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   Chapter 18 Be Fooled Again

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After the meeting, Shirley began to plan to sell her property. First of all, she asked someone to estimate the price of several houses, and they were sold out in less than a day.

In fact, Shirley's property was not only about the houses. Her father had given her mother a lot of jewelry before, and they were all treasures from the auction. But at the same time, it was also her father's love for her mom.

Shirley had seen the jewelry one by one. When her mother was alive, except for attending some large-scale events, she had put other jewelry in the safe box. Since her mother had passed away, only her father had occasionally opened the safe box to look at the jewelry to miss his wife.

When Shirley opened the safe, she saw the neatly arranged jewelry, on which there was a card recording the time, but the years were different. Shirley guessed that it might be their wedding anniversary. She couldn't help thinking of her parents. In fact, she lived in an ordinary family. Her parents were not important people, so their life was very simple. However, Shirley could always find love from the way they looked at each other. It was not the reckless love when they were young, but the deep and strong love after years.

Therefore, when Shirley saw those jewelry, she felt a sense of familiarity for no reason. If she hadn't been in such a predicament, she wouldn't have sold them for the rest of her life.

Shirley handed them over to an auction house. She swore to herself that she would buy them back when she got through the difficulty.

After so many setbacks and setbacks, the funds were finally solved and everything was ready. The start day was just around the corner, but the biggest concern in Shirley's mind was that Karla would make trouble again that day.

As expected, Karla had been waiting for Shirley at the filming site for a long time. This time, Shirley knew that she couldn't avoid it, so she'd better fight back face to face, so that she could live a peaceful life in the following few days.

Today, Karla was still wearing her favorite white dress and a pink Chanel coat. If these were worn by other girls, Shirley would think that it was a symbol of purity and innocence. But she knew Karla's true face, so Shirley felt that the white color was probably stained by her.

On the other hand, Shirley was dressed in a simple sportswear. After all, she was not here to show off, but to work.

Shirley saw that Karla had been waiting there for a long time with her arms crossed over her chest. Instead of dodging, Shirley walked straight to her. Seeing that Shirley didn't ignore her and instead walked towards her, Karla was a little confused. Normally, Shirley didn't want to get involved with her, so she took off her sunglasses.

The two stood face to face. Although Karla wore ten-centimeter high-heeled shoes, she was still not as tall as Shirley who wore sneakers.

"How are you going? I'm afraid you will have a hard time these days. " With a smile at the corners of her mouth, Karla looked at Shirley with arrogance and complacency in her eyes. If those men saw her like this, would they still treat her as a goddess?

"Yes, thanks to you. I have been busy these days in vain." If it weren't for the news that Karla had taken part in a new drama, the investors wouldn't have withdrawn their investment all of a sudden, and she wouldn't have come to the stage of selling her property. Looking at Karla's face, Shirley really wanted to slap her in the face. She hoped that she could restrain herself and not irritate her.

"I heard that you sold all your property and sold all the jewelry your father gave to your mother. What a pity. By the way, look what's this." Karla raised her white wrist. There was a bracelet on it, which was very eye-catching. The beads on the bracelet were all precious emeralds, and there was a circle of broken diamonds around each gem, which was very luxurious and precious. And this bracelet was one of the jewelry that she had sent to the auction.

Shirley was shocked and grabbed her wrist. Her eyes were full of anger. "Why is it here? ?"

Karla broke free from her grip at once. Because Shirley held her too tightly, there was a red mark on her arm. Just then, Karla saw Samuel not far behind Shirley.

Samuel had heard that Shirley's new drama was on today and he came to visit her. But he didn't expect to meet the two of them. Since they were too far away, he couldn't hear the conversation between Shirley and Karla clearly. It was exactly because Karla saw Samuel that she said something to irritate Shirley.

"Of course I bought it. Damon bought it for me. Your father has a good taste and it suits me well." Karla held her wrist in front of Shirley on purpose to show her the bracelet.

After what had happened in the past few days, Shirley hated Karla very much. What's more, s

he dared to show off in front of her with the gift from her father to her mother. Shirley only felt that anger filled her whole chest, making her lose her mind. Shirley raised her arm. With a crisp sound, a red mark appeared on Karla's face. Yes, Shirley slapped her across the face handsomely.

