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   Chapter 22 Create Difficulties

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After hearing what Karla said, Damon began to plan how to put obstacles in Shirley's company. He couldn't do it openly. If others knew it, not only his reputation would be ruined, but also the whole reputation of the Ji Group would be damaged. Although he hadn't taken charge of the Ji Group yet, the group would belong to him sooner or later, so he couldn't discredit it. So he had to do it from the dark. But what should he do?

Shirley's new drama had just begun. She must need a lot of TV stations or websites as her partners, so Damon planned to start from here.

He had asked someone to find out several websites and TV stations that Shirley was contacting, and it was said that everything went well. There were several things that had been settled, but there was a saying that money could make the mare go. All he needed to do was to use money to make trouble for Shirley. Moreover, he never lacked money. Besides, he could also use the brand of the Ji Group, as long as they didn't tell anyone.

Damon arranged several people from his subordinates to meet with Shirley's partners in secret. He asked them to propose that as long as they didn't cooperate with Xia Film Company, the Ji Group would invest in them. But there was one condition that they couldn't mention the Ji Group to Shirley. In order to get a large investment, these companies quickly changed their sides. After all, no one could resist the temptation of money. Moreover, if they could cooperate with the Ji Group, it would bring great benefits to the company.

The new drama went on smoothly, and there was no movement from Karla. So Shirley was in a good mood and relaxed. She thought she could finally rest for a few days, but she received a call.

"I'm sorry, Miss Shirley. We might not be able to play your TV series on our website as we promised before." The man's tone was very polite and official, but Shirley didn't feel any sincerity from it.

"Why?! We have agreed before, haven't we? Why don't you keep your promise? " Shirley was surprised to hear that.

"I'm really sorry. This is the order of the superior. I'm just responsible for sending messages. Besides, there are very few trustworthy companies nowadays, and most of them are profit oriented. Of course, we are no exception. Your TV series won't bring much benefit to us. " The man's voice was strange, cold and merciless, like a basin of cold water pouring on Shirley's head, making her instantly awake.

The person on the other end of the line heard that Shirley was silent and said sorry before hanging up. Shirley didn't think too much, but that leader's action was inappropriate. It wasn't a big deal. But Shirley was a little disappointed. Normally, the TV stations and website would scramble to buy the copyright of the new TV series, but she had to beg others humbly. It took her a lot of effort to convince them. After all, the Xia Film Company was now in danger. They all thought that the Xia Film Company would definitely go bankrupt in the end.

But Shirley had to comfort hers

didn't have a day off. Even if Damon had used some dirty means to steal the partner of Shirley, he was not that omnipotent and powerful. Through Anna's introduction, Shirley had contacted several more partners, and they were all Anna's friends. They would never betray them.

However, Shirley still believed that those things were all done by Samuel. When she met him, she didn't talk to him and looked very cold.

In fact, Samuel also felt strange these days. What's wrong with this woman? She ignored him and often rolled her eyes at him. However, through his assistant, Samuel knew that Shirley was busy cleaning up the mess recently, and that she had a friend who had come back from France to help her.

Shirley had been working late for several days in a row, which was all noticed by Samuel. That night, when passing by Shirley's room, Samuel looked at the light from the gap under the door and knew that Shirley was staying up late again.

Thinking of that night when Shirley cried alone, Damon's heart softened again. He stared at the door of Shirley's room for a long time, and Shirley's helpless eyes appeared in his mind. He felt sorry for her. Originally, Samuel's feelings for Shirley had quietly changed, so when he saw the tired look of the woman these days, he felt a little sad.

However, when he thought of how she slapped Karla that day, and how she treated him coldly and indifferently these days, he felt very conflicted. Was this kind of woman worthy of his concern for her?

Samuel told himself in his heart, 'I can't be cheated by this woman. Besides, it's not the right time to talk about the relationship between a man and a woman. What I should do now is to revenge on the Ji family.' This woman's matter had nothing to do with her. It must be because that he has not been in touch with women for a long time and he had become unaccustomed to it since she moved in. He would be fine after a period of time.

Thinking of this, Samuel stopped thinking about Shirley and went back to his room.

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