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   Chapter 25 Make Trouble

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Without the negative news, the shooting of Shirley's new drama went smoothly.

However, since the filming sites of Karla and Shirley's new drama were in the same place, and Karla was not that kind of person who behaved well, so she went to Shirley's crew as soon as she had time. After all, she was a famous star, so when Shirley was absent, the director and others in the crew were polite to her. However, because of the previous news, they all felt that Karla was really not emotionally intelligent. Although there was no news on the Internet, the news that the relationship between the two had been known to all. It was not a wise move for Karla to go to Shirley's crew at this time to attract attention.

When the paparazzi took pictures secretly, not only the two of them were present. The girls who had a dispute with Karla were now followers of Shirley, so every time they saw Karla, they would not give her a good look.

"Can you stop coming to our crew? Are you free now?" This was the hot tempered girl in the hotel last time. She was always straightforward and forthright. She could say whatever she wanted.

"Why are you talking to Karla in this way? Don't you want to stay in the entertainment circle anymore? " The agent beside Karla shouted.

The girl thought that Karla must have a lot of connections since she was a popular actress now. If she offended her, the consequences might be unimaginable, so the girl stopped talking.

For several days in a row, Karla came here almost every day.

However, the reason why Karla came here every time was not simply. She had come here a few times to observe how the actress who replaced her was doing. After her observation, she found that the girl was soft and cute, so she could not help but reach out to the girl.

The girl's name was Lynn, and she looked very clean and lovely. Although Karla had always been pure, the disposition between the two was very different. This was also the reason why Shirley chose her at that time. Lynn's family condition was not very good. Although she was the heroine, she was modest, kind and polite, so she was widely praised in the crew. As for her acting skills, she was like a piece of uncultivated jade. Although she never received professional training, as long as she acted in her true color, she would present the performance that Shirley wanted.

That was why Karla always made trouble for her.

At that time, she called Lynn to a room alone. Since no one else was there, the real face of Karla was exposed.

"I heard that you are the actress who replaced me. You don't look good. Why did Shirley like you? What qualifications do you think you have to replace me?" Karla looked like a domineering concubine in the imperial harem of ancient times, and Lynn was an inferior concubine who was learning her lesson.

"I have never thought of replacing you. I'm just acting myself. " Lynn was confused. Why did she say that she had replaced her? It was as if she had stolen her role. But actually it was her who refused this drama first.

"Well, you are so stubborn. I advise you to be sensible and recognize who is sitting in front of you. To tell you the truth, Shirley's company is about to go bankrupt. When you finish the shooting, no, may be before you finish this drama, you are still an ordinary person and no one will know you." Seeing that the shooting of Karla's drama went smoothly and this new actress was smarter than her, Shirley felt that jealousy would really make people crazy.

"Even if I won't be popular, this is at least the first drama of my female lead. I will definitely finish it seriously." Said Lynn firmly.

"Well, do you think you dare to compete with me? Are you still dreaming of becoming famous overnight? " Karla sneered, her face full of disdain.

"Why do you always discredit me? Is there any misunderstanding about me?"

"No matter what you think, it's wishful thinking. And remember, who is the real queen in this circle? Believe it or not, I can destroy your future you in a minute. " The way Karla talked to Lynn was like that of an elder who taught the younger a lesson. She even threated Lynn.

Hearing Karla's threat, Lynn didn't say anything more for her future.

Seeing this, Karla was very proud. She stood up and walked slowly to Lynn's side. She raised her hand, gently patted her on the face like touching a little pet, and walked out.

Lynn was full of bitterness, but Karla said to others when she left, "we have been alone for a period of time just now, and I find that this girl is really cute. I think since she can act in this film set, it is really fate, so I decide to teach her in the next few days." People even praised that Karla knew how to take care of the new comers.

But only Lynn knew that she was lying, and after that, she even gave instructions when she was filming.

"cut! Director, look at mark. He didn't shoot well in this place. His expression is too nervous. He shou

ld be more natural. " [林素素] said deliberately.

