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   Chapter 19 A Vicious Woman

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The slap mark on Karla's face was so obvious that the assistant asked the director for a day off and said that Karla felt a little uncomfortable. The director asked everyone to take a day off and delayed it until tomorrow.

After Karla went back home, she waited for Damon to come back, but she was not so stupid as to directly complain to Damon. She was good at using roundabout ways. After Damon returning home, she cooked a full table of dishes for him, all of which were his favorite. Then she went back to her room and pretended to sleep.

When Damon returned home, he was very happy to see the dishes cooked by Karla. However, when he heard that Karla was not feeling well on the film set, she went home ahead of time and even cooked for him, he was moved and distressed.

When he walked to their bedroom, he opened the door and found that Karla was sleeping on the bed. He was very worried. He thought to himself, 'if she is feeling better? Why does she fall asleep without eating?' He walked slowly to the bedside, gently put his hand on Karla's shoulder, bent down, slowly approached Karla's face, and whispered in her ear in a gentle and magnetic voice, "Karla, wake up. Are you feeling better? How can you cook for me if you feel uncomfortable? Let's eat together."

Karla was woken up by Damon, "Damon, I still feel a little uncomfortable. Let me have a rest for a while." Karla was always good at pretending to be weak.

"Are you still not feeling well? Get up and let me have a look. " Damon's eyes were full of pity.

"I'm fine. You can go to have dinner." Karla buried her head in the quilt so that Damon wouldn't see the other half of her face.

Damon felt that there was something wrong with Karla, so he asked her to get up, but Karla insisted that she was fine. When a woman said she was fine, there must be something wrong. Damon always knew this.

So he pulled Karla out of the quilt, but she didn't look at him. Damon was confused and wondered if something had happened on the film set? I heard that Shirley also started her new drama today. Is it...

Damon slowly tilted the other side of Karla's face to one side. The obvious palm print on it pricked Damon's eyes. For a moment, his face changed greatly and he was very angry. He thought of a person, Shirley, but he still wanted to hear what Karla would say.

"This... How? Who did this? No wonder you said you were uncomfortable!" Looking at the palm print, Damon's eyes turned red. He had been overwhelmed by anger.

"No one. I... did it..." No one would believe what Karla said.

"Karla, it's okay. Just tell me. I'll back you up and seek justice for you!"

"It's Shirley, but... She didn't mean it! Damon, don't be angry. I'm fine." Karla pretended to be forced to tell the truth, and Damon's reaction was exactly what she wanted.

"I knew it was her! I knew it! I won't spare her this time! " Damon didn't expect that Shirley would go too far and even beat others.

"Why? Karla, she wouldn't hit you for no reason, would she? Tell me what happened."

"Do you still remember the bracelet you bought me a few days ago? I didn't expect it to be the relic of Shirley's mother. When we met on the film set today, she saw this bracelet on my hand. Maybe she thought I didn't respect her mother. I can understand it. After all, it's about her parents. Besides, your brother saw this and defended me on the spot. But it seemed that Shirley was unhappy about it." Karla still tried to fool Damon with the excuse of fooling Samuel.

Sure enough, as brothers, they all believed this.

Damon turned around and saw the bracelet on the dressing table, recalling the auction a few days ago.

That day, when Karla was browsing the news on the Internet, she saw several pieces of precious jewelry were going to be auctioned. She saw the jewelry photo on the photo and thought of the photo taken by the man she sent to observe the whereabouts of Shirley. In the photo, Shirley talked to the people in the auction house with the jewelry in her hands. Then, she came up with another idea to deal with Shirley.

She first showed her interest in the auction in front of Damon and said that it was beautiful and she liked it. As expected, Damon invited Karla to watch the auction together.

At the auction, as soon as the bracelet came out, she recognized that it was from Shirley. Karla said to Damon, "Wow! It's beautiful! I like it so much. I would be very happy if I could have it." As expected, Karla knew Damon very well. No matter how much the price was, Damon kept bidding until he finally got the bracelet. Then he gave it to Karla. The two of them went out for a candlelight dinner and spent a wonderful night.

