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   Chapter 17 Selling Assets

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Because the filming boot time, cast and director were all ready, and there were still ten days left, it meant that Shirley had to find a suitable investor within ten days.

After chatting with A, Shirley was very confident now. But even if she was confident, she still had nothing except for some passion. After all, Karla had a strong fans basis, which attracted investors. No investor was willing to take the risk to support her. Shirley tried hard to find an investor, but there was still no result.

Just after Shirley had a talk with a company, the other party still had no intention of investing. She walked out of the office in disappointment, but she met Damon at the entrance of the company. Damon wore a very formal suit and leather shoes customized in Italy today. He would only wear them like this at work. He usually wore casual clothes. It seemed that he came to this company for work today.

Seeing him, Shirley felt unhappy. She turned her head on purpose and wanted to go out from another door, but Damon blocked her way before her. Shirley raised her head and looked at the unruly look on Damon's face. At the thought of what he had done, she wondered what was wrong with the previous supporting role, Shirley. Was she blind? How could she fall in love with such a person and even love him so much? It was true that Shirley didn't even want to look at him now.

Seeing that she couldn't escape this verbal battle in the end, she said to him, "it's said that a good dog won't block the way. What are you going to do, Mr. Damon?"

"Oh, you are so arrogant. After I warned you last time, I thought you would restrain yourself when you saw me. It seems that you haven't received enough punishment." Damon was successfully irritated by her.

Thinking of the scene that Damon asked others to take off her clothes and the threat she had made last time, Shirley clenched her fists tightly and her nails fell into her palms, but she didn't feel any pain at all. At this time, the anger and hatred in her heart had almost made her lose her mind.

Shirley wanted to leave here as soon as possible. She didn't want to see Damon's face again, or she would really go crazy. As soon as she took a step forward, Damon grabbed her wrist to prevent her from moving.

"What are you doing? Let me go. " Shirley struggled hard. She felt it disgusting to let this scum touch her body. She really wanted to cut off her skin, but she couldn't get rid of him with her strength. She could only let him grab her.

"What? Don't you have a sharp tongue? Why do you run away like a stray dog? Aren't you very arrogant? Don't run away. " Looking at Shirley who was about to leave, Damon felt that she didn't dare to fight against him, so she wanted to escape. He was even more complacent.

"I heard that you have been looking for investors everywhere recently? What? There must be no way out. Is there any result? You looked so disappointed just now. Is it settled? " Damon deliberately satirized Shirley.

Finally, Damon seized the opportunity to humiliate Shirley. How could he easily let her go? He continued to satirize, "Shirley, you haven't given up yet. Your drama and Karla's play start at the same day, and the investors all go to Karla. You won't find capital. But if you ask me and Karla for help, maybe I can give you a sum of money to maintain the running of your company. How about my advice? Are you moved?"

"I won't ask for your and that woman's money even if I go bankrupt. Just give up." Shirley said to Damon coldly with a stubborn look on her face.

"Didn't you love me very much before? Didn't you always do as I said? I know you married my brother just to piss me off. It means that you still love me, right? How about this? As long as you beg me, I can consider you to be my underground lover and I will raise you, okay? I can hide it from Karla, and you can hide it from my brother. We can still be together like before, okay? " Damon got close to Shirley's ear and teased her. In fact, he would never accept Shirley again in his heart. He said that only because he was confident that if it was before, Shirley might agree. After all, she really loved him and didn't want to leave him.

But now, Shirley was no longer the woman she used to be. Shirley was a person with a clear distinction between love and hate. Her thoughts could not be mixed with any other emotions. Moreover, when she read this novel, she hated this man very much. He was lazy and very fickle, liking to play with women. His thoughts were so dirty, which was disgusting.

Shirley felt suffocated and disgusted when she breathed in the same air with him, let alone hearing such greasy words. She really didn't know why he had the courage. Did God give him the courage?

