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   Chapter 44 An Article Posted Online

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Updated: 2020-07-21 00:03

Samuel used to like Karla, and he thought this kind of kind and modest girl was rare. Even if she chose Damon, Samuel didn't get angry. He thought that maybe Karla didn't like the kind of men like him, so he just hid his feelings deep in his heart. Moreover, when she was bullied by Shirley, he helped her scold Shirley.

However, after he happened to see Shirley and Karla quarrel several times, he found that Karla was not as beautiful as he thought. He even felt that Karla always wore a hypocritical mask to deceive everyone, and it was even a little disgusting.

After he watched the interview with Karla, she felt that although she pretended to know nothing, she was secretly mocking Shirley. This made Samuel very angry. He couldn't help but want to teach her a lesson. Not everyone can judge Shirley.

He hired someone to write an article about Karla's interview. First of all, he knew that the news about Karla had been covered by Shirley, so she was so arrogant. Therefore, he asked the author to re-mention the matter that she put on airs.

It was written like this: the editor is here to analyze the implied meanings of Karla's recent interview. In fact, I believe that the relationship between Karla and her boss, Shirley, is complicated. Is they on good terms or not?

Please think about it, Karla said that she didn't know if her boss had an affair, but she said that she didn't support this kind of behavior. Can we guess from it that in fact, Karla and Shirley have been at odds for a long time? Because if they were on good terms, she would speak for Shirley in any case, instead of saying that she didn't know the truth at all. In fact, Karla might have lost confidence in the Xia Group for a long time. We all know that the Xia Group has a financial crisis recently, and Shirley took over it urgently. With her efforts, the Xia Group's situation has gradually turned better, but it has not returned to its previous glory. Therefore, Karla might have wanted to leave the Xia Group for a long time, but if she really did so, she would be said to be ungrateful and leave her benefactor in the lurch.

I guessed that she still stays in the Xia Group because she thinks that she needs a backer so that she can continue to put on airs, and the company would help deal with her public relations and maintain her image. Just like the news that she put on airs a few days ago, the gossip about Shirley was covered up, and it was rarely mentioned now. However, I believed that Karla's behavior should be despised more than Shirley's. First of all, it was a fact that she put on airs and bullied others on the filming site, which had seriously hurt others. However, it was just a gossip about Shirley. Besides, both Mr. Samuel and David had held a press conference to


Samuel was at a loss when he saw her and was about to cry. Just when he didn't know how to comfort her, he felt a warm body hugging him tightly.

Thinking that she often misunderstood Samuel before, Shirley felt very guilty and wanted to hold him in her arms. Of course, she did the same.

He was a little scared by the sudden hug, but he slowly raised his hand and put it on Shirley's back. This movement made the woman feel very safe, so she hugged more tightly.

"Well, can you let go of me first? I'm a little out of breath." Samuel knew it was a bit awkward to say so, but he felt that he was strangled to death.

Shirley loosened her arms at once. "I'm sorry. I'm a little too excited."

Samuel raised his hand and touched the woman's head, indicating that it didn't matter. However, Samuel took the next step. He slowly approached Shirley and kissed her lips. In fact, this was their first real kiss, with love.

Shirley blushed and her heart beat very fast. She didn't even dare to look up at Samuel's eyes. She ran upstairs, went back to her room and buried herself in the quilt.

Looking at the woman running away, Samuel smiled evilly. Since she had took the initiative to hold him so tightly, how could she be so shy?

At this moment, Shirley, who was lying in bed, really didn't dare to recall the scene just now. It was too shameful. How could she face Samuel in the future? She thought a lot of messy things. Shirley calmed down and decided to take one step and look around before taking another. However, she suddenly remembered the ending of Samuel in the original novel. No, it was too miserable. In the past, she wouldn't care about him. Anyway, he was not a good man. But now it was different. He was her man. Therefore, she would never allow such a thing to happen. She decided to help Samuel change his fate!

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