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   Chapter 25 Outdoor Barbecue Party (Part Two)

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The fourteen people were divided into two groups. One group went to the stream to pick up fish, and the other group set up a grill by the side of the stream. When the fire was ready, the people who picked up the fish had already cleaned up the fish's internal organs and put them into a trash bag.

After the fish was finished, everyone began to roast the fish. Thus, the question came:

They can't roast fish!

Everyone looked at each other, feeling like weeping but had no tears.

"Let me do it." The simple and emotionless words of John were like the sounds of nature in the eyes of everyone.

"John, do you know how to roast fish? !" Everyone's surprise was true, which meant that before this, no one knew that John had this "special skill".

John nodded and put the fish on the grill one by one.

While waiting for the fish to be cooked, the others chatted from all directions, and time passed quickly. The expression on John's face was still cold, but he didn't stop what he was doing: to remove the smell, add spices, and turn the fish body to heat it evenly. Every step would be neat and efficient only when he was experienced.

Soon, the fish was cooked. Vincent tore off a piece of fish and put it into his mouth. Immediately, his mouth was full of fragrance.

"I didn't expect that John would do this. John, you really hide yourself well." He greeted them, "Come on, everyone. Don't be so polite. Just eat whatever you want. "

Lydia teased him with a smile, "Vincent, you didn't catch the fish or roast it. Why are you the master now?"

Vincent also smiled, "it's up to you."

The crowd burst into laughter. While eating the fish, Clare looked up at the sky above her through the leaves. White clouds were blossoming on the sapphire blue sky, making people feel comfortable and beautiful.

She lowered her head and smiled gently. It seemed to be a good decision to come to S City.

At half past nine in the evening. In the study of Yang family.


he student union since last semester, which could be regarded as a senior member of the student union. What he said must have some influence in the student union.

As John didn't like trouble, he didn't want to pay much attention to this kind of thing in usual, but this request was made by Carl. Besides, he had a good impression of Clare, so this time, he made an exception and nodded, "Okay." However, he was a little confused. "Carl, if you want to confirm Clare's ability, what you said must be more influential than me. Why ?" Why don't you talk about it by yourself?

"I can't say." Carl said meaningfully, "If I say these words, I might hurt her."

John looked at him strangely, "Why?"

Carl hesitated for a moment and said three words, "Fiona."

John thought for a while and soon understood. He had more or less heard about the fact that Fiona admired Carl. Fiona was incompatible with Clare now. If Carl showed his appreciation for Clare again, Fiona would be more hostile to Clare; and the trouble for Clare would probably be more.

"Carl," John suddenly became a little curious, "About Clare, you seem to be a little ..." He paused, as if he was thinking about a proper word You care too much about her. "

Carl was stunned. Then he raised his eyebrows and smiled.

"I'm just treasure her talent."

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