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   Chapter 24 Outdoor Barbecue Party (Part One)

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Ten minutes later, Vincent appeared in the hall on the first floor with bruises all over his face. During this period, Clare made a friendly self-introduction to the three people she had never met before, Roland, Frank and Brain. She also explained clearly to the boys the cause, process and result of the incident of Vincent. As a result, not surprisingly, Vincent was disliked by everyone again.

Vincent felt wronged, "what are you doing? I've already apologized. Do you want to keep holding on?"

Frank grinned, "you have apologized to them. Then how are you going to explain why you asked us here?"

Vincent smiled, "well, I just want to have a party with you this afternoon."

The girls rolled their eyes and said: He is telling a lie without thinking. He was afraid that they would make things difficult for him, so he asked a few more people to come here to encourage himself. But now he said it in such a high sounding way.

"Vincent." Carl leaned against the sofa, crossed his arms over his shoulders, looked at Vincent and asked quietly, "do you know how many reports I have to write now?"

Vincent and Clare felt guilty when they heard this. As the vice president of the student union, she just thought about how to play in the afternoon, but completely forgot to ask Carl what he needed help. Hearing Carl's question, she felt guilty immediately. She stood up and tried to mediate:

"Ha ha, don't worry about the report. Everyone will help tomorrow and finish it soon. Since so many people are destined to be together today, why don't we have dinner together? "

"This is your secret base. Won't we disturb you if we stay here?" Brain asked politely.

Cassie shook her head with a smile and said, "No. The reason why this place is called the secret base is that it is a secret place, but we didn't mean that people aren't welcome here. " In fact, they had also invited other good friends to come here before, but first reason was that the place was too far away and the second reason was they had a very harmonious circle. When others came, they always felt like "I'm an outsider". In the end, when they were teased and complained, "are you showing off your wealth and friends to us?" they didn't invite people again. Anyway, it was lively enough for seven people.

Hearing her answer, the boys looked at Carl questioningly.

Carl stood up. His slender figure made this small movement neat and handsome.

"I'd better not disturb you," he said indifferently. "Since there's nothing else, we'll leave first."

"Carl, let's go together later. There are many forks and traps in the forest. Without us, you may get lost." Joe advised

Vincent, who had suffered losses, nodded repeatedly. "Carl, she is right. Let's go with them later."

All the boys looked at him.

He swallowed and said in a low voice, "the mechanism in this forest Very abnormal. Carl, you won't know that freak if you haven't experienced it. You'd better stay here. "

Carl stood still, and John, who had been silent all the time, suddenly said, "Carl, you can leave later. I'll go to your house to do those reports for you tonight."

Vincent hurriedly echoed, "count me in."

Others also expressed their opinions.

Carl looked at his friends, hesitated for a while, and finally nodded slightly. "Well, I'm sorry to bother you."

Thus, the matter of staying for dinner was settled.


"Well..." Lydia's expression was a little strange, "Although I don't want to upset eve

ryone, I still have to ask: have we prepared food today?" They didn't come here often, so the servants only came to clean up and rubbish every time. Unless they had told the servants in advance, the servants wouldn't prepare food here. But today, they just wanted to have a get-together here and had no intention of having dinner——

Dreamlike Seven Stars: "..."

The boys were rendered speechless

Clare felt dizzy and suggested having dinner. She thought for a while and then the light above her was on.

"We can go to roast fish. There is a stream in the western suburbs. " She suggested with a smile, "There are barbecue grills and seasonings in the kitchen."

Jill was the first one to raise her hand in agreement, and the others didn't object either. So they prepared and went out one after another.

After watching everyone leave, Clare went to the third floor briskly. Now that they wanted to roast the fish, they had to catch the fish first. She had never thought of anyone among them who would catch the fish empty handed. So, she had to rely on this.

Smilingly, she took down the arrows from the wall that she hadn't used for a long time. Clare happily held them and kissed them. She hadn't used it for a long time. She didn't know if her skill would be compromised.

The bow and the arrows in the quiver had been specially improved by Austin and Cassie. They were perfect for shooting fish.

When she came down from the third floor, she saw Carl on the sofa. She stumbled and almost fell down. Fortunately, she held the handrail beside her quickly. After she stood up, she couldn't help but look back.

It was really Carl.

"Why are you still here?" She walked over curiously.

Carl didn't answer but asked, "aren't you still here?"

Clare was about to reply, "do you want to go wherever I am? You are not my mistress. "But she thought it was too ambiguous, so she almost swallowed back what she had said.

"Then I'm leaving now. Would you like to go with me? " She asked a safety question.

"Okay." Carl stood up.

Clare walked out and wondered: why did Carl stay here alone? Did he stay here to wait for me?


Embarrassed by her own imagination. Clare patted her head and said: don't think too much. It's not right to flatter yourself, especially to flatter Carl.".

"This is..." Seeing that Clare began to bow, all the boys, except Carl and John, were surprised to see this.

Clare measured the difference between what the fish saw in the water and what she saw with her eyes, and explained, "this is the fish arrow, special."

Vincent looked suspiciously at the bow and arrow, and then looked at her, "Are you reliable?"

Clare answered him with actions. The arrow hit the fish belly, and some people's eyes were fixed on it.

As the arrows in the quiver left the bowstring one by one. The people by the stream started the single voice training:

An arrow was shot out. "Wow!"

The arrow hit the fish. "Oh!"

Another arrow was shot out. "Wow!"

The arrow hit the fish again. "Oh!"

Another arrow was shot out, "Wow!"

The arrow hit the fish again. "Oh!"

After so many times, Clare finally couldn't help laughing out loud.

"Hey, are you practicing?" She smiled and put away the arrows. She counted the fish in the stream and said, "10 should be enough, right?"

Jill kept nodding, "that's enough. You are really a magic Archer, Clare! "

Clare cupped her hands and said politely, "I'm flattered. My idol is Cupid. "

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