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   Chapter 109 The Celebration Party

Traveling Into A Book: Fight Back And Win Mr. Charming By Yi Xiaoxin Characters: 9988

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After David left, Shirley was caught in a dilemma.

She needed dresses for the celebration party and the dresses were all at home, so she had to go home. Shirley was in a dilemma now. If she went home and saw Samuel, should she talk to him? But the two of them were still in a cold war. How embarrassing it would be when they met.

Just when Shirley was in a dilemma, her assistant pushed the door open and came in with a delicate gift box in her hand. The gift box was decorated with fresh roses and green leaves, which looked very high-end and had a big brand logo on it.

Shirley asked, "Who gave it to you?"

Her assistant shook her head and said, "I don't know who sent it. The deliveryman just said it was for you."

Confused, Shirley took the gift box from her assistant and asked her to do her work. Shirley opened the suitcase to see who sent it. There was a small hand written card in the gift box. Shirley looked at the signature first. It turned out to be a gift from David. Shirley was a little surprised. Not long after David left, he had already ordered the clothes. It was really fast.

The card said, "I think you and Samuel have just had a conflict and don't want to go home, so I prepared clothes and shoes for you. I hope you like them."

Then the last sentence on the card was, "I hope you can come to me like a star.".

She didn't understand what he meant at first, but after she looked at the dress, she understood what he meant.

Shirley unfolded her dress. It was a gold silk slip dress. It was about the ankle length and the high waist design made the whole body's curve lengthen. There were no many patterns, simple and elegant. But the fabric was glittering with golden light, as if stars and moon were on her body. The beauty of this dress really amazed Shirley.

The shoes were simple black high-heeled shoes with bandages, which could perfectly lengthen the line of her shanks and make her skin fair.

David had a good aesthetic taste. Shirley liked the dress and shoes very much.

At the same time, Shirley was moved. She didn't expect David to be so considerate that he even thought of the problem that she didn't want to go home.

In the evening, Shirley put on the dress and shoes that David gave her and went to the celebration party.

When she appeared at the banquet, David's eyes were fixed on her. When he was choosing the dress, he had thought of how Shirley would look in it countless times, but he didn't expect her to be so beautiful.

Shirley's figure was well-proportioned, without any extra fat on her body. She had a perfect golden ratio figure. Moreover, the length of the dress was just suitable for her, as if it was tailor-made for her.

David watched Shirley walking towards him slowly. Every time the hemline of her dress swayed, it made the hemline glitter with golden light, which made Shirley look elegant and noble. Her long hair was like a waterfall without any decorations. It was just curly at the end o

t stand it anymore and gave up thinking Samuel covered his head and was still thinking, but he heard a familiar voice downstairs. The voice was very low, but it was enough for him to recognize it was Shirley.

So he quickly lifted the quilt, got out of bed, opened the door and rushed out. But when he felt that he was about to appear in front of Shirley, he immediately slowed down his steps and slowly walked up to Shirley. Of course, Shirley also saw him. Although she was not angry with him now, she still didn't want to talk to him.

Samuel noticed that Shirley had changed her clothes yesterday. He was confused. Where did the woman sleep last night? If it was in the office of the company or in the hotel, he thought it was okay. However, if a woman slept in David's house, Samuel couldn't imagine it. Although he believed in David's character, he was still angry.

The two sat down at the table naturally, picked up the knives and forks and began to eat breakfast, but no one spoke all the time. The atmosphere froze, and even the servant dared not breathe heavily.

After breakfast, Samuel said, "You should finish your work as soon as possible."


Two words finally broke the embarrassing atmosphere. In fact, Shirley was easy to coax. As long as you took the initiative to speak and she responded to you, it meant that she was not angry anymore.

Then Samuel continued, "Let's go on a trip."

Hearing what Samuel said, Shirley was shocked. Why did he suddenly mention travel? But after thinking for a while, she agreed. After all, she really looked forward to the first trip with Samuel.

In fact, through this incident, Samuel suddenly began to be afraid of losing Shirley. He felt that Shirley had gradually become a necessity of his life.

Therefore, the purpose of his trip was to enhance the relationship and completely eliminate the misunderstandings between them. What's more, he wanted to get closer to Shirley to see if she had any other thoughts.

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