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   Chapter 21 Make A Request

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The second morning, Shirley was awakened by the bird's singing outside the window. Last night, she cried and got tired. She didn't know when she fell asleep. When she got up and washed up, she found that her eyes were swollen. She had no choice but to wear sunglasses all day long. After crying so hard yesterday, she felt better.

But when she arrived at the company, she heard a bad news. The manager of the financial department came to report the work to Shirley, telling her that even if she sold all her property, there were still many problems with the company's assets. It was known to all that screening TV series was a big and expensive project, and hiring actors, clothing, props and other aspects all needed a lot of money. At present, the reason why the new drama could be filmed smoothly was that it had just begun. But as time went by, it would cost more and more. If they wanted to achieve good results, they had to spend a lot of money into it.

However, Shirley had lost everything. Therefore, she had borrowed some debts from the bank and there would be interest. But Shirley was confident that the drama would definitely attract the attention of the audience.

Samuel had been observing the situation of Shirley all the time, and he had planted more spies in the Xia Film Company in order to find out what kind of person Shirley was. Therefore, Samuel was the first one to know that she borrowed money.

Samuel thought, 'this woman is really brave. She dares to take risks.' He had always thought that a woman would definitely shrink back when she came to manage a company, but Shirley had tried every means, not giving up, even if she would gone bankrupt. But now, he was a little worried about Shirley. She even borrowed money. Had she ever thought about what she would face if she failed? If she just sold her property and the new drama didn't have much audience rating, the worst result was that her company went bankrupt and she had nothing. She could stay at home all the time and Samuel could raise her. After all, she was his legal wife. However, once she borrowed money, it was not a big deal if she succeeded. But if she failed, she would have to pay a lot of debt. Was this woman so confident that she wouldn't fail?

But Samuel didn't know what else Shirley could do to go over the crisis. Once this path started, she had to go on. In Shirley's eyes, she had never given up halfway, so she would hold out until the last. Maybe it was because although she was the CEO of a company now, she was indeed a fresh graduate student. There was a saying that a newborn calf was not afraid of a tiger, wasn't it? It might be Shirley.

Soon, Shirley raised enough money and the filming went smoothly. Because she didn't have to worry about the financial problem anymore, everything was going in an orderly way.

However, someone didn't want to see Shirley live a good life, and that was Karla. Because she was filming her play in the same place with Shirley, she could easily know how the shooting of Shirley's crew was going on.

Recently, she heard that Shirley's new drama went well, so she was very unhappy.

When she came back home from the shooting, Damon had already got off work and waited for her to have dinner with him. She knew that after she had been slapped last time, though she said that she didn't want Damon to get even with Shirley and he also agreed, Karla knew him well and he would never let it go, so he must have looked for Shirley and taught her a hard lesson. Therefore, she felt that she was the one Damon loved the most in the world. She could not help but feel a little proud. She believed that as long as she asked, Damon would definitely agree to her request.

When the two of them were having dinner, Karla asked Damon tentatively.

"Damon, I heard that Shirley's new play goes well recently."

"Yes, I know. What's wrong?" Damon answered casually. Seeing that he didn't have much reaction, she continued.

"Can you put more pressure on her company?" It was the first time that Karla had made such a request to Damon. Although Damon knew that the two of them didn't get along well with each other, he thought it was a one-sided problem of Shirley and she had been bullying Karla. But since that was the case, why did Karla make such a request? Karla was not such a girl. Damon didn't understand.

"Why? Why did you make such a request?" Damon looked at Karla and asked.

Karla was so complacent that she thought Damon would agree to her request without hesitation. However, Damon was not a fool. Although he loved Karla very much, he would not do whatever she said. He had his own thoughts and ideas.

Being stared at by Damon, Karla felt guilty and a little regretful for what she had just said, but Damon

had heard it, so she had to go on.

