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   Chapter 27 Encountering A College Classmate

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Previously, even if Shirley sold off all her property, the shooting could only be maintained for a period of time, so she was busy raising money recently.

In this process, Shirley had been refused for many time, but she also exercised her indomitable spirit. She knew that no one was obligated to help her. It was their duty not to help, but a favor if helping her. Therefore, Shirley had always maintained a very common state of mind.

At this time, in a company's meeting room, Shirley waited for their general manager for a long time, until his assistant came in and told her that their general manager didn't want to see her.

Shirley thought to herself, 'well, it's not the first time that I'm not allowed to see them. At least he let me in and sit for a while. I have been satisfied. Some people know that I'm here to raise money for TV series and even don't allow me to enter the company gate. Next time I will definitely succeed.' Shirley comforted herself in this way.

But to be honest, Shirley was a little disappointed. After all, there was not much time left for her to raise money, and the new drama must not stop. If she didn't have enough funds, how could she win? She pushed the door open and was about to leave the company.

However, she heard someone calling her name from behind. She looked back and found a handsome and energetic man in business suit. But from the details of his sleeves and the scarf, she could tell that he was a well-educated man who was good at taking care of himself, and very smart.

The man was getting closer and closer, but Shirley didn't remember him, nor did she remembered this man was mention in the book.

"Shirley, is that you? Do I recognize the wrong person?" The man's eyes were full of surprise and uncertainty.

"Yes, it's me. But you are... " The man left a good first impression on him, so he didn't reject to have more contact with him.

"You don't even know me? We haven't met each other for three years after graduation. You can't recognize me? Have I changed so much?" The man felt strange. He felt that the look of Shirley was like that when seeing a stranger. Didn't she really recognize him?

"I remember you. You are that..." In fact, Shirley didn't remember at all. She couldn't remember because she didn't know him at all. She said that just to ease the embarrassment.

"I'm David."

"Yes, yes, David. You have changed so much. It's true that clothes make a man just as a saddle makes a horse. You are much more handsome than when you were in college. Aren't you abroad? You have come back to develop your career?" As soon as he mentioned the name, Shirley remembered it. When she met her good friend in college, she told her a lot of interesting things happened in college, including David. If she remembered correctly, this man seemed to have a crush on Shirley at school. But at that time, Shirley was arrogant and refused him all the time. But now it seemed that he didn't give up and still liked Shirley.

"Yes, China is developing very fast now, so I choose to come back." The man answered Shirley's question seriously.

"Why are you here? Do you work here?"

"Sort of. In fact, I'm the general manager of this company." The man said shyly with pride. After all, she was the woman he liked.

Shirley was surprised. He was the general manager who refused to meet her.

"Stop talking here. Let's go to the restaurant next to the company. It's a nice place. My treat."

Shirley and David went to that restaurant. The man pulled out a chair and let Shirley sit down. Then he sat on his seat and ordered a few dishes.

"I forgot to ask you why you are in our company."

"Actually, I'm here to raise money. Now my father is in hospital abroad, so I have to take care of the company. But things are not going well. " Shirley told the truth.

"Are you the representative of the company that my assistant told me to raise money? I'm really sorry. He didn't mention your name and company to me just now. Otherwise, I would definitely meet you." David looked ashamed. He was annoyed that he had left such a bad impression on the first time he met the woman he liked after he came back.

"It doesn't matter. I didn't know you are the general manager of this company. "

"Why did you raise money? Did you encounter any difficulties?" David asked with concern.

"I was shooting a new TV drama recently, but there was a financial problem."

"Well, if you don't mind, I'm willing to give you my full support. If you need anything, just tell me. I will try my best to help you. " In order to save his face, David made a promise to Shirley.

"Thank you so much. Now I finally understand the saying that everyone has to rely on friends when he is out." Hear

ing that David was willing to help her with all his strength, Shirley was very excited.

Hearing the word "friend", David's eyes darkened. He thought to himself, 'friend? Do you still treat me as your friend? But I don't just want to be friends with you.

"In fact, Shirley, there is another reason why I came back this time."

Shirley raised her head, waiting for his next sentence.

"That's because of you."

David said sincerely and expectantly. Then he continued, "I don't want to only be your friend. Do you understand what I mean? I know you didn't choose me before probably because I was incapable, but I've been stick to it all these years just to make myself better and come back to see you. "

"Well... Actually..." Shirley raised her hand and showed the wedding ring to David.

David's hopeful expression suddenly changed. It was like a treasure he had treasured for many years, but now it was taken away by a stranger. No one else could feel the heartache.

"I see. It doesn't matter. Even so, I will still help you. Who is he? " David had a complicated expression on his face. He had loved this girl for many years, and even returned home because of her. But now she was someone else's wife. But he still didn't give up and asked. Only after that could he wish her happiness calmly.

"He is Samuel." Shirley said indifferently. She was still angry with him.

"Samuel? The CEO of the Ji Group? ?" The man's face was full of astonishment.

"Yes, it's him."

After hearing her answer, David was shocked. No wonder Shirley would marry him. He was much stronger than himself. He was sincerely convinced. But now that Shirley had married him, why didn't she ask the Ji Group to invest in it? Why did she have to raise money by herself? Was there any conflict? But on second thought, how could he think of them like that? Maybe she had some unspeakable reasons. It was not improper to ask.

After dinner with David, Shirley left in a good mood. She finally got investment, so she didn't have to worry about the shooting of the new drama. She also swore in her heart that this drama must be popular. She would not fail so many people's expectations and help.

Since the shooting at this scene had been finished, Shirley planned to change the site to shoot.

After arriving at the new site, Shirley saw Karla again, but there was no waves in her heart. She had already seen through it, which was fate between her and Karla. She couldn't escape.

When Shirley arrived at the site with her crew, the workers of Karla's crew were arguing with the person in charge of the site.

"Why can't we use this place? Give me a reasonable explanation, or you will be in big trouble if you delay our shooting!" Karla's agent shouted at the person in charge of the location in an unreasonable manner, as if he didn't want to rent the venue or rob it. With her arms crossed over her chest, Karla looked at them silently, as if it was none of her business...

"I'm really sorry. This venue has been booked a week ago. I have no choice because I have signed the contract with her."

"Who rented it? We will pay double the price."

"It's me." At this time, Shirley came up.

"Why it's you again? Why do you always steal my things?" Seeing that it was Shirley, Karla couldn't stay calm anymore.

"Steal yours? Did you hear him clearly? I booked it a week ago, okay? I think you are the one who looks like a robber now. Besides, I have signed a contract with him. If he rented it to you now, it would be a breach of the contract and he would be liable. So he won't rent it to you no matter how much you pay. "

"You..." Karla was speechless.

"Please leave here. Don't delay our shooting." Shirley's words rendered Karla speechless. She had to leave with the whole crew dejectedly.

After they left, Anna looked at Shirley with admiration.

"Wow! Shirley, you were so awesome just now! But how did you know that we would use the same place and booked it in advance? Do you have the ability to predict?"

"I'm not that awesome. It's just that logically speaking, the type of our two dramas are the same, so there must be the same choice in the shooting location. I was just prepared. I didn't expect that I was really right. " What Shirley said was right. She had only guessed when she made the reservation, but she didn't expect that she was right.

"You're so smart, Shirley! Look at the expression on Karla's face just now. It's so funny. She must have not expected that you would do this in advance. Well, I don't have to be harassed by her anymore." Anna was very happy. She felt much better when she thought of the angry expression of Karla, who was always arrogant. The haze of oppression by Karla finally disappeared.

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