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   Chapter 26 Do You Think I Don't Exist

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Anna knew that Shirley was very busy recently, so she wouldn't disturb her unless there was something important. Besides, she had promised her that everything would be fine with her. However, in the face of Karla's incessant and unreasonable trouble, Anna still chose to tell Shirley.

She walked to the door of Shirley's office and hesitated whether she should go in or not. She raised her hand several times and wanted to knock at the door, but finally she gave up. Finally, she thought that if she didn't stop Karla, it might delay the progress of the shooting. At that time, she couldn't explain it to Shirley, and she would be more worried. Thinking of this, Anna plucked up the courage to knock at the door.

"Come in, please." Shirley's voice came from inside.

Anna pushed the door open and saw that Shirley was discussing something with a department manager. When Shirley saw Anna, she was very happy and immediately smiled.

"Anna, wait a minute. I'll be ready soon."

"Okay." Anna sat on the sofa obediently and waited for Shirley.

At this time, Shirley was like a female general who had been on the battlefield for a long time. When she talked with the department manager, she could always find the key to the problem quickly and give several perfect solutions. In Anna's eyes, the former Shirley was just like this, beautiful and capable. However, only Shirley herself knew how hard she had worked to achieve what she was now. It was not strange that Shirley, who had a double degree, was so capable. But the Shirley at present was one who had really been trained in setbacks and difficulties.

After the department manager left, Shirley's serious expression suddenly disappeared, because Anna was her best friend and she didn't need to pretend to be serious in front of her friends.

"Anna, why are you here? Do you miss me?" As soon as Shirley saw Anna, she became naughty and didn't look like a strong woman at all.

"Don't be naughty, Shirley. I have something serious to talk to you." After losing several rounds with Karla, Anna was not in the mood to joke with her.

"Shirley, isn't Karla in the same place with us? She... " Anna wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

Hearing the name of Karla, Shirley became nervous.

"What is it? Tell me, I'm so worried." Shirley had a bad feeling.

"It's just that she comes to our crew almost every day, either to pick on Lynn's acting, or to make other troubles."

"What? Almost every day? Is she free? Why didn't you tell me earlier? You have endured it silently for so long. You just came to help me, but now you are bullied by Karla because you are my friend. No, I can't stand it! Let's go! Let's go to the film crew! " Shirley grabbed Anna's hand and walked out. 'How dare she bully my friend when I'm absent?' She thought angrily.

Soon, Shirley drove to the film set. When she arrived at Karla's crew, she found that all the crew were ready, but Karla was not there. If she wasn't here, she must be in the dressing room.

She rushed to the dressing room and found that Karla was still putting on her makeup unhurriedly. She stood at the door and said, "Everyone except Karla, go out first. I have something to talk with Karla." She said the word "talk" through gritted teeth. Everyone who heard it felt that it was definitely not a good thing.

There were only two dressers in the room. Seeing that it was Shirley who was standing at the door, they thought of the relationship between the two people, so they walked out and closed the door.

"Shirley, what are you doing? This is my private dressing room." Karla pretended not to know why Shirley came to her.

Seeing that Karla was pretending to be innocent, Shirley looked at her and said, "Well, I'm looking for you. I've been quite busy recently. I asked my friend to help me stay in the crew, but you've made trouble for her again and again and even bullied my new actress. Do you think I don't exist?"

"I'm training a new comer. As the saying goes, the finest diamond must be cut."

"You can't train my new employee. I want to train her by myself. I don't need you, an outsider, to interfere."

Just before Shirley and Karla quarreled, Samuel received a message from an informant and immediately rushed to the filming site. When Karla and Shirley were having a quarrel, Samuel had already arrived at the door of the dressing room. Hearing the sound inside, he didn't push the door open but listened at the door for a while. But the more he listened, the more he felt that the words of Karla were flying in the face of her previous image in his heart.

