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   Chapter 24 Put On Airs

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On the second day, the conflict between Karla and Shirley became the headline. Because it happened at the gate of the hotel's bathroom, the paparazzi were far away from them. There were only a few photos on the entertainment newspaper and the website headlines, and it was obvious that Shirley was bullying Karla with the numerical superiority.

In the first picture, a young girl in Shirley's film crew pointed at the nose of Karla's assistant and shouted abuse. The second picture was the scene when Shirley was aggressive. In the third picture, Karla left with her assistant angrily. From these photos, it was obvious that Shirley had the upper hand.

Now, Shirley became the focus again. She found that every time she hit the headlines, it was because of Karla, and every time she was the bad party.

"What's wrong with Shirley? Why do you bully Karla every time? She is so kind."

"Didn't Karla say that she was willing to join in the new play of Shirley? Why did she finally find a new actress? Why didn't she adopted Karla in the TV series she invested? Is it because of the mistake made by her agent? "

"Yesterday, they chose the same place for the opening ceremony of their new plays. I watched an interview, in which Karla has always been friendly to her and always defended her. At that time, I felt the expression on Shirley's face was very unnatural. I didn't expect that she would do this to Karla behind her back!"

"As a passer-by, to be honest, Karla is a very good tempered star. It's very rare. Judging from what happened these days, there are indeed conflicts between the two of them, and the main reason is that Shirley is too unreasonable."

"Karla is so pitiful. She is a popular A-list star. It seems that when she were in Shirley's company, Karla was often bullied by Shirley. Now she has nothing to do with her company, but she is still bullied. She is so pitiful. Fans, we must seek justice for Karla. "

Without checking it, Shirley knew that there must be a lot of accusations and abuses against her on the Internet, which was really annoying. However, the shooting of the new play had just begun smoothly, but this matter happened at this moment. Shirley really wanted to clarify this matter and tell them the truth. However, once she did so, there would definitely be more troubles. She was not in the mood to deal with it now, so she had to endure it. She would deal with it after the shooting entered a stable period.

What happened last time repeated again. Reporters blocked the gate of the company every day and there was always paparazzi following her. But she chose to remain silent, not because she didn't dare to face it, but because she chose to escape for the time being, hoping that Karla would not touch her bottom line again.

Samuel didn't understand why Shirley was so cold to her recently, just like he had offended her. However, Samuel knew her whereabouts every day through his assistant, and this time was no exception.

After the assistant left, Samuel stayed in the office alone and thought for a while. Then he picked up his phone and called someone.

"Hello? Is this the person in charge of XX website? I hope the news about Shirley won't appear in 5 minutes."

"Sam... Mr. Samuel? Oh, okay, I see. " The person on the other end of the phone was the CEO of the biggest entertainment website in the country. But at this moment, he was as compliant as an ordinary employee, because it was Samuel, the CEO of the Ji Group, who called him. If he refused to do as his will, he was afraid that his company would be gone in 5 minutes.

Samuel didn't say anything more. He immediately hung up the phone and asked his assistant to come in.

"Find out who posted these photos online." Samuel looked at the documents in his hands and said to his assistant. Although Samuel didn't look at him, he felt an inexplicable coldness in the office, like an iceberg.

"? What photos? " Samuel's assistant was confused.

Samuel finally raised his head to look at his assistant. He didn't know why he saw anger in the boss's eyes. He finally knew where the cold air came from. Although Samuel usually looked lazy and casual, when he was angry, there was always frightening fierceness in his eyes, which scared the assistant out of her wits. Suddenly, an idea occurred to him. Was it because the matter about Shirley he just reported to him just now? But he had reported the situation of Shirley to him for a long time. Samuel just learned about it and he never intervened. What happened this time? Sure enough, the CEO's mind was not ordinary people could understand.

"Do you mean the photos published on the news about Miss Shirley?"

"Yes. Find out who spread them and where he works. "


Five minutes later, the news about Shirley bullying Karla disappeared on the Internet, as if it had never appeared, and all the related comments were gone. The netizens knew that there must be someone who suppre

ssed this matter.

