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   Chapter 23 The Banquet

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With the help of Anna, the problem of finding partners were basically solved, and the following things became much smoother. The most important thing for Shirley was the opening ceremony.

Shirley didn't get into too much trouble because she had already booked a hotel and invited guests. The time of the banquet was set in the evening. Shirley, in a high-end dress, appeared at the banquet. It was a light blue dress with a gradual change of color. The top Camisole style made Shirley's delicate collarbone exposed. The tight design on her upper body perfectly highlighted her good figure. There was no fat on her waist, and she was just right skinny. The lower part of her dress was a fishtail skirt, which had a good effect of lengthening her legs. The color of her upper body was white and then gradually turned blue. With the delicate makeup, Shirley looked noble and not vulgar, with a trace of immortal spirit. She was like a fairy. Anyone who saw Shirley at this moment would feel that their eyes lit up.

When the party was about to begin, there was a commotion outside. Some people went out to check. It turned out to be Karla. Of course, she didn't come to the opening party of Shirley's play, but the opening party of her new play, which was also booked in this hotel. There was a saying goes 'enemies and lovers are destined to meet', and the two people met each other again.

Today, Karla wore a dress of a famous brand. It was a pink strapless lace dress, which was very suitable for her image. Karla was dressed in pink all over her body today, which was very cute and attractive. She looked like a young girl, but she wore a heavy makeup, which was not matched with the overall shape at all. Maybe she had offended the stylist. However, the headline tomorrow would still say that she was fashionable and overwhelming the whole audience. After all, she was the heroine. Karla had been trying to maintain her image as a lady all the time. Indeed, she had succeeded. No one knew her true face except for Shirley.

According to the scale of the banquet, Karla's party was particularly large, while Shirley's was slightly inferior. She just wanted to take a simple form, so that the crew could quickly get familiar with each other, and the shooting in the future would be smoother. However, Karla's opening party was like a press conference. Not only did she invite reporters from all kinds of media, but also the banquet was held in a very large place. And it was just next to Shirley, as if she was here to make her lose face.

In fact, Shirley didn't feel strange at all. Karla was a famous star. All kinds of TV series wanted her to be the leading actress to increase the audience rating, so they must adore Karla as a fairy. And it was known to all that Karla was with the second son of the Ji family now. They all praised them as golden couple. Therefore, with the support of the whole Ji Group, Karla certainly had a high profile, far surpassing the limelight of Shirley.

When Shirley saw Karla, Karla also saw her. Therefore, she didn't know why Karla was walking towards her. There were so many reporters, and it was not easy for Shirley to hide. She had to stand still and see what tricks Karla was going to play this time.

Karla stood in front of Shirley with a sweet smile on her face, but only Shirley, who was closest to her, knew that this smile was not friendly. There was a saying that there was a knife hidden in a smile, which was perfectly illustrated by Karla.

"What a coincidence, Shirley. You are also holding the opening party here. We have a tacit understanding. We can actually choose a hotel." Looking at the self-directed performance of Karla in front of her, Shirley smiled awkwardly and politely. Then she nodded slightly. After all, there were so many reporters. If she acted very cold, they would definitely write her in a bad way.

Then, Karla raised her arm and gently held Shirley's shoulders. Then all kinds of cameras were raised, and the microphones of reporters were also approaching. It was not until the photos were finished that Karla let go of Shirley. But she whispered in Shirley's ear that only two people could hear, "this place you booked is really shabby. If you are interested, you can come to the next room at any time later."

When Shirley heard this, she was very angry. She couldn't lose her temper even if she wanted. The blue veins on Shirley's forehead bulged. However, after Karla hugged her, she naturally held her arm, which made Shirley feel uncomfortable. Sure enough, she still couldn't stand Karla like this. She really didn't want to pretend.

At this time, the microphones of countless reporters rushed up.

"Miss Karla, you are still so intimate with Shirley. Didn't what happened before affect you?"

"Ha ha, the question you asked is not very good. Shirley and I have been good friends for several years. How could the previous trifles affect our friendship? Look, we still have a tacit understanding. Even if I'm not in her company n

ow, the shooting place of the new TV series is still the same. " Karla pretended to be pitiful to show that she was a little angry with the reporter's rude question just now.

