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   Chapter 106 Anna's Worry

Traveling Into A Book: Fight Back And Win Mr. Charming By Yi Xiaoxin Characters: 10085

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She guessed that it was Samuel who did it. But since he didn't tell her about it, it meant that he didn't want Shirley to know. Therefore, Shirley chose to keep this gratitude in her heart. If she wanted to record how well Samuel treated Shirley, there might be several sheets of paper now. Moreover, everything he did happened to save Shirley at a critical moment.

However, every time he encountered difficulties, Samuel would always choose to bear them by himself. This made Shirley feel very sad. She could understand that men were all proud and didn't want to rely on women. However, Shirley was really willing to accompany him through every difficulty. Even if he didn't let her get involved, at least she could know it. However, Samuel was always silent.

Because of the long flight, Shirley was very tired, so after a simple meal, she fell asleep early.

Although it was still early, he was about to go to bed when he saw that Shirley was asleep. Samuel stopped when he passed by the door of Shirley's room. For Samuel, they hadn't seen each other for nearly a week, and they only had a few hours to get along with each other. He felt it was not enough. He felt that he could still stare at her for a long time.

Then, the door of Shirley's room was gently pushed open. Samuel walked to the woman's bed. She was so weak that she slept soundly. Samuel was afraid that he would wake her up if he sat on her bed, so he had to kneel down on one knee beside her.

He stared at the woman's face. Although her face was beautiful, it could not cover up a trace of weariness. It seemed that the woman didn't sleep well abroad. Thinking that she not only had to deal with agent B, but also had to face Damon, who suddenly came to her, he knew that she must be very tired. His heart ached.

Samuel couldn't help but frown. He wanted to bear all this for her. At the same time, he felt a little guilty. He should have thought of Damon. If he could solve it, Damon would not have been so impulsive to look for her.

Looking at the woman's rosy and soft lips, Samuel had an impulse. However, when he saw the sweet sleeping Shirley, he was afraid of waking her up, so he had to restrain his impulse.

He raised his hand and gently touched the woman's lips. It was as soft as he thought. He was afraid that he couldn't control himself if he stayed here any longer. So he tucked Shirley in and walked out of the room.

At the moment of closing the door, Samuel leaned against the door and covered his heart with his hand. He felt that his heart was beating abnormally fast. He had always thought that he had good self-control, but all this collapsed in front of Shirley.

He went back to his room. In order to calm himself down, he took a cold shower in the bathroom. When the cold water gushed out from the shower head and fell on him, Samuel felt a little calmer.

As soon as he came out of the bathroom, the water drops on his hair fell on his shoulders, making people unable to move their eyes away. He also w

ut Mr. Samuel saw me come alone and let me stay. "

After hearing what Anna said, Shirley looked gratefully at Samuel downstairs.

She was very happy that Samuel could treat her friends well, even better than her.

The atmosphere at the table was harmonious among the three. Samuel read the newspaper while eating. Shirley told Anna what she had seen and heard in Paris. However, sometimes Anna was distracted and didn't know what she was thinking.

In fact, Anna woke up very early. When Shirley and Samuel were in the kitchen, she saw them on the second floor. Although it was a long distance, she could clearly see the infatuation and affection in Shirley's eyes.

She was happy that her best friend could find someone she loved, but she was also worried about her.

Now Shirley's career was on the rise, and she believed that Shirley must be an extraordinary person. She would definitely be better than she was in the future. Anna was afraid that Samuel would take advantage of Shirley. She also knew the reason why the two of them got married. Although the two of them were in a good relationship now, she still couldn't see through Samuel's feelings for Shirley.

In the past, Damon, that bastard, had hurt Shirley once, and her company had almost been destroyed. Finally, it was better now. She really didn't want to see that happen again. Moreover, she could clearly see that Shirley had fallen in love with him. In a relationship, the one who took the initiative first, the one who was deeply in love, would be the one who was hurt the most. If Samuel really let her down, it might be the biggest blow in Shirley's life. Moreover, she might be desperate for love and dare not fall in love.

The reason why Anna thought so was that she hadn't seen the way Samuel looked at Shirley. If she had seen it, she wouldn't have worried about her. Moreover, she might have to worry about whether Samuel had fallen too deep into it. Besides, she would persuade Shirley to get well along with Samuel.

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