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   Chapter 46 The Rumor Naturally Met A Swift Death

Traveling Into A Book: Fight Back And Win Mr. Charming By Yi Xiaoxin Characters: 10094

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Shirley went straight to the underground parking lot and wanted to calm down for a while. Now she realized that she was indeed a little impulsive just now, but she did not regret it. That was what she wanted to do most at that time. Now she was in the parking lot. It was not proper to leave, because Samuel hadn't left yet. She couldn't leave alone. Besides, if she left and was photographed by the paparazzi, their efforts would be in vain. But she didn't want to go in again.

When she was wandering, Samuel appeared. She didn't know why. But she felt that Samuel was very happy now, because his lips slightly raised. Shirley had never seen him like this. He always kept a straight face or kept a distance from others. Was it because of her hug that made him so happy? It was too shameful.

Seeing Samuel approaching her step by step, Shirley felt a little guilty. She opened the door and was about to get into the car, but was stopped by a powerful hand. Shirley was confused, 'Wasn't he still far away from me just now? Why does he come here so soon? Teleportation skill?

She habitually turned her head, only to find that Samuel's face was right in front of her. The noses of the two people were now five centimeters apart, which frightened Shirley so much that she leaned against the door and didn't dare to move. But she couldn't run away. Samuel's arms were on both sides of her cheeks, and his hands supported on the car, forming a cage to imprison Shirley.

Embarrassed, Shirley didn't know where to look, so she just turned her head to the other side. Samuel found it interesting. He slowly approached her neck and left a light kiss on it.

As for Shirley, she just felt that kiss was magical. Immediately, a current passed through her body. She didn't know why her body still felt strange limp and numb. Shirley felt that her consciousness was in a daze for a while. It was not until Samuel spoke that she pulled her consciousness back. "Why are you hiding from me now? Where is the courage you had to hug me in front of so many people just now?"

Samuel teased Shirley on purpose. As expected, Shirley's reaction satisfied him very much. Her neck, cheeks and ears were all turning red.

"Just now, I was too excited to control myself."

"Then I hope you can be more excited." Samuel said to Shirley with a smile.

Then Samuel looked at the woman in front of him whose collarbone and shins were exposed. He couldn't stand it anymore. Taking this opportunity, he said, "don't wear this kind of dress anymore."

Shirley thought, 'what? Dress? Was it too revealing that he didn't like it?'

Thinking of this, she felt warm in her heart. Shirley couldn't stand Samuel's flirtation anymore. She pushed him away, opened the door and got into the car. Samuel had no choice but to open the door and drive away.

Because Shirley felt embarrassed, she didn't sit in the passenger seat, but in the back seat. Samuel saw through her mind and didn't mind it. He just wanted to let her go. Anyway, he was

solved this matter again. Everything he had done was in vain. Not only didn't he avenge Karla, but he also fell out with Samuel. It was really not worth it.

Seeing that, Karla didn't lose her temper because there were still many people around, but her clenched hands showed that she was very angry now.

Because of this incident, Shirley didn't come to the set for several days, and her new play was forced to stop. Now, everything was fine and everyone started to work again. However, there was too much work, and Shirley was very busy.

But when Shirley was in urgent need of a capable assistant, Samuel's assistant came to the filming set.

"Mr. Samuel asked me to help you. He knows that you can't deal with everything now, so if you need anything, just tell me."

This sentence made Shirley feel that he was not only an assistant here, but also an angel. His arrival was too timely.

Shirley was deeply touched. Samuel could always save her in time.

She took out her phone and was about to call Samuel to thank him, but she hung up as soon as the phone rang. She thought if he was in a meeting now, she would disturb him.

Therefore, Shirley thought it was better to send a message to him. But she edited and deleted for many times, and she didn't know what to say. Shirley wanted to slap herself. Why did she become so hesitant?

At last, Samuel received a text message with only two words: Thank you. Although there were only two words, Samuel smiled knowingly.

There were too many emotions on Shirley's words that she couldn't express. This message included her gratitude for his press conference to clarify the gossip for her in person and his silently help and worry about her. Besides, he had been thinking about her all the time and lent her his most capable assistant. He must have many inconveniences.

Although these two words looked very simple, they contained too much, and Shirley put all these in her heart. She thought it might not be a bad thing for her to meet Samuel.

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