The woman broke free from his grip and said coldly, "be your mistress? How could you say something like that? Shame on you. I think you'd better hold the hypocritical Karla in your arms

for the rest of your life. Last time I reminded you and tell you what kind of person Karla is. If you don't believe me, you will be tricked to death by that woman sooner or later. At that time, you will be driven to desperate, but this is also your retribution. It's really happy to think about it."

Damon didn't expect her to react like this. In the past, no matter what he had done, Shirley would forgive him, and she had never seen such a look in her eyes. Even if he betrayed her, there had been still love in Shirley's eyes. However, although the woman in front of him didn't change her face, she gave off a completely different feeling. The cold look in her eyes was like looking at a stranger. And the hatred in her eyes was pure. She just wanted him to disappear from the world.

After saying that, Shirley turned around and left, leaving Damon in a daze. Damon felt an invisible slap hit on his face, because what he had been planned well didn't go as he had expected.

The moment Shirley turned around, Sam's voice sounded. This time, it seemed that even Sam was happy for her. His voice was full of joy. "It was a successful humiliation to the hero! Your experience increased again, level one! Keep going!"

Hearing Sam's voice, a smile appeared on Shirley's face. It turned out that scolding Damon could help her upgrade. It seemed that when she met him in the future, she could do nothing but scold him.

Although cursing was very pleasant, the reality was still pressing on Shirley. She hadn't found the fund yet. Shirley had never been so eager for money like now.

After returning to her office, Shirley thought for a long time. She didn't want to use this method, but now she really had no choice. That was to sell her property. The working capital in Shirley's hand was almost a drop in the bucket, but she had checked her real estate and found that she had several houses, which were bought by her father a few years ago. They must have risen in value. This was the last way.

Shirley knew that these houses were Shirley's father's love for her, but her father's company was about to be destroyed, so she couldn't care so much. Father was seriously ill abroad, and he wouldn't know it. Therefore, when she succeeded, she was confident that Shirley could buy it back at a high price.

After making this decision, Shirley called a meeting to inform all shareholders of her own decision.

"Everyone, our company has fallen into an unprecedented predicament. Now the only thing we can turn over is to sell all my property to invest in this TV drama."

As soon as Shirley finished her words, all the shareholders were surprised. They had never expected that Shirley could do such a thing for the company, but the opinions of the shareholders were still very different.

"Have you ever thought about the shareholders like us? We strongly objected to the decision of finding a new actress last time, but you still stick to your own way. This time, it's about financial problems. If this drama can't compete with the play that Karla just accepted, the company will really be over!"

"But this is the key to our turning over! If I don't do that, our company will definitely do bankrupt! If we do so, maybe we still have a glimmer of hope!" Shirley tried her best to persuade all the shareholders. As long as they nodded in agreement, the plan could be implemented immediately.

"Miss Shirley, I support you. To conquer or to die this time!" Said a young and hot blooded shareholder.

"What are you talking about? If Shirley fails this time, have you ever thought about the consequences? She will lose everything." This was the founding member of the company who had worked hard with her father. Shirley called him Uncle Gu.

"Uncle Gu, I know you are worried about me, but this is my last chance. I have to give it a try. I think if my father meets this situation, he will make the same choice."

"Alas! You are right. You and your father are the same kind of person. I won't say anything more. It's up to you. " Uncle Gu was the most stubborn one among the shareholders. As long as she got his consent, it would be easy.

At this time, in Samuel's office.

A man stood at his desk and reported something to Samuel. HIs assistant knew from the spies in Shirley's company that she was going to sell off her property. So he was reporting it to Samuel. Samuel, who knew this, was also shocked. Although he thought that Shirley's action was very risky, he had to admit that this woman was indeed very bold. She even sold his property to keep the company. But there was no other way. He admired this woman in his heart.

Shirley always felt that Samuel was ruthless, with only interests and hatred in his eyes. However, recently, Samuel seemed to have left a special place for this woman in his heart. He cared about Shirley very much, but he didn't show it every time. He even deceive himself in the name of cooperation.

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