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   Chapter 36 What's Your Relationship

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However, Samuel was still indifferent. His eyes were like a fierce falcon, and his expression was completely inconsistent with what he said. He stared closely at David. David was frightened by Samuel's powerful aura, and his palms were sweating. He thought, 'no wonder he can manage the Ji Group by himself, and it is developing stronger and stronger.' Today, I saw him. He really lives up to his reputation.

On the other side, Shirley felt very embarrassed. She didn't expect to meet Samuel. She also noticed David's uneasiness. She didn't mean to make him uncomfortable. After all, David had helped her before.

David seemed to have seen through Shirley's embarrassment. He suddenly said, "Mr. Samuel, Shirley, I suddenly remember that I forgot a very important document in the company. I have to go back and get it. I'm sorry. Goodbye."

David stood up and was about to shake hands with Samuel to say goodbye, but Samuel didn't move and had no intention of shaking hands with him. David's hand stopped in the air awkwardly and his face darkened.

Seeing this, Shirley quickly stood up and shook hands with him, expressing her embarrassment with her eyes.

After David left, Samuel and Shirley just sat there quietly without saying a word. Samuel seemed to be looking out of the window, but in fact, he was watching Shirley through the reflection of the glass. He thought she would speak first, but she didn't say a word.

Samuel slowly turned to look at Shirley, "what are you not going to say?"

"What? What do you want to hear?" Shirley glanced at him indifferently.

"What's your relationship with him?" Seeing Shirley like this, Samuel burst into anger all of a sudden. He raised his voice, which attracted the attention of the people in the coffee shop.

"We are classmates in college, and now we are in a cooperative relationship. He is my investor. We were talking about work just now. Is there anything wrong with that? Mr. Samuel?"

Shirley felt that Samuel was ridiculous.

"Really? Partnership? Talking about work? Shirley, you are really good at making up stories! You don't need to be so happy all the time when you are talking about work!"

"Are you eavesdropping on us?"

"I don't want to eavesdrop on you. Your voice is so loud that all the people in the coffee shop have heard it. " Samuel looked aside awkwardly and felt a little guilty. He hadn't told a lie since he was a child.

"I can see that David has always liked you." Samuel's sudden words shocked Shirley.

"What are you talking about?" Shirley had planned to deny it.

"Well, his company has just stabilized at home, and he needs a lot of money. Smart people will never lend you, unless he likes you. And the way he looked at you just now was affectionate. " Samuel was right. Shirley couldn't refute him.

"Uh..." Shirley was speechless.

"Am I right? Otherwise, why did he ask you out at this late hour. Shirley, you have to remember that you are my wife, at least in the eyes of others. I won't interfere with what you do, but

little princess, and then she liked to hold their hands and laugh with them. Unknowingly, tears had already flowed out of her eyes.

She told herself in her heart, 'Shirley, you can't cry, or you can't stop crying. You are still outside. As long as you work harder, you will go back soon. I promise.' She raised her hand and wiped the tears gently, but the traces of crying were still obvious. Her eyes were as red as rabbit's.

When she turned around and was about to go home, a couple passed by her. The two didn't talk at all, but she could feel their love from the movements of the two and the way they looked at each other. The two clasped their ten fingers, and the girl's face was smiling sweetly at the man beside her. The man looked at the girl in front of him dotingly, who was shorter than him, but looked very cute.

She had just had a quarrel with Samuel, but now she saw such a sweet scene. It was really a heart attack! However, looking at this, she couldn't help but think of Samuel. On the contrary, the two of them had a very bad time. Thinking that she had just left without saying goodbye and was still angry with him and didn't go home, she felt herself a little ridiculous and childish.

Shirley chuckled in a low voice, as if mocking herself. She walked slowly towards her car...

Samuel was right. Although she had tried her best to keep a distance from him, David didn't seem to give up on her. She had to find a way to make him forget her completely. Otherwise, Samuel would lose his temper again.

She felt terrible when she thought of it, but why did he react so strongly? Did... According to the woman's intuition, Shirley thought he might be jealous? ? It was too scary! How could the arrogant Samuel be jealous? Shirley didn't dare to believe her bold idea.

No wonder he always looked for David and treated her like that. He had never seen Samuel behave like that

Somehow, she felt him a little cute and arrogant. Was it her illusion? ?

However, Shirley couldn't help smiling.

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