"Don't you just want to use your remaining resources to train the new actress named Lynn? I hope she can replace me in the entertainment circle. Let me tell you, you'd better give up. Lynn was not suitable to be i

n the entertainment circle at all. As for your friend, please tell her not to meddle my business." Karla finally told her the truth. But the more she said, the guiltier she was. Was it because she felt inferior in her sub-consciousness that she would eventually be replaced by her?

"She will definitely become famous in the end, but I don't want her to be the second Karla. She has her own style. I won't let her become a hypocritical person like you who puts on an act every day." Karla gave an objective evaluation of Lynn and briefly described Karla.

"Besides, how dare you humiliate my friend like this? Let me tell you, if you have the bravery, just come to me. Don't play these tricks on my friend." She could accept whatever Karla did to her. However, if she dared to hurt her friend, she would never agree.

In fact, Samuel, who was standing outside the door, heard their conversation. He was here to stop the dispute, but the result was shocking. In the end, he didn't push the door open, but turned around and left.

When driving, Samuel looked serious and complicated. In fact, he had a crush on Karla in the past. Tenderness, gentleness, innocence and sensibility were the label of Karla. He felt that he would be very happy if she had such a woman. However, when she knew that Karla chose Damon, who was more eloquent than her, he chose to bury his love in his heart. It was meaningless to get the marriage certificate with Shirley. Moreover, Shirley had many conflicts with Karla. He always thought that Shirley was too obedient and irritable. It was her fault.

But what happened today seemed to crack something in Samuel's heart. Maybe Karla was not that perfect? It was even possible that what Shirley said was true. Even a slap could not make a sound, and Karla might not be so kind-hearted and considerate.

Was Karla really a scheming woman? Or Shirley? Samuel was confused about Karla.

On the other side, the quarrel between Karla and Shirley was interrupted by someone.

When Karla's agent saw the makeup artist come out of the room, he asked what had happened. Knowing that it was Shirley who came to Karla in anger, he immediately felt that something was wrong. He immediately took out his phone and called Damon, asking him to stop Shirley from bullying Karla.

The agent walked to the door of the dressing room and saw a man eavesdropping. Before he left, the agent saw his face clearly. It was the CEO of the Ji Group -- Samuel. But what surprised him more was that he just eavesdropped for a while and left without opening the door.

As soon as Samuel left, Damon arrived in a hurry. The two avoid each other without meeting. This time, Damon was totally different from Samuel. He opened the door without any hesitation. The people who were arguing just now suddenly became quiet.

When Karla saw Damon, her eyes lit up, as if she was seeing a savior. When Shirley saw clearly who it was, she was confused. Why was he here? How could he be so well-informed?

"Damon, why are you here?" Immediately, Karla turned into a shy little girl and hid behind Damon.

"I heard that Shirley came to see you, so I came to have a look. Don't be bullied."

"Well, Damon, you are so considerate. It's just a misunderstanding. I often go to Shirley's crew, right? In fact, I just went to see her new actress. As you know, new actors are always very confused when they shoot the first drama. As her predecessor, I think I have the responsibility to give her some advice. But it seems that Shirley doesn't want me to do that. " Karla looked wronged.

"Baby, you are right." Damon rubbed Karla's hair affectionately. Then he turned to look at Shirley.

"Shirley, why are you so ungrateful? Karla is a star that can't even be hired with money. Now she is giving you free guidance on your new drama. Why are you still so choosy?" Damon's look were as if saying that Shirley should kneel down as soon as possible and thank her for her guidance.

Bah! 'What kind of guidance?' Shirley wondered. How could anyone instruct a new actress to act by calling her into the room to reprimand her, and even when she was right, she had to act again and again?

"Anyway, you can't tell right from wrong. It's useless for me to say anything to you." After saying that, Shirley turned around and left. She thought that she still had a lot of work to deal with, so she couldn't waste time here. Besides, the two of them looked so disgusting when they met.

Now that she had scolded Karla, this was a warning. She would definitely not disturb the shooting of the new drama these days. However, one thing that Shirley admired Karla was that no matter what happened, she could turn the situation around, get rid of all the responsibilities, and then made others bear the censure. And finally she became an innocent person.

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