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   Chapter 37 Duplicity

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Shirley felt that she really shouldn't have quarreled with Samuel, and made their relationship so rocky. Thinking this, she was going to drive home. The worst result was to apologize to him.

When she passed by a shopping mall, Shirley stopped the car and thought, 'since I want to apologize, it's not appropriate to do it with nothing. How about buying an apology gift? And last time he helped her out in front of everyone, but she didn't show any actual gratitude. It seemed not good.

When Shirley entered the shopping mall, she saw the men's wear area. She wondered if she should buy him a suit. 'Forget it. I don't know his size. Besides, Samuel's clothes seem to be customized from abroad and he basically doesn't wear domestic clothes.' When she passed by the men's watch area, she was attracted by a silver watch with a deep blue plate and a circle of small diamonds around it. It looked noble and luxurious. 'This should match Samuel's temperament', she thought.

At this time, the sales person came. It was a young girl. She smiled at Shirley and said, "Nice to meet you, miss. What can I do for you?"

"Can you show me this one?" Shirley pointed at the watch.

She put it in her hand. It was a big one and felt good. The mechanical gear inside was very exquisite. Shirley believed that Samuel would like it.

The sales staff looked at the smile on Shirley's face and couldn't help asking, "are you going to send it to your boyfriend?"

"No, No." Of course, Samuel was not her boyfriend. Shirley quickly denied.

"Is this for your husband?" The girl asked curiously.

At first, Shirley wanted to deny and say no, but on second thought, it seemed that what she said was right. The two of them had already got the marriage certificate, and Samuel was really her husband. Thinking of this, she felt very happy.

Shirley nodded slightly.

The staff smiled and said, "you have a good taste. This is a limited edition in China. It's suitable for your husband. He will be very happy."

After buying the watch, Shirley was on her way home, thinking about how to apologize to Samuel later. On the one hand, she couldn't be too humble. It would be too embarrassing. On the other hand, it must be sincere enough to let Samuel accept it.

"Hey! I'm sorry. I shouldn't have quarreled with you!" Shirley murmured to herself. She imagined Samuel's expression when he heard it.

"No, no, No. It's too tough. It doesn't sound like an apology at all." She shook her head and denied what she had just said.

"Samuel, I'm sorry. I was wrong. Please forgive me. I shouldn't have quarreled with you. What you said makes sense, and I shouldn't have left in a fit of pique."

"No, no, No. It seems that I'm too humiliated. He did something wrong too." Shirley continued to think about how to apologize sincerely and not weakly.

"Samuel, I know I was wrong this time. I apologize to you, but I don't thin

If he hid his true feeling at this time, it was easy for the two people to misunderstand each other. Shirley had already lowered her head to apologize, but he didn't show any mercy.

After returning to her room, Shirley didn't turn on the light and sat quietly on the edge of the bed, crying. In fact, she didn't know why she cried so hard. Maybe she just wanted to warn herself not to be so naive that she even had such an idea. 'If you cry this time, remember not to flatter yourself. Besides, how could I go back if I really fell in love with him and cared about him?'

She thought about her parents and former friends and made up her mind that she couldn't fall in love with Samuel, or the consequences would be unimaginable.

Samuel didn't expect that his words would hurt Shirley so much. He thought she would think that he was rational and agree with him. However, when Shirley went out just now, she seemed to be very disappointed. Did he say something wrong? However, he said that on purpose to make Shirley realize the reality. She shouldn't always think that he would help her behind her back. He would also fail to expect something to happen. If Shirley still wanted him to help her, she wouldn't let the company have a comeback, so she must be independent in everything. Moreover, Samuel didn't need her to thank him or apologize at all. As long as Shirley could become better, it was the best gift for him.

After calming down in the room, Shirley thought that she got fine after crying. She didn't want to change her mind because of this kind of thing. She'd better keep the previous way of getting along with Samuel. She just thought that she was self-sentimental.

Samuel was also not in the mood to work. He walked out of the study and came to the door of Shirley's room. He wanted to knock on the door to see her. However, he raised his hand and stopped in the air.

Samuel turned around and went back to his room.

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