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   Chapter 29 An Appointment From William (Part Two)

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"Hey, Clare." Jill came over curiously and asked a lot of questions, "Why did you go to the basketball club? What did you say? How could John and others allow you to go there? "

At the mention of this, Clare blushed and felt ashamed. As soon as she blushed, she lowered her head and rushed forward. As soon as she rushed, she accidentally rushed to someone.

"Hey, Clary, watch out!" Obviously, Cassie spoke too slowly. When she uttered the word "out", Clare was rubbing her forehead in pain.

It was an acquaintance who ran into her. He looked at her with a smile and asked, "is there anything chasing behind? Why are you running so fast? "

Clare rubbed her forehead and looked up. Oh, she was stunned.

The opponent was William, followed by a group of members of the basketball team of ZZ High School, and Charles with a camera on his arm.

She looked around in a daze and found that she had been focusing on rushing forward, but she didn't expect that she had only walked around the periphery of the basketball court. She had passed the main door long ago, and now she happened to bump into the basketball team of ZZ High School that was about to retreat.

This time, she lost her face again.

However, even if it was disgraceful, etiquette was still not necessary. The first thing she did when she came to herself, Clare felt embarrassed and apologized, "well, I didn't look at the road Ha ha, I'm so sorry to bump into you. "

"It doesn't matter." William smiled, "But you..." He gave a hint to Clare's forehead and said, "it doesn't matter?"

Clare shook her head immediately, "I'm fine."

She looked up at the group of people on the other side, and then looked at the group of people on her side. Finally she came to her senses. She stepped aside to make way for the crowd and waved politely. "This way, please."

William smiled and whispered a few words to the deputy team. The deputy team waved his hand and went out directly with his people. While walking out, Charles waved goodbye to Clare and Amy secretly.

Clare was wondering why William didn't go with them. The man smiled and said, "do you have time? Can we have a talk alone? "

Clare looked at him blankly, "what?"

William looked at her with a helpless smile and said, "you and I, we two, can we have a talk alone?"

"What? Okay. " Clare see

es and asked lazily, "he's so good. Why don't you want him?"

Jill answered directly, "isn't it you he is interesting? Besides, He's not my type. "

Clare looked at her and said, "Then it's over."

Jill was confused, "Why?"

Clare closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. Celine smiled and explained, "Clare means, William is not her type."

Clare nodded with her eyes closed, "yes, Celine knows me well."

When the time was twelve, the school bell rang all over the campus. Jill jumped up from the sofa excitedly, "Oh, yeah! I have a holiday this afternoon. What a wonderful life! "

"That's just this afternoon will be wonderful." Clare stretched herself and stood up. "The school has decided to make up for one more day's class this weekend because there are too many vacations these days. School will informs us tomorrow. You should be mentally prepared."

Jill pulled a long face and said, "don't be so disappointing."

"Then say something happy." Cassie took out her cell phone and looked through the calendar, "the voting on the BBS joke day of the whole semester has come to an end. 75% of the people agree to set the time on next Friday. If there is no accident, the news tonight should be on the top of the BBS. "

Clare asked curiously, "The joke day? What is that? "

Amy explained, "It's a traditional holiday of XY High School. It's a joke day every semester once. The holiday time is decided by the students. It's similar to the fool's day in the West."

"Oh..." Clare squinted. The joke day.! It sounded interesting!

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