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   Chapter 110 Karla Lost Her Temper

Traveling Into A Book: Fight Back And Win Mr. Charming By Yi Xiaoxin Characters: 10459

Updated: 2020-09-25 00:02

Thinking of going on a trip with Samuel, Shirley looked forward to it very much. Therefore, when she was free, she would turn on her mobile phone and search for some suitable places for couples to travel. She saw Dali in Yunnan. There were Cangshan and Erhai, romantic club, clean sky and clean water, which made her yearn for. She saw the Chaka Salt Lake in Qinghai, Salar de Uyuni reflected the blue sky and white clouds, and lovers made a promise of loyalty in front of this waters. She wanted to experience these places with Samuel and create the travel memories that only belonged to the two of them.

Looking at the publicity pictures on the travel magazine, Shirley imagined traveling in those places with Samuel, her eyes full of smile. All of a sudden, the previous conflict disappeared without leaving any trace.

Recently, the TV dramas of Shirley and Karla were both finished at the same time. However, only Shirley's play hit the headlines and was highly praised. Many people were looking forward to it.

Although Karla had expected such a result before, she still felt very jealous when she really saw it. Originally, she was full of expectation for her new play, and she was confident that it could surpass the audience rating of Shirley's new play, but according to the present situation, her play could not exceed Shirley's.

Looking at the praise for Shirley in the comment, Karla held the phone tightly with jealousy in her eyes. Why could Shirley be quickly cleared up and forgiven as long as there was any scandal about her? Why did she suffer so much? Even her work was not paid attention to, but was full of curses.

However, even if she was jealous, she could do nothing. Now, Shirley was getting stronger and stronger, and Samuel was her backer. As for Karla, she was unable to protect herself now, and she could do nothing to her.

But she couldn't bear it. Even if she couldn't do anything to her, she would made her feel uncomfortable. She planned to go to the company these days and show up in front of Shirley, which would make her unhappy.

On the first day, she found that Shirley worked very late every time, and sometimes she didn't even go home until early in the morning. Therefore, in order to complete her plan, Karla directly lived in the company instead of going home.

Shirley had already seen through Karla's mind, but she was busy with her work and had no time to care about her. Shirley just wanted to persuade her not to take the initiative to provoke her, or she was not sure what she would do.

However, Karla insisted on playing with fire. One day, as soon as Shirley entered the company, she met Karla, as if she was especially waiting for her at the door. Shirley glanced at her and walked towards the company, but Karla walked towards her and then walked side by side with Shirley. Shirley took a step aside and Karla followed her again.

After repeating this for several times, Shirley couldn't bear it anymore. She said to her coldly, "What the hell do you want to do?"

Karla pretended to be ignorant and asked, "What do you mean?"

"Why do you always follow m

he noise, Shirley thought that the assistant hadn't left yet. Without raising her head, she said, "It's late. You can get off work first. I'll continue to work for a while. "

"Ahem." Karla coughed deliberately to let Shirley know who was coming. After seeing clearly that it was Karla, Shirley put her hand on her forehead and wondered, 'why does she come again!' Now she really had a lot of work to do. She hoped that Karla would stop bothering her.

Karla crossed her arms and asked, "Why are you disappointed to see me? Don't you feel surprised? "

With an impatient look on her face, Shirley said, "Just say it."

"Okay, then I'll go straight to the point. Now that I'm still in the Xia Group, don't you think you should do something for me in such a situation? "

Karla didn't understand why Shirley didn't worry at all. Her reputation had been ruined and it would definitely affect the company. Besides, she was not popular now, so she didn't give her any good resources. Karla recently paid attention to the new actress, Lynn, and found that her resources were much better than hers, but these originally belonged to her! It was obvious that Shirley wanted to help Lynn and trample on Karla. Karla couldn't swallow her anger.

Instead of getting angry, Shirley smiled and said, "What right do you have to let me do that? Or just tell me directly, what value do you have for me?"

Hearing what she said, Karla's face turned red with anger. "I'm down and out now, and you don't even care about me. Have you ever thought about how many things I have done to the company before? "

Shirley replied calmly, "Really? Maybe you have really contributed to the company in the past, but do you dare to say what you have done recently? " Her eyes suddenly became fierce, full of domineering, full of momentum, making Karla dare not continue to entangle.

Karla was speechless, "I... "

"I advise you not to waste time with me in the company. Go home now. Why do you have to suffer this? There's no need. You can't defeat me anyway. "

Shirley continued to scorch Karla.

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