After slapping Karla, Shirley felt happy! She had wanted to do that for a long time. Since she came here, she had to see the hypocritical face of Karla and had to bear all kinds of her framing. She had been holding her anger for a long time and finally her wish was fulfilled. However, Shirley didn't notice a tiny detail. After Shirley slapped her, a hint of complacency flashed through her eyes.

However, the complacency just flashed by and her expression immediately softened, without the arrogance just now. Shirley thought Karla had really yielded. But the next second, she heard Samuel's voice. Shirley thought, 'I just wondered why Karla didn't fight back. It turned to be...'

Samuel couldn't hear their conversation. He only saw that Shirley raised her hand and slapped Karla in the face. He was furious. He rushed forward and stood in front of Karla to protect her. His angry face suddenly appeared in front of her, which frightened Shirley. She had never seen Samuel's expression like this. She felt that things were not going well. It seemed that he had really pissed him off.

"Why are you so vicious? How did Karla provoke you? How dare you hit her?" Samuel questioned Shirley.

"She..." Shirley wanted to explain, but was interrupted by Karla.

"Mr. Samuel, don't blame Shirley. It's all my fault. Here was the thing. A few days ago, Damon bought a bracelet at an auction. Today, I happened to meet Shirley and wanted to have a talk her. Unexpectedly, she saw the bracelet. It turned out that this bracelet was the relic of her mother. I didn't know it. It's a misunderstanding. I don't blame Shirley. After all, it belongs to her mother. I can understand." Damn it! Karla acted like a victim again. Shirley hated to see Karla's hypocritical look the most.

"That's why you hit Karla. Karla said she didn't know it. Why can't you talk peacefully?" After knowing the so-called truth, Samuel's impression of Shirley decreased greatly.

"Yes, Shirley, if you had told me earlier, I could have returned it to you. For our long-term friendship, money doesn't matter at all." Karla continued to add fuel to the fire. A drop of tear fell down at the right time, which made her look rather pitiful and lovable. Samuel saw that a kind-hearted girl like her had suffered so much grievance and was so considerate. He immediately softened his heart, and looked at Shirley with more dissatisfaction.

"Shirley, I want you to apologize to Karla right now!" Samuel forced Shirley to apologize.

Looking at Samuel's ruthlessness and Karla's smug eyes, Shirley knew that she was fooled by Karla again and she successfully confused right and wrong. She knew that no matter what she said, Samuel would never believe her. Perhaps he had never believed her from beginning to end, thinking that she was a vicious woman. However, it didn't matter. She didn't need anyone's trust. All she needed to do was to upgrade and return to the real world. Thinking of this, Shirley obstinately tried to suppress her inner grievance.

But, did Shirley really think so? Samuel helped her again and again. She was moved, and even had a good impression of him. But now, everything was gone.

Shirley didn't want to defend herself, so she turned around and left. However, just as she turned around, a tear fell down, and she felt a dull pain in her heart.

Seeing that Shirley turned around and left, Samuel felt that something was wrong. But he couldn't tell what it was. He was really angry and disappointed now.

After comforting Karla, Samuel drove away. Holding the steering wheel in his hand, Samuel's mind was full of the figure of Shirley when she just left. Was what he had seen before all disguised as Shirley?

When he saw that Shirley cried because she missed home, his impression of her had changed. And in the office, he saw Shirley crying alone. He always felt that he had misunderstood her. But what happened today, just in front of him, Shirley hit the innocent Karla, so vicious and ruthless.

Which one was the real Shirley?

In the bedroom, Shirley sat alone on the bed. She went back to her room and locked the door.

At this time, the tears had dried up, and Shirley didn't have any more tears to waste. Thinking of what had just happened, she held the sheet tightly. She thought that if time went back, she would still slap her without hesitation!

But when she thought of the way Samuel looked at her, strange and cold, she felt wronged. The matter was not like what Karla said. Why didn't everyone listen to what she said and only kept blaming her?

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