First floor:

Suddenly, there was a small note behind you. The drawer was filled with terrifying creatures, and you were smashed inexplicably while walking in the campus. No matter how hard you tried, you couldn't write on the blackboard If one day there is such an abnormal phenomenon around you, then don't doubt that it is the joke day of XY High School.

The joke day was about to start again, and the time was set on Friday the day after tomorrow. Tonight, everyone could talk freely and recall the glorious time when they were bullied or bullied, and imagine the beautiful future that was about to be bullied or bullied.

********Student Union's official announcement**********

Second floor:

Oh Finally, they saw the official announcement again. Who was he?

********Professional help-seeker**********

Third floor:

Wow, official announcement. Was it Mr. Carl?

********School hunk, come to my home**********

Fourth floor:

Wake up, little girl. The president would never speak on BBS.

********Where is spring**********

Fifth floor:


********School hunk, come to my home**********

Sixth floor :

Ask the same question.

********Please, Carl from here**********

Seventh floor:

Because he didn't want to type and say it was troublesome. There was no need to guess, because the announcement was made by himself.

********At the Secretary Office of the student union**********

Eighth floor:

Secretary Office? Was it Laverne?

********It was a beautiful woman**********

Ninth floor:

Congratulations! You got the right answer on Eighth floor. But unfortunately, there is no prize for you. Come here, everyone. Let's talk about the joke day.

********At the Secretary Office of the student union**********

Tenth floor:

Let me tell you first. I was tricked. I hope everyone can take this as a warning this year and stop being attacked.


Eleventh floor:

Waiting for the speech of the tragedy emperor upstairs.

********I'm invincible**********

12th floor:

According to my experience, don't drink the water provided by the water dispensers in every corner of the school on the joke day, because there are all kinds of things you can imagine and you can't imagine in it. Although it is colorless and tasteless and won't kill you, it will definitely make your life worse than death. Just like what I had experienced, the purgative was put in it!


13th floor:

Sympathy o (. "gt;_."lt;)o~~


14th floor:

Waiting in line for sympathy. O(."gt;_."lt;)o~~

********I'm invincible**********

15th floor:

That time, the man who was hit by the same trick, tried to comfort the 12 floor.

********Public vest**********

In the study of Qin family, Clare let go of the mouse and stepped on the chair, which slipped back to Cassie easily.

Cassie, who was reading science and the future, raised her head from her book, looked at her, and then looked at the laptop on the table. Cassie asked, "have you finished reading it?"

"No." Clare shook her head and said, "I just want to sigh with you that the people in your school are so cruel that they can also ta

ke the purgative."

Cassie smiled and told her, "that's from the novel community. It was about last semester."

Clare's eyes widened in an instant. She kicked her feet and the chair slid back half a meter.

"Sister, when did you demonize? !" She asked in disbelief, "is that really your idea?"

"More or less. It was all passed." Cassie nodded and said, "But we have a sense of propriety. We won't hurt people's bodies."

Clare rolled her eyes and leaned against the chair, "then what trick did novel community pass through this time?"

Cassie smiled gently. She didn't answer this question directly, but reminded her cousin, "be careful when you walk under the tree tomorrow."

Nice day. Someone commented on the joke day of XY High School. Because on this day, the whole person was innocent, and half of the teachers and students were promoted to geniuses.

It was a dark day. Someone commented on the joke day of XY High School. Because on this day, they couldn't blame anyone for being punished, and the other half of the teachers and students were demoted to cowards and idiots.

On the joke day, when Clare stood in the corridor of 3th floor and looked into the distance, she unintentionally saw what happened under the tress not far away. Then she finally understood why her cousin let her walk under the tree the night before yesterday. She had to be careful:

At the peak of the morning, the students and teachers who were walking under the shade of the tree were frightened by the sudden fall of the ants from the sky on the school road that they had to pass through. Their faces turned pale and screamed. It was not until the members of the novel community, who had been hiding on the tree, climbed down the tree with a smile, picked up the ants, and explained to everyone that these were only highly simulated toys that everyone suddenly understood: Oh! It turned out that this year's joke day had officially begun.

It was a chaotic day.

All the water dispensers were marked with "this water can be used for reference". Although they knew it might be true, no one dared to touch them. The lesson of the previous year was still fresh in their memory. All the washing rooms were covered with a yellow seal, and the sign "in the bathroom maintenance" was attached. Although they knew it might be fake, no one dared to touching them; when countless students opened the drawer, they would get a copy of "scare"; when countless teachers were teaching, they found that the writing refill of the white board pen had disappeared

Dora's class was in the afternoon. As soon as she entered the office, she was ready for battle completely. First of all, she quietly dealt with the creepy looking electronic bugs in the drawer. Then she counted the books and took out a unidentified object named sunflower manual, which was disguised as a Chinese book. Finally, she took out a spare white board pen from the locked drawer, picked up the prepared books and whip and walked towards class 0207.

Standing in front of the ajar door of the classroom, she couldn't help but sigh, "How old are you? Why do you still play such a childish game? How could they play around with these old tricks, without any new ideas?

She held the whip in her hand and pushed it against the door. Then she turned around and retreated a meter away from the door. The dust on the door began to fall profusely.

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