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   Chapter 28 Self Directed And Self Acted

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Since there was no suitable location for the crew, Karla asked them to get off work early. That was one of the reasons, but the main reason was that Karla was just too angry with Shirley to be in the mood to shoot. Even if she found a suitable place, she couldn't shoot well.

Karla came back home very early. In the afternoon, when she came back home from work, Damon was surprised. Normally, Karla would come back later than him when she was shooting a TV drama. Why did she come back so early?

"Karla, why do you come back so early this time? Have you finished shooting?" Damon asked while taking off his coat. Seeing this, Karla walked behind him considerately, took his coat in her hand and hung it on the hanger.

"I didn't work today. There is something wrong with the shooting location." Karla didn't plan to tell him.

"What problem? Is it so serious that it affected the shooting?"

"When I went to the new venue today, I found that Shirley had already been there. So..." Karla said ambiguously on purpose in order to make Damon misunderstand her. Karla deliberately didn't say that they didn't have a venue because Shirley had ordered it early.

"Why is it Shirley again? Why does she always oppose you? This time, she even succeeded." Since Karla didn't explain, Damon misunderstood Shirley again. He thought that Shirley was really a jinx to Karla. She would follow her wherever Karla went, and it would always bring bad luck.

"Let's go. Take me to your shooting place. I think Shirley must be still there." Damon took Karla's hand and was about to leave.

"What?! You don't have to go there. You loose my hand first. In fact, I also think it's a little coincident, but it's possible that Shirley happens to use that place. It's okay. We can finish the rest part first, and then come back to make up for the shooting."

"Coincidence? How is that possible? You are too kind and stupid to be deceived and framed again and again. You don't know how to fight back. Don't be so gentle. " It seemed that Damon would definitely take Karla there.

Karla didn't intend to go there because she didn't explain the truth to Damon. But when she saw Damon's reaction at home, she thought she must go.

Damon immediately took Karla to the new film set to look for Shirley. At this time, Shirley didn't even have lunch and was busy with the work. Seeing Shirley, Damon immediately rushed to her.

Shirley was taken aback by the aggressive Damon, but when she saw the dodging eyes of Karla behind her, she understood. Karla was such a woman. She was always good at using men to solve problems and work for herself, which would make her feel very comfortable. But Shirley was the opposite. Sometimes she would rather cry in a corner than ask for help from a man. She would always grit her teeth and solve the problem by herself.

"I heard that you used the same shooting place last time, and this time also the same, what a coincidence! You must have arranged it. Why don't you always go against her? " Damon criticized Shirley without mercy in front of everyone.

Because of the arrival of Damon and Karla, the shooting stopped, and everyone held their breath and watched the three people quietly.

"I do against her? It's ridiculous. Isn't it good for you to talk to me after you know the truth?" What Shirley hated most was that Damon didn't know the truth at all and only took sides with Karla.

"What truth? Every time when it comes to the truth, you will definitely make up lies again. You must have known that Karla would come here to shoot, so you snatched her site, right? " Damon didn't tell right from wrong. In his opinion, everything Shirley did was to frame Karla.

"You are so ridiculous. Is it because in your eyes, everything I do is wrong and everything I do is a conspiracy, right? She and I are not the only people in the world. The earth will still rotate without her. I'm not a person who goes around Karla all day long. I also have my own life, okay? " Shirley tried her best to explain to him, although all this was in vain.

"Shirley, I always think that I can stand whatever you do to me. But why did you steal my new set? Do you know what acting means to me? But do you even want to deprive me of this? " When Karla said this, her tears were ready to fall at any time. Seeing Karla like this, Damon felt more distressed. At the same time, he looked at Shirley more angrily.

"Shirley, I advise you to let go of the set when I'm in a good mood. Otherwise, don't blame me for being rude." Damon said fiercely to Shirley.

"Why should I give up? I'm also shooting

, and I've reserved this place a week ago. I couldn't have known that Karla also chose this place a week ago, so you are just making trouble out of nothing." Shirley analyzed seriously that it was impossible for her to know where Karla was shooting in advance. It was totally a coincidence.

At this time, the person in charge of the location came just in time. He took out the contract signed by Shirley and handed it to Damon. The more Damon read the contract, the angrier he became. He had promised that he would get justice for Karla, but when he saw the time on the contract, he was completely confused. It turned out that Shirley didn't lie. It seemed that he had really misunderstood her.

At this time, Damon and Karla, who came to get even with Shirley, felt embarrassed. Moreover, there were many people in the crew, which could be said to be a big embarrassment scene.

At this moment, Sam's voice came to Shirley's mind as she wished, "Congratulations! This time, you humiliated the hero and the heroine in front of everyone. Promote one level! Keep working!"

Hearing Sam's words, Shirley felt full of strength and confidence, so she couldn't help smiling. However, this small movement was captured by Karla. She thought it was Shirley's complacent smile, but now everyone was discussing her, so she had to hold back.

Karla walked up and stood in front of Shirley. An ashamed smile appeared on her face. Of course, she pretended to be so. Then she said, "I'm really sorry, Shirley. We misunderstood you. Don't blame Damon. It's all my fault that I didn't make it clear to him. He just did it for my own good."

Shirley didn't say anything but smiled. 'Who knows if you didn't explain it clearly on purpose and then asked Damon to come to get even with me?' she thought. Sometimes, Shirley even doubted if Damon was a fool in love. He would do whatever Karla said, as if he had no his own opinions. However, it had nothing to do with Shirley. Her goal now was to reach the full level as soon as possible and then leave this disgusting world.

He watched his woman apologizing to Shirley and defending himself in a humble manner. Damon's anger didn't mollified, but increased instead.

"Shirley, what's wrong with you! Karla has apologized to you. Why don't you tell good from bad?" Damon became angry from embarrassment.

"I don't care who you are." What Shirley meant was that the smile was left to the person who was good to her and being impolite to those who she didn't like.

"Shirley, you've gone too far! Even if we misunderstood you this time, you can't erase the past. The reason why you treat Karla like this is that you are jealous of Karla being with me. You don't love my brother with all your heart. The reason you married him is to piss me off. But even if you marry my brother, you still miss me, right? " Damon concluded these by himself. Shirley really wanted to give Damon an Oscar Award for his fearless imagination and ignorant analysis.

"What?" Shirley was surprised.

"You are such a wanton woman. You have married my brother, but you still have me in your heart. Shame on you. You are so pathetic. I don't like you at all, and my brother doesn't like the type of you either. " Damon was still acting.

If Shirley had had dinner, she would have vomited up. She hadn't like this man before, but now she found him so disgusting.

"Okay, whatever." Shirley gave up struggling and didn't want to explain. She knew that any explanation now was useless. Because now Damon only believed he was right.

What they didn't know was that there was a person who had been watching the three of them and then watched the farce from beginning to end.

Samuel had heard about the quarrel between Shirley and Karla when he was at work, so he guessed that Damon would definitely go to the shooting location after work. So he came here by car. As expected, the three of them were there.

He chose not to show up. He didn't want to get involved in this quarrel. But when Damon and Karla worked together to frame Shirley, he felt very uncomfortable. He wanted to rush out to protect her, but he controlled himself.

He didn't know what to do until he heard Damon say that he was a scheming woman. Was it true that Shirley still loved him? However, after getting along with each other for a period of time, he found that Shirley didn't show any sign of loving Damon. She didn't even hate him.

In the past, Shirley hated Damon, but after they got married, Shirley didn't hate him that much. What happened between them? Did she hide it, or did she not hate Damon at all?

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