In ancient times, there was a beacon play to win the praise of the empress. But now, [季天霖] was ju

st like the emperor. He never stingy with the material needs of [素素]. As long as [素素] was happy, it was worth it. He was proud of it and felt that there was no better man than him in the world.

However, no one would have thought that the delicate and lovely Karla could be so scheming. She first lured Damon to the auction house and then let him to buy the bracelet, in order to humiliate Shirley with this bracelet one day.

This method was brilliant. It was Karla's plan, but Damon would feel sorry for Karla. After all, this bracelet was given to her by himself. A man would only feel that if he didn't give it to her, his beloved woman wouldn't be hurt.

In the bedroom, Karla gently hugged Damon and said, "Don't blame Shirley. After all, she used to be my good friend." But this sentence was like a curse, as if telling Damon that it was that woman who did all this. She hurt the woman you loved.

Damon comforted Karla in a soft voice and promised her that he wouldn't do anything to Shirley. However, Karla knew Damon very well. He loved her very much all the time and didn't want her to suffer any grievance. Although he had promised not to get even with Shirley, Damon couldn't swallow his anger. He would definitely go to find her. This time, there were two advantages. One was that she could maintain her good image in front of Damon, and the other was that she could let Damon take revenge for this slap.

Since she left the set, Shirley had shut herself in her room and didn't go to the filming place. She sat on the bed all the time, and Samuel didn't come to her again.

In the evening, Shirley lay in bed for a sleepless night.

That night, Shirley thought a lot. Recalling what had happened after she came here, Shirley became more and more desperate. At first, she had a glimmer of hope for Samuel. Although the purpose of the two of them being together was not simple, Samuel had helped her a lot. She was more or less moved. But what happened today completely destroyed all the fantasies of Shirley. She decided to lock up her heart from now on and not let it have any waves. She had to learn from Samuel. In business and life, she had to be indifferent and ruthless. After tonight, Shirley seemed to put on an invisible armor for herself.

On the second day, Damon went to the CEO's office after going to work.

"Brother, I heard what happened yesterday. Thank you for protecting Karla."

"It's okay. Karla is a good girl. She shouldn't have been hurt." Samuel accepted Damon's thanks frankly.

"But, brother, shouldn't you teach Shirley a lesson? After all, you are a couple now. Don't let her do such a thing again and disgrace our Ji family."

Samuel's face darkened, but he didn't say anything.

After coming out of Samuel's office, Damon drove to Shirley's company. He couldn't let Karla suffer from injustice for no reason. He must get even with her.

After entering the Xia Group, Damon knew that Shirley was not in the office. He heard from his assistant that Shirley was talking with someone in the coffee shop downstairs, so he went to the coffee shop without saying anything.

At this time, in the cafe, Shirley was talking happily with a man. The novel had mentioned that this man was Shirley's business partner, and he had always been admiring Shirley. Shirley was also surprised that he suddenly contacted her today.

After meeting the man, Shirley found that this man was very handsome. Although objectively speaking, he was not as handsome as Samuel and Damon, he also had a good-looking appearance. The key point was that this man was very gentle, just like the spring breeze, giving people a gentle and comfortable feeling. Shirley liked to get along with him very much.

The man had been working hard in the business world for many years, which was one of the reasons why Shirley agreed to meet him. Because she wanted to learn some business knowledge from him. After all, she was not the previous Shirley. She just graduated from university. She had no social experience and knew nothing about business, so she had taken a lot of detours, which led to the final selling of her property. Therefore, this man could solve the burning anxiety of Shirley.

During the chat, the man also mentioned that Shirley sold off her property. He said that if she didn't have enough money, he could do his best. But Shirley refused. She would rather lose everything herself than owe her friend.

However, what Shirley didn't expect was that there was a pair of eyes staring at her at the moment. As soon as Damon entered the cafe, he saw Shirley sitting with a man, smiling like a flower.

She had done such a thing to Karla, but she was still in the mood to tryst with a man, and her smile was so brilliant. It was really hateful! Damon was furious.

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