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   Chapter 30 I Really Misunderstood Him

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After seeing Samuel off, Shirley couldn't calm down for a long time. It was like a dream that Samuel stood up for her just now. She never dared to think about it, but today it happened.

Recalling that Samuel had just stood in front of her and claimed to everyone that she was his woman, Shirley didn't know why, but when she saw his tall and straight back, her heart was warm. This was a feeling that she had never had before. At that moment, her heart was full of happiness.

However, Shirley felt that Samuel was strange. A few days ago, he put obstacles in her way, and today he helped her out. Was he just pretending in front of everyone? Or did she misunderstand him? When Samuel protected her, his eyes were firm and sincere. It didn't seem to be false. Did he really misunderstand her?

Since Shirley had gone through all kinds of setbacks, she had grown a lot. She just wanted to upgrade quickly and go back home as soon as possible. But now, there seemed to be another obstacle in her heart, and that was, Samuel.

The feelings of Damon and Karla were totally different from that of Shirley. Damon was very irritable now. Previously, Samuel had always been tolerant and partial to him, so he dared to act so recklessly. But from what he had just done, he had really changed a lot.

He thought to himself, 'is it possible that my brother really falls in love with Shirley? It's impossible. He is such a heartless person. Did Shirley seduce my brother? Shirley, you didn't find it before. You are really a scheming woman.'

At this time, Karla was also very confused. What happened to Samuel? Didn't he have a crush on her? He had helped her when she had a conflict with Shirley before. If he really fell in love with Shirley, it would be a big trouble. And his attitude towards Damon just now was really strange. 'No, I can't let this happen. I have to find a solution. I can't sit still and wait for death.'

After returning to the company, Samuel remembered that he left in a hurry and forgot to tell Karla's director to let Shirley shoot first.

He picked up the phone, "hello? Is it the director of Karla? That drama... "

"I know, I know. Mr. Samuel, don't worry. I will let Miss Shirley shoot first. It's all my fault. I didn't know that Miss Shirley is your wife." The director said before Samuel finished his words. If the producer hadn't known what to do, he wouldn't have been in trouble.

Samuel felt relieved after hanging up the phone. At the same time, he was still worried and distressed about Shirley. Although he had always cared about her, he didn't know that she had been insulted like this. No wonder she had cried at night several times. No matter how strong she looked, she was still a woman.

After Samuel left, Karla ran to the director and asked, "What do you mean? Why did you ask her to shoot first? ? Why are you so coward? Go and grab the site! "

"I'm sorry, Miss Lin. Mr. Samuel called me just now. Although our drama is very important, we can't offend Mr. Samuel. It's his order to let Miss Shirley shoot first. " The director respected Karla very much. In fact, he was a little dissatisfied with her in his heart. She had never told him before that the person who used the same venue with him was actually Shirley. Otherwise, these things wouldn't have happened.

Hearing that it was Samuel's arrangement, Karla gave up and stopped making trouble. However, she felt very aggrieved in her heart. Likewise, Damon was so aggrieved for his losing to a woman. It was his ex-girlfriend who made a fool of him in front of her. He was not reconciled at all.

At this time, Sam's voice sounded again, "Although the hero and heroine have been humiliated this time, it is not finished by you. So this time, you will not be downgraded or upgraded."

Shirley felt helpless. 'If I don't upgrade, why do you tell me?' But when he saw that Karla, who had been standing beside him, didn't look good since just now, and her face was so dark, Damon comforted her after a long time and then left.

Seeing that Karla was unhappy, Shirley was happy. She even felt relaxed at work and hummed a tune while walking. She thought to herself, 'you have set me up so many times and put me in trouble. This time, you finally understand this feeling, but it is far from enough. After all, we still have a long time to go.'.

Looking at the complacent look on Shirley's face, Karla felt angry. Although Damon had comforted her for a long time, she couldn't bear it.

The shooting of Shirley's new drama went very smoothly today. Perhaps because she was in a good mood, and mostly because of Samuel's deterrence, those people did not dare to make trouble for her.

As the shooting went smoothly, Shirley came back home early. In order to thank Samuel, Shirley had planned to cook a meal for him, but when she came back home, she found that the nanny had prepared the meal. Then, Shirley wondered how to thank him?

