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   Chapter 28 An Appointment From William (Part One)

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The second half of the game gave people an illusion that they were watching a reversal.

As soon as John and Carl showed up, William and others felt something was wrong. According to the previous competition, Carl was a small forward, and John was a point guard. These two people should be the main attack; Sam was a ball controlling guard, Brain was the center, and Roland was a big forward. These three people were the assistant attack. XY High School's team's defense was always casual in the competition. Although sometimes it was not easy to grasp, it was not strong. Therefore, according to the past competition experience, as long as he could defend Carl and John well, it was highly possible for their ZZ High School to keep the lead in the second half.

But the problem was that this time, XY High School's team had changed their strategy. The five of them seemed to have deliberately blurred their division of labor. It was impossible to tell who was in charge of the main attack, assist and defense. As long as one of them got the ball, that person would instantly become a small forward, who only cared about attack, shooting, and points. During this period, the other four people would immediately react the moment that person got the ball, and tacitly completed the transformation of identity, filling in the vacancy of other positions

Clare's eyes widened at the scene outside the yard "What a mess! " Such a performance not only required the trust of other teammates, but also a strong tacit understanding and quick reaction ability. Otherwise, as long as a person made a mistake accidentally, it would affect the whole team's situation.

Vincent drank some water to suppress his nervousness. "I have no choice. This is the best way we can think of to deal with the iron triangle of ZZ High School. Although it's a little risky, at least it seems to work now. "

It did work.

Clare had to admit that.

The power of the iron triangle of ZZ High School could only be given play to when it was targeted. But it was obvious that the power of the iron triangle of ZZ High School was disrupted by XY High School. The number of the main attacking people changed from two to five at once. No matter how powerful the power of the iron triangle of ZZ High School was, it was not sure who would be the next one to get the ball to attack. It was obviously too difficult for three to five people.

The score was gradually flat. The five of XY High School's team were getting more and more skillful in the fight, while the previous leading one, ZZ High School, was playing more and more difficult at the moment. Without the advantage of defense, their attacking power could be even in the first half. Now it was John, Carl and the others, ZZ High School's attacking was a little weak

Clare read it quietly for a while, and then she realized something. She looked at Vincent sympathetically, "I see. You are the victim."

Hearing what she said, Vincent, who was drinking water, spat out a mouthful of water.

"How did you know?" He looked at Clare in surprise, as if he was looking at an alien creature from Mars.

How did she know?

Clare held her chin in her hands and watched the match on the court.

She guessed it while watching the competition. At this moment, this conjecture was confirmed by Vincent.

Clare couldn't help but feel crazy in her heart, 'they are so reckless!'!

The first half of the competition should be a bait, for two reasons. One was to paralyze the opponents and let them relax their vigilance; the other one was to let John and Carl outside the competition field see clearly what the current ZZ High School's iron triangle had changed

compared to the previous competition, so that they could have time to deal with it. However, although it was a bait, it couldn't be too bad, or the fish wouldn't take the bait. Therefore, Vincent and Frank naturally became victims of the bait

Thinking of this, Clare suddenly wanted to dig a hole to bury herself. John and others set up a trap. They not only cheated their opponents, but also her. She thought she had found something wrong, so she ran to them and chatted with them. But they did it on purpose. It was so humiliating! ~~o(."gt;_."lt;)o~~

She asked Vincent, "Who came up with this idea?" It was too mean.

"Carl ," replied Vincent, who was busy watching the competition

Clare held her fragile heart and couldn't help shivering.

It turned out that Carl was not cold, but scheming. Be careful not to offend him in the future, or you may die without knowing how. o(."gt;﹏."lt;)o

When the whistle for the end of the competition rang, the score displayed on the score instrument was 70:77, and the winner was XY High School. All of a sudden, the cheers were deafening. Clare greeted Vincent, covered her ears and went out of the crowd, but she was still very happy. She stood there and laughed for a while. When she was about to walk towards Amy and the others, a man blocked her way in front of her, which startled her.

"HI, the lifesaver No. 1." With a big camera in front of him, the boy smiled brightly.

Looking at him, Clare asked in confusion, "You Who is it? "

The man was shocked. He pointed at his face and reminded, "it's me, Charles Zhu. Do you remember? That night, you and the lifesaver No. 2 were in the alley outside the ZZ High School... "

"Oh," Clare interrupted him, smiling and reaching out her hand, "hello."

Charles was flattered. He reached out two hands, held Clare's hand and shook it two times. He said excitedly, "I thought I wouldn't have the chance to see you today. It's so good to see you now."

"Ha ha." Clare withdrew her hand with a smile and stood back quietly. "You You are so enthusiastic. " He was so enthusiastic that her hands turned red.

"Oh, really?" Charles touched the back of his head and said shyly, "maybe I was too excited to see you. Ha ha. " He looked around and asked, "By the way, where is the lifesaver No. 2? Why didn't I see her today? "

Clare gestured to the crowd, "look, she is watching the ball game over there."

As soon as Charles heard Clare mention the golf match, his excitement faded away We lost. "

Clare said, "Friendship comes first and competition comes second."

Charles nodded helplessly. "Okay." That was all he could think about. He turned around and saw that the members of both sides had already politely shook hands and said goodbye. "I'm going to comfort the senior students. I will left. Please say hello to another senior for me. " Then he waved his hand and ran away like a gust of wind.

Clare realized that she had just lost her face in the basketball club. As soon as she saw that the people in the basketball club were surrounded by the congratulations, she pulled Cassie, Amy and the others to leave, causing the other six people of the Dreamlike Seven Stars to be confused.

"Aren't you going to congratulate them?" Cassie asked curiously as she was dragged by her cousin.

Without turning her head, Clare continued, "I think it's okay to congratulate you in the future. There are so many people here, and we can't squeeze in, right?"

Although she said so, the others still felt something was wrong, but they couldn't tell what it was. They turned around and found that it was far away from the crowd, so they had to follow Clare to the door.

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