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   Chapter 107 Questions

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Because Shirley and Anna had been chatting all the time, they ate slowly. Seeing them talking and laughing, Samuel didn't say anything more. After dinner, he went to work silently.

After Samuel left, Anna looked around and found no one around. She took Shirley's hand and said warily, "Shirley, shouldn't you pay attention to Samuel?"

Anna was afraid that Shirley would get angry, so she didn't dare to say it directly.

At this time, Shirley was eating a sandwich happily. She didn't take Anna's words seriously, and she asked casually, "what's wrong with him?"

"Don't you think it's a little strange that he treats you well? You were together before because of the cooperation. Now do you think he really loves you? "

Hearing this, Shirley finally realized what Anna wanted to talk to her. She put down the sandwich in her hand and became serious. Except Anna, no one had told her about it before. Even she herself didn't realize when she and Samuel became so intimate. Was it from the first time he helped her? Or when he announce that she was his woman in front of everyone, or after their first intimate contact?

Too many things had happened between them, and their feelings had gradually sprouted and grown in this process. Then, they became more intimate and natural when getting along with each other.

"No, Anna, you don't have to worry about that. You just saw the side I treated him, but you didn't see what Samuel had done for me. In fact, he is a very slow and warm-hearted person. He is never willing to show his true side in front of others, but he is really a very gentle person. "

Shirley had never said such words to anyone. She knew that it was enough for Samuel to only be good to her. As for what others said, it was their business. She didn't care. She only believed in her heart.

Looking at the serious look on Shirley's face, Anna thought she might have misunderstood Samuel. Moreover, she believed that Shirley would not easily fall into the trap of love. It seemed that she had met the right person this time.

After this topic, Anna and Shirley talked about the situation on the set in recent days. In fact, Shirley had already wanted to ask her. In Paris, what worried her most was the shooting of the crew. Although she believed that Anna was able to solve the problems she had encountered, she was still worried that Karla would go to the set to make trouble for her.

However, to Shirley's surprise, Karla didn't go to the set to make trouble. But it was not strange. There were so many negative news about her recently, so she couldn't walk around. Knowing that everything went well in the crew, Shirley felt relieved.

As the general agency of Asia, Shirley's jewelry industry had developed greatly, and her brand was also famous in the fashion circle. However, her brand still needed a spokesperson. S

ession with Karla, but he could see it from the fact that he went to Paris to get even with Shirley. If Shirley didn't stop attacking Karla, Damon would be completely irritated. At that time, Shirley would be in danger.

So he said in a low voice, "The thing about Karla will be over soon, but I advise you not to go against her anymore."

Confused, Shirley wondered, 'what's wrong with Samuel? He has known the true color of Karla, but why he didn't want her to go against her? Did... Did Samuel still thought Karla was a simple-minded woman?' Shirley couldn't believe what she had thought.

"Why did you say that? ! Why should I go against her? I don't want to care about her if she doesn't provoke me. "

"So, what I mean is that you don't have to go on. Now that Karla has become like this, I don't think she will stir up any trouble again. "

Shirley couldn't believe that Samuel would speak to Karla. It felt like betrayal. How could Samuel, who had helped her before, say something like that?

In fact, Shirley misunderstood Samuel. He said that just for the sake of Shirley. After all, no one knew what would happen in the future. If Damon took over the company in the future, he would have more power. At that time, Samuel might not be as strong as he was now and could not protect her anymore. That's why Samuel persuaded her to restrain herself.

However, Samuel never told her the reason. Only when things happened would Shirley know Samuel's intention.

At this moment, Shirley was very angry. She really didn't understand why he said that.

"No! Do I have to endure her violence? I can deal with her myself. I don't need your help anymore! "

It was more accurate to say that Shirley was jealous than angry. Why did the man she loved speak for another woman, and the woman she hated. Shirley didn't want to say something like that, but she was too angry to control herself.

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