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   Chapter 27 Community Anniversary Sunday 2

Love Notes: Find My Mr. Right By Mu Xiaoou Characters: 7070

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During the half-time interval, Clare made a call to Vincent. After the two of them talked a few words, Vincent hung up the phone and drank some water. Then he turned to talk with John, Brain and Carl. The three of them looked in the direction of Clare at the same time. And Vincent said something more. Brain and John nodded first, and then Carl asked them something. Then, Vincent answered, So he nodded. Vincent smiled, straightened up and made an OK gesture to Clare.

Clare breathed a sigh of relief. She stuffed all the things in her hands to Cassie, bypassed the crowd and walked to the rest area of the basketball club.

On the other side, Fiona looked at Clare, who was walking into the rest area and talking with Carl and others, and asked the girl beside her with a gloomy face, "Eleanor Wang, isn't there a rule in the basketball club that during the competition, only players are allowed to get close to the rest area?"

"Yes, there is such a rule..." Looking at the other side, Eleanor Wang was also a little confused. "But it seems that John and Carl approved that Clare can go there now.".

Fiona's eyes changed. The bottle in her hand was almost deformed by her master.

"Wow," Young, the director of the health department, who was one of the selected players, teased when he saw Clare coming over, "Miss Qin, you are so charming. You are the first person who is allowed to approach our team during the competition."

Clare smiled at Young, who always argued with her in student union meetings. "Speaking of charm, I'm not as charming as you, Mr. Young. I heard that you were chased and confessed the love by a young girl in the first grade of the high school yesterday. As a result, you fled into the ladies' room and was almost caught as a lecher. Compared with you, my little charm is really inferior to yours. "

Young was frustrated and kept silent with a long face. In fact, he had no choice but to keep silent, because he had never won every time he argued with Clare. Sometimes, Clare really admired him. He was at most defeated, but he was defeated again and again. He was really in high spirits.

The tense atmosphere in the team was eased a little because of the two's little joking game.

"Clare, you just said that you wanted to tell us something about the ball game. What's the matter?" Vincent asked eagerly as he didn't have a long break in the competition.

Clare didn't intend to keep her in suspense, but she had to say something first. "Well, let's make it clear first. I'm just an outsider. I'm just expressing my opinion. If there is anything wrong, you should also include it. Don't mind."

Seeing the team nodding, Clare continued, "I just watched the first half. I think the iron triangle of the ZZ High School is powerful, but there is something wrong with our team's playing method."

Brain asked, "Wrong? Tell me. " Clare was quite brave. As an outsider of a basketball club, she was so sharp when she spoke, which was very special.

"In general, our team can play well. But today, our opponent is ZZ High School. I've watched the video of the competition of ZZ High School before. The reason why their iron triangle is so powerful is that the three men of William and others have a tacit understanding, and their tracking skills are also very good, almost 360 degrees and no blind angle of iron wall defense. The other reason is that they have found the weakness of our team - that is, their main force is too obvious. For example, in the first half, Frank and Vi

ncent, one is a point guard, and the other is a small forward. One is fast and stable, and the other is active and accurate in shooting. This is the advantage of our team, but it is also because of this advantage that other people will try their best to pass the ball to the two even if they own it... "

One of the candidates couldn't help interrupting her when he heard this. "Playing basketball is your own job. Passing it to them will increase the chances of our team's points. What's the problem?"

"The problem is that it's easy for ZZ High School to find a rule. They will reduce their defense against others and guard Vincent and Frank. In this way, our team's advantage will become weak." It was not Clare who answered the question, but Brain.

He looked at Clare and asked with a smile, "Is that so?"

Clare nodded with a smile, "yes."

Brain praised sincerely, "You have a sharp observation."

He invited her friendly, "are you interested in joining the women's basketball team of our school?"

Clare shook her head immediately. Basketball was just an interest. If she joined the basketball team, it would become a responsibility. She didn't like it. What's more 'Mr. Xiao, we are facing a formidable enemy now. Isn't it a good time to discuss new moves? '?


Clare's eyes wandered around the team and finally found something wrong: the looks of the several candidates seemed to be too relaxed. Although the three main forces, John, Carl and Brain, hadn't shown up yet, and the result of the competition was still unknown. But in the first half, after all, XY High School lost 7 points. No matter what, they should be under some pressure, shouldn't they?

"You..." She asked tentatively, "Have you already thought about how to defeat ZZ High School?"

With a smile on his face, Vincent asked for credit from Carl and others, "look, what did I say? Is Clare a talent? Look at her observation. John, why don't we ask Mr. Zack to transfer Clare to be the manager of our basketball club? "

Clare rubbed her forehead with a headache. Vincent said what he remembered and was not afraid that others' hearts couldn't bear it.

Fortunately, John was honest and didn't mess around with him.

John said, "as the vice president of the student union, Clare has done enough. Don't make trouble for her. There is not much time for rest. Vincent, Frank, Young and Langdon, you stay and have a good rest in the second half. Carl, Brain, Roland and Sam, please get ready. "


Although there were a lot of questions in Clare's mind, she knew it was not the right time to ask.

"Uh Now that you are going to compete, I won't disturb you. Come on, I wish you a successful victory. " She waved her hand and was about to leave.

Vincent grabbed her arm and said, "wait a minute. Here has a better view. Let's stay here and watch."

Looking at Brain, John and Carl, Clare hesitated I don't think it's a good idea. " It was already a "violation" for her to come here. If she stayed here, it would probably be a "crime".

"Why not?" Following Clare's gaze, Vincent looked at Carl and immediately understood, "Carl, is there any problem?"

Carl moved his wrists and feet slightly. Hearing Vincent's question, he stopped and looked up at Clare. When she looked at him, she pursed her lips and blinked her bright eyes, which made him feel she was a little pitiful.

Carl's heart skipped a beat. He turned his head and replied in a moderate voice, "okay.".

Thus, Clare was left there.

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