"No, I think it's good." To be honest, the director seldom stopped Lynn's performance, because Miss Shirley had told her that as long as she acted in her true color, it would be okay.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm a person who pursues perfection. I'm used to being strict with the people around me when I'm filming. " It was hard to tell whether Karla was sincere or not from her words.

For the director, when he was guiding a drama, it was the most hateful and taboo to have someone tell him what to do. But the other party was Karla, a popular female star, so the director had to give her face.

At last, Lynn had no choice but to shoot this again, but Karla always stopped her and made all kinds of seemingly reasonable requests. In fact, she was just picking up thorns and letting Lynn act it over and over again.

Sometimes, the director couldn't stand it anymore. He didn't listen to Karla and would just let Karla have a rest. But she didn't want to accept his advice and kept making trouble.

Such a scene would happen every day. As long as Karla finished her own work, she would come to torture Lynn in the name of teaching a new actress. No matter how Lynn she tried, Karla just didn't feel satisfied. The members of Shirley's film crew dared not to say anything. After all, she was a big star and had the support of the Ji Group. If they dared to complain, he would have to quit his job.

As for Lynn, she was too bitter to speak out. Sometimes she felt wronged and shed tears secretly after Karla left. Everyone in the crew was worried about her.

"Lynn, don't worry. When Miss Shirley comes back, she can help us vent our anger. Do you still remember that last time in the hotel, Karla was angry by Miss Shirley and ran away? She must have something on Miss Shirley's hand. "

"That's right. Don't cry. If you keep crying, your makeup will be ruined. You can't continue your work later."

The members of the crew treated Lynn very well, as if they were a family. Sometimes, when she heard some comforting words from them, she would feel better.

In fact, this drama had always been watched by Anna, Shirley's friend. Since Anna came back from France, she had been helping Shirley clean up the mess. Because Shirley had a lot of things to deal with now. She went out to deal with business all day long and couldn't stay in the crew all day long, so she knew nothing about what Karla had done.

However, when Shirley was working outside, she always felt uneasy and thought that Karla would definitely make trouble. Sure enough, Karla really made troubles for her. But she was too busy to care about it now. She would teach her a good lesson when she was not busy.

Since Shirley trusted her friend, Anna thought that she must fulfill her responsibility to help Shirley share her worries and ease her burden. Therefore, in the face of Karla's unreasonable trouble, at the beginning, she turned a blind eye to it, but Karla was getting more and more excessive, and she could not sit by and watch.

When Karla came to the crew for the second time and found fault with Lynn's acting skills, Anna said, "Miss Lin, we have our own director. Our director will be responsible for the shooting of the whole drama, so please don't be picky about our actress. Besides, this actress is chosen by Miss Shirley, and then she signed the contract herself." Anna's words were very euphemistic, but the sensible person could know her meaning, "don't meddle in other people's business. Just stay where you like."

"Oh, I'm a cynic. When I see this kind of thing, I can't help but... She did something wrong just now. If I instruct her, it will definitely have a better visual effect. "Although Karla said so, she completely ignored Anna's words and continued to make trouble.

Anna couldn't help but say, "Miss Lin, please leave here." Anna had allowed her to make trouble several times before, but she didn't expect that she would go too far, so she had to ask her out.

"Why should I leave? I sacrificed my time. Everyone knows that I'm taking care of the new comer. I think it's all your crew's fault. I'm kind enough to help your actress in the acting skills, but you don't accept it. You still want to drive me away. If Shirley knows what I'm doing, she will definitely be moved to tears. And this is the public place for shooting. Did you buy it? Besides, I have my personal freedom. It's none of your business." Karla said impolitely. It seemed that she was irritated by Anna.

"You!" Anna trembled with anger. She had never seen such a shameless person before. Karla really broadened her horizon. It was hard to imagine that she was a pure actress.

Seeing that Shirley's friend was speechless, Karla became more arrogant. When she left, she passed by Anna and bumped her body with her shoulder. It was so annoying. She didn't know how this kind of person became popular and liked by so many people.

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