"Damon, in fact, there are some things I haven't told you all the time." Karla lowered her head and showed a pitiful look. Her index fingers kept moving, as if it was very difficult to tell.

"Karla, go ahead. I'm listening." Damon's tenderness was only shown to Karla. Looking at Karla, he stood up and got down from his seat. He squatted on the ground and looked at her watery and charming eyes. He gently put the hair scattered by her ear behind her ear so that he could see her face clearly.

"Actually, I don't want Shirley's company to develop well. I have never told you that when I was an actress in Shirley's company, I had a hard time. " Karla spoke frankly. Because of her impulse just now, she had to use the last thing she wanted to mention as an explanation.

Hearing what Karla said, Damon frowned. He had a hunch that he would hear something amazing next.

Karla continued, "Before I become famous, every time when Shirley had social engagements, she deliberately asked me replace her to deal with those men. Besides, the clients she met were all lecherous and obscene people. In order not to protect herself from invasion, she always introduced me to them. But those people always touched me at the table. Fortunately, I never drink at the table and I can keep sober. But if I get drunk once, they... " As she spoke, Karla covered her face and cried.

"Waah... Waah..." Karla cried harder and harder, which melted Damon's heart.

However, what Karla said made him very angry. No wonder Karla made such a request. This woman was so vicious that she asked Karla to do such a thing. That was to say, she was the person Karla loved and trusted most now. Otherwise, she would definitely not want to mention it all her life.

Karla cried for a while and gradually calmed down.

"I originally had a glimmer of hope for Shirley. I thought she was forced to do so in the past and I could forgive her. But after that slap, I decided not to be weak anymore." Karla's explanation was perfect, which could completely arouse men's sympathy.

Sure enough, after hearing what Karla said, Damon felt very sorry for her. This time, he completely believed Karla's words. He slowly stood up and gently held Karla, who was still sitting with tears in the corner of her eyes, into his arms to comfort her emotions. Karla held Damon's waist tightly.

"Damon, I'm so scared now. Will you dislike me? Not only did I do that before, but now I even put forward this request to you. I must be a bad woman. Will you continue to love me?" As she said, Karla began to shed tears again.

"Karla, you are so silly. Why didn't you tell me earlier? What you have done is all forced by Shirley. I feel lucky that you are fine, or I will be heartbroken. Besides, you have been bullied by Shirley for so long. It's very normal for you to put pressure on her company. If I were her, I would directly destroy her Xia Film Company. Besides, how can I not love you? How can I dislike you? My baby, you love you so much." After hearing what Karla said, Damon agreed to her request. He would put pressure on Shirley and wouldn't let her go so easily.

"Don't say that you are a bad woman. Compared with Shirley, you are the kindest person in the world." Damon grabbed Karla's shoulder and said to her.

At this time, Shirley, who was visiting the crew, sneezed several times and complained in her heart, 'who is speaking ill of me behind my back?'

Karla was touched by his words. She smiled through tears. She put her arms around Damon's neck and slowly approached his face. She gave him a gentle kiss on his face and then tightly held Damon's neck. She whispered in his ear, "Damon, I love you, and I'll be with you for the rest of my life."

When he heard his beloved woman's sincere confession to him with her gentle and pleasant voice, he only felt that there was a current in his body, and he became inexplicably comfortable.

However, no one noticed that there was a trace of slyness in Karla's happy eyes.

Karla felt that she was finally safe. In Damon's opinion, her impulsive request did not meet her usual image, which almost ruined her impression in Damon's heart. It seemed that she must be careful in the future, and no matter what she did, she must think twice before doing. Fortunately, with her explanation and perfect acting skill, Damon believed it and agreed to her request.

Karla thought to herself, 'Shirley, you still want to fight with me. As long as I give Damon a few looks and a few words, he could help me without hesitation. Sooner or later, I will let you know what will happen if you offend me. You sell your property, then so what? Even if your new drama goes well, so what? Can you defeat the Ji Group?

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