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   Chapter 20 Grievance!

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Thinking of how aggrieved Karla was yesterday, Damon walked quickly to the two of them. Obviously, both the man and Shirley were shocked. When Shirley saw the angry face of Damon, she probably knew why he came, but the man didn't know him.

"Shirley, is this your friend? You should make an introduction. " The man behaved politely and decently.

'What friend! Do you think this man can be my friend?' Shirley was so embarrassed, but she didn't want to lose face in front of him. She just smiled and didn't say anything.

Damon didn't want to know the man, so he grabbed Shirley's arm and dragged her out of the cafe. Shirley tried her best to struggle but failed. She had to let him pull her to the alley beside the shop. Shirley was pushed against the wall by him. Her back was hit. Shirley thought it would be bruised, but she would never show weakness in front of him. She had to endure the pain.

"I think you know why I come to you." Damon came straight to the point.

"I know. It's just for the slap yesterday, isn't it? Karla must have described this matter exaggeratedly. Even if I tell you the truth, you won't believe it, will you?" After saying that, Shirley chuckled as a self-mockery.

"The truth? How dare you tell me the truth? " Damon didn't believe what Shirley said at all.

Shirley didn't want to say anything more.

"Why are you so vicious? Why do you make trouble for Karla? I have let you go several times before, but you still go too far this time." At this moment, Damon just thought that Karla had been wronged and he wouldn't let her go this time.

"Did I go too far? She dared to show off in front of me with my mother's belongings. She deserved it! It's kind of me to slap her!" Shirley couldn't bear it anymore and told him what had happened at that time.

Hearing what Shirley said, Damon was more convinced of what Karla said. It turned out that Shirley's bracelet was a trouble for Karla. But Karla didn't know it was her mother's belongings before, and the bracelet was given by himself. Karla was bullied by Shirley after only wearing it for one day. What a coincidence! The bracelet Karla was wearing was exactly her mother's.

"Karla has always been low-key and never shows off anything. This time, she wore the bracelet because I gave it to her. You so vicious. Do you think everyone is as bad as you?"

"Yes, I am the most vicious woman in the world. Don't you come to get even with me? Come on, avenge Karla. Give me a slap too!" Shirley had always been misunderstood and insulted. At this moment, her eyes were red.

Looking at the crazy woman in front of him, Damon raised his hand unconsciously. Seeing that Damon was really going to hit her, Shirley closed her eyes and waited for him to make a move. She looked as if she was being slaughtered, but she didn't feel the pain as she had expected.

Shirley slowly opened her eyes and found that the man had put down his hand.

"I won't hit you. First, I'm a man. I won't hit a woman. Second, beating you will only dirty my hands. This is the last time I let you go. Next time, if I know you hurt Karla again, don't blame me for being rude to you. What's more, the Xia Film Company has just begun to rise. You have devoted all your money to it. I don't think you want me to do anything to your company, right?" Damon's voice was not loud but it was enough for the two to hear clearly, which made Shirley feel threatened.

If Damon wanted to do something to her, Shirley didn't care. But Damon said he wanted to take action against the Xia Film Company. Absolutely no way! This company was founded by her father himself, and he had devoted so much effort to it. If Damon wanted to take action against the Xia Group, Shirley would definitely not be able to defeat him. After all, he was backed by the Ji Group.

Seeing that the woman in front of him stopped talking, Damon thought that the woman had yielded. It turned out that she also had something to fear. It seemed that this woman was frightened.

Damon turned around and left, leaving Shirley alone. Shirley slowly slid down the wall and squatted down in despair. Right now, it was the most critical moment for the Xia Film Company. The success of this TV drama would determine the survival of the Xia Group. Therefore, she couldn't be willful anymore. She couldn't offend Damon just out of impulse. If Damon really did something to the company, she would have no way to fight back. Therefore, she had to endure humiliation and bear the burden. Even if she was wronged and cursed at by others, she could only endure this and not fight back. Damn it! How aggrieved!

At this time, Shirley's business partner in the coffee shop watched her being taken away inexplicably. He didn't understand why and thought that there might be something urgent to talk to her. He sat in the same place and waited for her to come back.

