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   Chapter 29 Samuel Stood Up To Help Her

Traveling Into A Book: Fight Back And Win Mr. Charming By Yi Xiaoxin Characters: 9201

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Samuel had noticed Damon since he came here. He had been following Damon all the time, trying to see how he would react to Shirley.

But he didn't expect that Damon would say something so unpleasant, even if he knew that Damon didn't like Shirley anymore. Samuel frowned. Looking at Shirley, who was cursed by Damon and Karla and didn't know what to say, Samuel suddenly felt a little sorry for her.

Damon then said to Shirley, "Well, Shirley, I didn't expect you to be so capable. You were abandoned by me and then hooked up with my brother though you two don't really love each other. I really underestimated you. But I'm afraid that your plan will fail. Let me tell you, as long as I'm here, you won't be able to live a good life! "

Hearing what Damon said, Shirley raised her head and looked at the man who used to be deeply in love with Shirley. Now it was all because of the frame up by Karla that he hated her more. However, it was good because such a man was not worth loving. If he didn't hate Shirley and felt a little guilty because of her infidelity, things would be difficult. She sighed that the previous Shirley was so blind. How could she fall in love with such a person!

Samuel, who had been hiding behind and listening to these words, suddenly walked up, which surprised everyone. No one had expected that Samuel would also be here. When did he come?

Shirley looked up at the man beside her in surprise. "Samuel? You... Why are you here?"

Samuel turned around and smiled at her. Shirley felt warm in her heart. He replied, "if I hadn't come, I wouldn't have known that you have always been treated like this."

Looking at Samuel's sudden appearance, Damon also felt strange and asked, "brother, why are you here? ?"

"Fortunately, I came in time. If I hadn't come, I wouldn't have known that you would bully your sister-in-law like this!" Hearing Damon's words, Samuel couldn't help but raise his head and said to Damon coldly.

"Damon, no matter what, Shirley is your sister-in-law. Has the Ji family educated you to treat people like this for so many years? Damon, you've gone too far! " Samuel looked at his brother with disappointment.

"Brother, you... How dare you teach me a lesson for this woman? Brother, are you wrong? This woman is so vicious. Can't you see her intention? She is jealous of Karla! " Damon looked at Samuel in astonishment. He didn't expect that his brother, who had always been tolerant of him, would say that for the sake of Shirley.

"Yes, Mr. Samuel. It's all Shirley's fault. I didn't want to fight with her. Damon just can't bear this and wants to help me!" Karla said.

"Brother, how could you say that to me for an outsider? Shouldn't you be on my side?" Damon couldn't stand his brother treating him like this. He had thought that he had vented his anger on Karla, but now his satisfaction was swept away by the appearance of Samuel.

Shouldn't his brother help him criticize Shirley? How did this happen!

Shirley looked at the two people, Damon and Karla, who were acting together. This Karla was really good. No wonder she was a famous female star known as purity and innocence. Her acting skills were absolutely first-class. No one here would know that Karla was pretending!

Anyway, she had been used to such things. Of course, she didn't care about those unimportant people. In fact, she had experienced a lot of things when she came to this world. Why did she have to affect her mood for so many people?

After figuring out these things, Shirley gently pulled Samuel's collar and shook her head at him. "Forget it, Samuel. I'll just find another shooting place. There's no need to compete with them!"

Looking at the expressionless Shirley, Samuel suddenly felt a little sorry for her. Although their marriage was just a cooperation, he seemed to have never fulfilled his responsibility as a husband, even on the surface. He suddenly felt that he didn't deserve this woman.

"Shut up, Damon. It seems that I'm too kind to you. Shirley is my woman. As her husband, of course I have the obligation to help her. I don't care what you and Karla do. If I know that you treat her so bad again, I won't let you go easily!" Samuel pulled his thoughts back and said to Damon and Karla.

Seeing what Shirley was doing, Damon couldn't help feeling angry again. He really underestimated Shirley. She must have used some other means to make Samuel treat him like this. They were a nominal couple actually!