After a while, the assistant came in.

"Mr. Samuel, it was taken secretly by a paparazzi. He works in XX magazine."

"Okay, call the general manager of that magazine in my name and ask them to withdraw those photos."


The assistant left the office and closed the door. There was only Samuel left in the room. He couldn't focus on his work at all. All he was thinking about was the matter of Shirley. He didn't know why his heart was becoming softer and softer. In the past, Shirley had also been put in the center of the storm, and he could sit by and do nothing. Why couldn't he hold it back this time? Shirley didn't get along well with him these days. Why did he still do this for her? But somehow, there seemed to be a voice in his heart that drove him to do so.

Samuel didn't know why he did that, but he didn't want Shirley to know what he had done for her.

At this time, Shirley was working in her office. Suddenly, her assistant rushed in with a laptop.

"Miss Shirley, look, all the news about you on the Internet is gone. Besides, the photos had been deleted. Miss Shirley, did you ask someone to do it? " The assistant looked at Shirley with a snicker.

Shirley was confused. She took the laptop from the assistant's hand and found that all the contents on it had been deleted, and there were even no bad comments.

"I'm not a capable boss. Besides, I'm so busy now. I don't have time to care about it. But it's really strange. Who did it? It was impossible that these media took the initiative to delete them. After all, they have to make money by doing so."

"Is it Mr. Samuel? After all, you are a couple. How can he leave his wife alone when you are in trouble?" The assistant guessed.

"That's impossible." Shirley said in a low voice.

"It's okay. You can go out first." She asked her assistant to go out first.

Shirley thought, 'who did help me? Samuel? That's impossible! He made trouble for me a few days ago. How could he help me now? It was absolutely impossible. Then who was so capable?' Shirley couldn't figure it out.

But at this time, at the filming site of the new play, Karla was not pleasing.

Karla often put on airs in the film crew. Every time she would be late for shooting, the whole crew had to wait for her. After she arrived, she had to spent long time changing her clothes and making up before starting. However, the director didn't dare to say anything more. After all, it was Karla who chose him, not he chose her. Moreover, he was proud that Karla could shoot his play.

However, Karla went too far not because she was late, but because of her attitude towards the crew. She was always picky about the ability of make-up artists, and sometimes she even brought her own make-up artist. This was the biggest insult to a makeup artist. She never ate the meals ordered bt the crew and she always went to a high-end restaurant for dinner, as if she was superior to others.

Another time, when Karla just finished her work, the assistant arranged by the film crew hurried to bring her a bottle of water, but she didn't even drink it and threw it into the trash can directly. The agent was also very observant. After seeing Karla's action, he began to shout at the assistant.

"Are you out of your mind? How can you buy such cheap water for Karla? She never drinks water from ordinary people like you. She always drinks water of XX brand, which was good for her body and skin. Did you hear me? You can apply for reimbursement yourself for that kind of water from now on. Do you understand? If you make such a mistake again in the future, you'd better get out of here." The agent yelled at that man impolitely. The reason why she could win Karla's favor was that she knew how to act according to her personality. She was a good tool for Karla.

The assistant, who just graduated from university at the age of about 20, couldn't bear such grievance and then ran out crying. Several girls who worked with her comforted her and asked her what happened. In fact, this kind of thing had happened more than once or two times. Every time, she would put on airs for no reason.

"All right, all right. Don't cry. We will be free after she finishes the filming. She has been acting like this for a long time." The person who comforted the assistant said.

"I know, but why does she always speak so harshly and ignore others?" The assistant sobbed.

"Yes. Her agent's arrogance must be her intention. It seems that she is also a kind of uneducated person. She always knows to put on airs. You can wait that sooner or later, her true face will be found and then she will be hated by others." This staff had also been bullied by Karla's agent, so she felt the same way.

Karla's behavior had already caused the dissatisfaction of other staff in the crew, but they didn't show it too obviously for the sake of director, and everyone was trying to endure their insult and humiliation.

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