After a while, Shirley came back to take her bag in a daze. Seeing that she didn't look well, the man asked with concern, "Are you okay, Shirley?"

After what had happened just

now, Shirley was not in the mood to talk to him anymore. She struggled to say to him, "I'm fine. I just feel a little uncomfortable. I'm sorry. I want to go home and have a rest. Goodbye."

"Okay, it doesn't matter. Do you need me to drive you home?" The man asked gently.

"No, thanks. My car is in the parking lot. I can go home myself. Thank you."

Shirley refused the man's kindness. The man had no choice but to watch Shirley leave. In fact, Shirley didn't go home. She drove to the film set. No matter how depressed and desperate she was now, she had to care about the progress of the new drama.

Everything went well on the set. She went to the set for two reasons. One was to visit the filming site, and the other was to prepare for the opening ceremony of the film. Although the shooting of the new play had begun, the opening ceremony hadn't been held yet. There must be a formal ceremony for the shooting of the new play, which was a convention in the entertainment circle. She didn't drive back home until she contacted the place and confirmed the invitation list.

When she got home, it was already evening. Shirley was so busy that she didn't have dinner. Of course, she was not in the mood to eat either. Exhausted, Shirley went back to her room. At this moment, she was more mentally tired than physically tired. She had never been physically and mentally exhausted.

Samuel had been working in the study. When he heard some noise, he knew that it was Shirley. He opened the door and walked to Shirley's room. However, he heard a faint sob coming from the room.

When Shirley just entered the room, she didn't close the door tightly. At this moment, Samuel could just see Shirley sitting on the bed with her legs crossed.

After returning to her room, Shirley didn't turn on the light. When it was dark around, she couldn't help but burst into tears. But she was afraid that Samuel would hear it and let him see her being so useless, so she didn't dare to cry loudly. She had no choice but to cry silently. She didn't expect that the person she didn't want him to see the most was staring at her outside the door.

What happened yesterday and today had made Shirley unable to hold on. She felt wronged and angry, but she had to hold it back. Now she couldn't stand it anymore. Karla, that scheming bitch, had been setting her up and framing her, which had put her into a desperate situation again and again. However, her desire to go home supported her to go forward with difficulty step by step to today. Besides, she didn't care about Damon's threats and insults again and again. Anyway, she would go through it as long as she gritted her teeth and bear it. But that's fine. When she had no relatives in this world, she knew that although Samuel was only her partner, at least he would not harm her and stand together with her. So she began to believe a person and have a crush on him. But yesterday, that man broke her heart. Samuel would rather help others scold her than listen to her explanation.

Tears rolled down her cheeks and dropped on the bed sheet. Once Shirley began to cry, her tears would flood over her eyes. She thought to herself, 'just let her be willful for once. She has decided to lock her heart in her heart, but after all, she is still a woman.'

At this time, Samuel, who was standing outside the door, looked at the figure shrank into a ball in the darkness. The moonlight sprinkled on the ground through the window, and some of it fell on Shirley's body.

In Samuel's eyes, Shirley, who was crying in the dark, didn't look like the woman he had knew before at all. At this moment, the moonlight fell on her body, looking very gentle but a little sad. Not knowing why, Shirley looked so thin, pitiful and helpless in front of him. He couldn't help but want to hold her in his arms, gently stroked her hair, comforted her in a soft voice, and wiped away all her tears.

Samuel was really conflicted now. In the past, Shirley was abandoned by Damon, and Damon was their common enemy, so she agreed to cooperate with him to deal with Damon. Although they had got the marriage certificate, it was actually a way to revenge on Damon. The two of them did not have any love to each other.

At that time, he thought that this woman was cold and ruthless, and she would definitely not cry helplessly like now. However, Shirley's actions made his impression change little by little, and his heart slowly softened.

It was rare for Shirley to cry, which, however, was always seen by Samuel without her awareness.

Samuel couldn't tell which was the real face of Shirley, the one who slapped Karla in front of him yesterday or the one who was crying silently in the room now?

Did Karla really say something excessive yesterday to irritate Shirley? But what would such a weak girl like Karla say? However, Shirley had always misunderstood Karla and they couldn't get along with each other. She had even made difficulties for Karla several times. Samuel really didn't know what kind of person Shirley was now.

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