"Besides, I warn you that Shirley is my woman, and she is backed the whole Ji Group. If I find out w

ho dares to do something behind my back and bully my woman, I, Samuel, will definitely not let him go. No one else is allowed to use this shooting location today. Shirley, continue to shoot. If you have any doubts, come to Ji Group to find me! " Samuel continued after thinking for a while.

Then he took Shirley's hand and walked towards his car. It was not his style to talk so much in one breath today!

He took a look at the obedient woman who followed him and sighed in his heart. He didn't know what was wrong with him today. Perhaps he suddenly felt that Shirley was a little pitiful indeed. What he said today might work. After all, if someone wanted to hurt Shirley again, he had to consider the Ji Group and his own strength. This was a little gift for her to make up to her.

Although Shirley acted as if nothing had happened, in fact, she was already in a state of shock. She had never thought that Samuel would help her like this today. He even quarreled with Damon for her, and at last, he even stood up for her in order to help her.

But he must have something to ask for. Otherwise, how could he do this for her! She was very clear about her identity and what she should do.

Looking at the receding figures of Samuel and Shirley, a sinister look appeared on Damon's face. He slowly tightened his drooping hands and clenched his fists. He thought viciously, "Shirley! Just wait and see. Do you think you will be fine with my brother help you? I won't let you go!"

"Damon, forget it. I shouldn't have argued with Shirley. It's all my fault. Why is Mr. Samuel so angry with you now?" Karla held Damon's hand and said cautiously, with a look of self-blame in her eyes. She looked like a wronged rabbit.

Hearing Karla's voice, Damon became gentle in an instant. "Karla, I know these are all Shirley's plots. Don't worry. I won't let her plot succeed, nor will you be wronged. This shooting location is yours, and I must get it back for you."

"Damon, it's really unnecessary. It's just a shooting place. I can find another one randomly. Don't get angry with Mr. Samuel because of this! !" Karla seemed to be anxious and her face wrinkled.

Seeing that Karla was so considerate, Damon felt more and more sorry for Karla. He had to deal with this matter well. He couldn't let that woman, Shirley, succeed and let Karla be wronged again!

"Well, Karla, it's none of your business. I have my own decision!" Damon comforted Karla.

Looking at the expression on Damon's face, Karla knew that it was impossible for him to give up, and the complacency in her eyes flashed away. 'Shirley, see, no matter how hard you try, you will always fall behind me. Damon abandoned you for me, and I, Karla, abandoned Samuel. It seems that you are destined to be no match for me.

"Samuel, I don't know why you are here, but anyway, thank you for what you have done for me today!" Walking to Samuel's car, Shirley stopped and looked at him.

Hearing this, Samuel smiled bitterly. He couldn't even know why he did this and he didn't Shirley to appreciate his kindness. "Don't be so formal with me. It seems that this is what I should do. Now I guess no one dares to bully you unscrupulously."

"Of course, I'm not that narrow-minded! You can go back to work now. I have something to deal with. " Shirley said with a smile.

"Well, since you are so busy with your work here, I'll go back first. If you have anything, you can call me again." Samuel didn't ask Shirley to stay any longer.

Samuel breathed a sigh of relief when he turned around. What happened just now was like a dream, a little unreal. However, he felt much more relaxed. Those words were like a huge stone piled up in his heart. Now that he said them, he felt good and relaxed. Perhaps he had long wanted to say these words.

Seeing Samuel's car leaving slowly, Shirley turned around and continued to walk into the venue. Everyone must have heard what Samuel said this time. It seemed that she would have less trouble in the future, but she still had to be careful of Damon and Karla. She was afraid that they would not give up easily.

Although she didn't know what was the purpose of Samuel to help her, since it had happened, she'd better accept it. Anyway, it seemed to be no harm to her so far.

Damon had been fooled by Karla all the time. He was so stupid that he didn't know anything. But what did it have to do with her? No matter you frame me overtly or secretly, I, Shirley, will face it bravely.

Thinking of this, Shirley shook her head slightly, tidied herself up and got back to work.

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