When Samuel return

ed home from work, he found that Shirley had already had dinner at the table. After washing his hands, he walked to the table and sat down. In fact, from the moment Samuel entered the room, Shirley had been looking at him. She found that he was no different from usual. He didn't even look at her, as if nothing had happened.

Shirley kept thinking about how to thank him until he sat down. Shirley put down her chopsticks and looked at Samuel. Samuel felt a pair of eyes looking at him. He looked up and found that Shirley stopped what she was doing and looked straight at him.

"Well... I want to say sorry and thank you." Shirley said shyly.

Samuel felt confused and asked, "I know why you want to thank me. But why should you feel sorry?"

"In fact, I have been angry with you these days..." Shirley confessed.

Samuel had long wanted to know the reason. These days, Shirley didn't talk to him. And she often looked at him coldly. It seemed that there must be a reason.

"I've been looking for a partner before, but someone always put obstacles in my way, so I only found a few companies to cooperate with me in the end. Then I investigated and found that it was someone of the Ji Group who did it. I always thought it was you. Now I think it should be Damon who did it. " Shirley felt very guilty. Samuel helped her so much, but she still... Alas!

Samuel chuckled instead of getting angry. Shirley raised her head and looked at him in surprise. She couldn't take her eyes off him. Normally, Samuel didn't smile much, but when he smiled, his expression became vivid. There was no coldness and gloom on his face, but more sunshine and handsome, but it only maintained for a few seconds.

"So your attitude to me has been like that toward an enemy these days. I see. Are you stupid? We are on the same side. How can I hurt you?"

Shirley also felt that she was so stupid that she hadn't thought about such a simple thing clearly. Thinking of her attitude towards him a few days ago, she really wanted to hide herself.

"I know I was wrong. Do you need my help now? I will do it right away! "

Looking at Shirley who had sworn to him with her eyes wide open, he felt she was very cute.

"Help? There is really one..." Samuel said mysteriously.

"Go ahead!" In order to hear it clearly, Shirley deliberately leaned her head closer.

Samuel slowly approached Shirley, and then his face approached her pink and moist lips. Shirley thought, 'what does he want to do! It can't be true! Is he going to kiss me? Why should I give up my first kiss to help him? Forget it! Just kiss me. After I go back, everything happening in this world will be over!'

Thinking of this, Shirley closed her eyes trembling and pursed her lips nervously.

However, she didn't feel the kiss as expected. Shirley slowly opened her eyes and found that Samuel's face was in front of her. The noses of the two were only ten centimeters away, and he didn't take the next step. He wore a snicker on his face. Shirley turned her head a little and saw Samuel's hand next to her, and there was a rice quietly lying on his index finger and thumb.

Shirley's face suddenly turned red, and even the tip of her ears turned lovely pink. It turned out that she was absent-minded when she had dinner just now. A grain of rice stuck to her face. She had thought he was going to kiss her and even closed her eyes foolishly.

But Samuel was really boring. He just needed to tell her that there was something on her face. Why did he get so close to her? It seemed that he was going to kiss her and she made a fool of herself. He must have done it on purpose!

Seeing that the woman in front of him blushed because of his tease, Samuel sat up straight.

"Well, you have helped me."

Shirley was confused. She didn't do anything.

"What I want you to do is to take down the rice on your face. It has been on your face just now. I feel uncomfortable." Samuel regained his usual composure.

Hearing what he said, Shirley's face turned even redder. She ate silently and didn't dare to look at Samuel. After a few hasty bites, she went upstairs to her room. She couldn't stay in the same room with him now, or her heart would beat fast.

After returning to her room, Shirley took a few deep breaths and calmed down a little. However, there was a strange feeling in her heart. When she misunderstood that Samuel was going to kiss her, she was a little expectant. It seemed that Shirley, who had never been in love, felt happy and sweet just now. As far as she knew, Samuel was not as ruthless and hateful as she thought. She actually had a crush on him.

Looking at the fleeing Shirley, Samuel felt it interesting. He was in a good mood during the meal and kept smiling. This woman seemed to be really different from before. On the contrary, Karla and Damon didn't seem to be the people he knew before.

Because of what happened today, Shirley had a good dream after washing up.

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