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   Chapter 42 Holding A Press Conference

Traveling Into A Book: Fight Back And Win Mr. Charming By Yi Xiaoxin Characters: 9752

Updated: 2020-07-19 00:03

Karla said to Damon, "a few days ago, when I passed a cafe, I saw Shirley dating with a man. The man was not Mr. Samuel. It seemed that the two of them were on good terms. After that, I met them several times. I felt that the relationship between the two people was unusual."

After hearing this, Damon was very shocked. Then he bought several paparazzi to follow Shirley, trying to figure out what was going on. If Shirley really cheated on her brother, he only needed a few photos to get back at her for Karla. Although Shirley had denied that she didn't do that, Damon still didn't believe her. After all, Shirley could do anything to frame Karla.

When Karla knew that Damon was going to help her deal with Shirley, she was very happy. Once her scandal was exposed, Samuel would not protect her. At that time, Shirley would not be as complacent as she was now.

She didn't dare to go out these days for fear of being bombarded by reporters. So she stayed at home quietly waiting for the news of Damon. Shirley felt much better these days because Karla was not on the filming site. But somehow, she felt it was calm before a storm.

David not only made an appointment with Shirley, but also often brought her food and drinks. In fact, Samuel knew all these things, but he didn't want Shirley to know that he had been paying attention to her. So he decided to teach David a lesson in the future.

However, these things were all photographed by the paparazzi sent by Damon, and these photos were sent to Damon and Karla. After seeing the photos, Karla was very satisfied. Only these photos were enough to cause a great uproar.

Damon applied for an anonymous account and exposed these photos on the Internet without any mosaics. The people in the photos were very clear. They were Shirley and David in the cafe, and he brought food to Shirley. This was enough to become the headline. Moreover, after the accident of Karla, every move of the Xia Group had attracted much attention, so as soon as the news of Shirley was released, it immediately covered up the matter of Karla. After all, Shirley's husband was Samuel.

The comments were harsh. Some said that Shirley was a wanton woman, which was relatively good. What's more, some words were obscene and very vulgar. However, this kind of comments often had a higher likes-rate, because the person who posted the comment expressed what they wanted to say but dared not say.

The more Karla read the comments that insulted Shirley, the more excited she became. After reading the news, Samuel would definitely not help Shirley anymore. Perhaps the two of them would fall out and divorce. After all, no man could bear his woman to betray him, not to mention that the Ji family was still a famous family. This kind of thing was an embarrassment of the family. In this way, Shirley would have no one to rely on, so that Karla and Damon would be more unscrupulous t

xplanation was that Samuel said so in order to keep the reputation of the Ji family. No one would know the truth. However, after Samuel's video was released, the curses about Shirley decreased a lot. There were even people who spoke for her.

All in all, this matter was almost solved by Samuel.

Damon and Karla were the first to know that Samuel had held a press conference to clarify the matter. Obviously, it was completely beyond their expectations. Samuel didn't get angry with Shirley, but spoke for her. They knew that their plan was in vain again, and there was no chance for them to completely defeat Shirley. In the dressing room, after watching the video, Karla lost her mind and threw all her cosmetics on the ground. Because she had to pay attention to her image, she could only roar in her heart, 'why! Why did Samuel still believe Shirley and choose to help her even though she had done so. Why? What did Shirley do to him? What method she used to make Samuel know this kind of thing and hold a press conference to clarify it for her. No man could bear this kind of thing.

Damon was also very confused. It was the irrefutable evidence. Why did Samuel react like this? He couldn't bear being cheated or betrayed, and the person he hated most in his life was the one who betrayed him. What was wrong with him?

When Shirley was wondering how to solve this problem, Samuel held this press conference. Besides, she didn't know in advance. Something seemed to gush out of her heart other than gratitude. Even though she knew that Samuel was trying to save her face and the reputation of the Ji Group, she couldn't control her feelings.

Because of this, the whole city was in an uproar. Some people envied the low-key and mutual trust relationship between Samuel and Shirley, while some still criticized Shirley for not cherishing a rare good man like Samuel. Although he was cold and distant to others, he loved her deeply.

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