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   Chapter 26 Community Anniversary Sunday 1

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In the head teacher's office of the second grade of XY High School.

As soon as Dora entered the office, she was shocked by the gifts piled up on her desk. At the next table, Wynter Liu, who was tidying up the gifts on her table, teased with a smile, "Dora, speaking of fate of students, I'm afraid no one can compare with you in our teachers. What on earth did you do to them? " Why did the students in his class always treat him indifferently?

With a blush on her face, Dora said shyly, "There's no psychedelic drug. I just treat all the students as friends."

"As friends..." Wynter Liu was lost in thought.

"Yes." Dora looked at her watch and said, "Ah, the basketball match is about to begin! What do you think, Wynter? Do you want to go with me? "

"The basketball match "No, I won't go," said Wynter Liu, waving his hand. "I'm too old to join the fun!"

"Then I'll go first." With a smile, Dora picked up her bag and walked out of the office.

Communication community

When Clare and Amy walked into the communication community, Vincent sat on the bench and waved at them. "Hi, beauty."

In order to better capture the camera, Clare and Amy both wore sportswear today. Amy held the camera and asked with a smile, "The competition is about to begin. Why do you still ask us to come here?"

Vincent smiled brightly, "Thank you for your hard work in the interview last time, so I want to thank you specially." As he spoke, two meal tickets had been handed out in his hands. "It's a free meal ticket from ''Simple family', it's my pleasure."

Clare, who was eating the lollipop, suddenly got excited. Different from other ordinary restaurants, Simple Family was a private restaurant. The restaurant was located in the master's home. It was well decorated and had a good taste of food, so it was famous in S City. However, it could only receive two groups of guests every day, so it was difficult for ordinary people to book a meal ticket there.

"How did you get this?" She asked curiously.

Vincent said proudly, "The handsome man's trick."

Clare and Amy looked at each other and despised him at the same time.

"Hey, Vincent," Clare shook the menu in her hand and said, "this is a big gift. Do you have anything else to ask us for help?"


the cover of Jayden Ding, Jace and the other two teammates, William successfully took the ball straight to the ball frame. He made a breakthrough and got points. The cheers from ZZ High School were earth shaking, and the birds outside the window were frightened. They flew up from the tree and rushed to the blue sky. Five minutes later, Roland and Vincent used their skills to cooperate and smoothly tied the score. The bird that had just returned to its nest was frightened to fly again by the cheers.

Clare frowned slightly as the competition went on. Before the competition, she had watched the video of the previous competition in the reference room of the school. Compared with that time, the strength of ZZ High School was obviously stronger. And from the looks of it, in terms of attack, ZZ High School was on par with XY High School, but in defense, ZZ High School was obviously better. The "iron triangle" of ZZ High School was a tactic of close watch. As long as the person who got the ball was targeted by William and the other two people, it was like entering an invisible cage, becoming restrained. Whether it was passing or shooting, it would be affected by the other party.

This was definitely not a good sign.

At the end of the first half, the score between the two sides was 37:30, ZZ High School winning the first place. If it weren't for the three main forces, John, Carl and Brain hadn't entered the court, the audience of XY High School would have lost confidence in their school's team.

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