At this moment, what Shirley was thinking was that it was so disgusting. She was afraid that she would vomit on the spot if the interview didn't end as soon as possible. How could Karla keep calm and talk about it as if nothing had happened?

"I really envy your sisterhood." Others exclaimed.

'What sisterhood! How could I have such a sister! She kept setting me up and forcing me into a desperate situation. What kind of sister is she?' Shirley thought angrily.

The reporter asked a few more questions about the conflict between the two people not long ago, but they were convinced by Karla's words. Shirley really admired her in this respect. How did she do it? How could she turn the black into the white and the wrong thing to the right? Being an actress couldn't really give full play of Karla's eloquence. But during this period, Shirley didn't say a word and let Karla perform well.

Finally, after answering more than a dozen questions, the reporters finally let them go. Shirley and Karla also entered different banquets.

After the opening ceremony went on for a while, Shirley went to the bathroom. When she just stood up, she heard the sound of high heels and the familiar voice of Karla from outside. Judging from the footsteps, there was another girl, who might be Karla's assistant.

When Karla was fixing her make-up in front of the mirror, the girl next to her asked, "Karla, did you tell the reporters the truth? I don't think so."

"Some was true. As a public figure, it's impossible that you always tell the truth, because sometimes the truth is not so satisfying." Karla said as she fixed her make-up.

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Shirley chose to wait quietly in the cubicle for them to leave. And Karla did not know that there was another person in the bathroom. Hearing what Karla said, Shirley felt that what she said was very reasonable and she even felt a little sad for her.

Indeed, as a public figure, she would not reveal all the truth of her life to the public. So, lying and pretending had become a habit. She couldn't really be herself. But what was the meaning of a person if he didn't even have the freedom to tell the truth and do himself?

Hearing the two of them leaving, Shirley also came out of the bathroom. However, she heard a quarrel. She rushed out and found that there was a conflict between the members of her crew and the members of Karla's.

Karla was shocked when she saw Shirley come out of the bathroom. It turned out that she had been eavesdropping on them all the time. Didn't Shirley hear everything she said? But the scene in front of her made her unable to question Shirley.

It turned out that when Karla and others came out of the bathroom just now, they happened to meet workers from Shirley's film crew. Karla's assistant said, "They are so poor that they can't even invite a reporter." However, this sentence clearly reached the ears of Shirley's crew.

"Who are you talking about?! Say it again! " There was a short tempered girl among them.

Not to be outdone, a girl on the other side said, "Of course you. The venue of the banquet is so small, and there is not even a reporter. Why are you holding a banquet? It's so embarrassing."

Shirley really learned the meaning of "a man who loses position and influence may be subjected to much indignity." Even an assistant spoke to them in such a tone. Shirley retorted unhurriedly, "little girl, your road is still long. Watch your mouth when you speak. We don't have any reporters, but we are not as dirty as some people." Shirley said the last sentence to Karla.

"Who are you cursing? You've already sold all your property and owed a lot of money for this drama. How can you be so arrogant? " Karla couldn't help saying.

"Yes, you are right. I do owe a lot of money, but at least I have a clear conscience. Do you dare to say what you have done in front of everyone? Or do you want me to tell them what kind of person you are? Others don't know, but I do. Even if they don't believe what I say, it's good to cause you some trouble." Shirley threatened Karla on purpose, trying to drive her away as soon as possible.

"You!" Karla was speechless and had to leave with her assistant.

Seeing that Shirley was so awesome, the film crew admired her very much. Karla was pissed off by her a few words. But they were also curious about the true face of Karla mentioned by Shirley. When they asked Shirley, she just smiled and said, "It's okay. You don't have to worry. It's our personal grudge." So they stopped asking.

Then, Sam's voice came as scheduled, "in front of everyone, you are brave enough to humiliate the heroine. Promote one level! Keep going!"

Shirley was very proud of herself, but she didn't know that all the things that had just happened had been photographed by the paparazzi.

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