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   Chapter 16 Keeping Hitting Dead Ends

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"Alas..." Hearing the sound of the phone hanging up, Shirley sighed deeply. The bud of hope that had just been sprouted was killed again. Karla was really good at finding an opportunity to interfere with her. Sitting in the office, Shirley put her hand on her forehead and felt struggled.

However, misfortune never came alone. That damn cold and mechanical voice echoed in her mind, "It's really a pity. You've degraded, and your newly upgraded level has returned to zero." Karla seized the chance to humiliate you and you lost again.

"Okay, okay, I know. Just shut up." Shirley knew there was a saying called rise and fall, but why did Shirley feel that her life was always very down? It took her a lot of effort to raise her level, but she was beaten back to where she had been in the beginning.

The investors she had contacted before all withdrew their investment. Some found various excuses to refuse her, which was good. But some made it clear that wherever Karla was, the capital would be there. This made Karla very proud. She hoped that Karla could stop being arrogant in front of her these days.

Shirley had no choice but to find new investors.

"Miss Shirley, I'm sorry. We are not interested in your drama."

"Miss Shirley, the reason why you come to our company for investment is that you want to hit the bottom. But have you ever thought about how much courage I need to invest in your company? If this drama fails, my money will be in vain. I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry. Please go back. We have invested in Karla's new play."

These were the most words that Shirley had heard in the past few days. They all refused her, saying sorry or other similar words to her. In a word, no investment!

At this moment, Shirley felt deeply frustrated. She felt that she had really fallen into a bottleneck this time. Was there really no other way this time? Was he really defeated like this?

She sat on the chair, her hands tightly holding her legs, and her eyes were full of despair and helplessness. Shirley lowered her head slowly and her forehead touched her knees. Not long after, she began to sob. This was the third time she cried since she came here. For the first time, she missed home and was even seen by Samuel. The second time she cried also because she missed home, but the place was her room. But this time, she felt powerless. At this time, the staff had already gone off work. There was only Shirley on the whole floor, so she could cry and vent her anger freely. At this moment, Shirley felt lonely and abandoned. When people were sad, they would think of all kinds of unhappiness, with negative energy bursting.

Could she really not turn the tables this time? But at the thought of the miserable ending of this supporting actress, Shirley felt a chill down her spine. No! She didn't want to end up like this supporting actress. She couldn't be sent to Africa. There must be a way. She would go thought all difficulties.

Just then, she received a message. The name on the screen was A, and the content was, "Shirley, are you free? I've heard about what happened to you recently and I'm a little worried about you. Let's meet at the coffee shop downstairs of your company. I'll wait for you.

Shirley tried her best to recall, and finally remembered that there seemed to be girl named A in the novel, who was the best friend of the original female supporting role. However, the author did not explain her character and appearance in detail, so it was not clear whether the girl was her enemy or a friend. She'd better be alert.

Shirley came to the coffee shop. She didn't know what A looked like, so she had to pretend to look for someone at the door, hoping that A could see herself first. At this time, a girl sitting by the French window of the cafe waved at her.

She walked to the opposite of the girl and sat down, smiling at her, and the other party also returned a friendly smile. Shirley looked at her, but in fact, she was observing her. The girl in front of her looked very ordinary. She was not as stunning as Shirley, and could be remembered at a glance. However, when you took a closer look, you would find that girls' facial features were all very delicate and good-looking. She was wearing a plain white T-shirt and a pair of light colored jeans. Although she wore plain clothes, she gave people a feeling of innocence. Shirley wondered why the previous supporting female role had such a friend. Shouldn't her friends all be some socialite ladies?

It seemed that this girl wouldn't pose a threat to her. Shirley didn't say anything. She was waiting for A to speak.

"Shirley, how are you doing recently? I've seen what happened on the Internet recently. I have wanted to find you but I'm afraid you don't have time. But I'm really worried about you, so I can't help asking you out. " A's face was full of worry, which was not like that of Karla. It could be seen from her eyes that she really cared about Shirley.

"I've been in a bad condition recently. I've been looking for investors everywhere. As you know, since my father fell ill, I have to manage th

e company alone. What's worse, Karla terminated her contract with me at this time. Now the cast, director and scripts are all ready, but we don't have enough money. " After confirming that they were friends, Shirley didn't hide anything and told A all her troubles.

"What? How could this be? I don't know you are so difficult now and I can't help you. What should I do? " A looked more anxious than she was and was about to cry.

"I'm also very upset. The investor didn't want to invests in our company, and Karla deliberately took on a drama with the same filming day as mine. The investors all withdrew their investment and turned to Karla. I have no choice but to depend on myself now. " Shirley tried her best to hold back her tears.

Looking at her good friend's distressed look, A felt very sad. She held Shirley's hand on the table. Although A's hands were very thin, they were very warm, which reminded Shirley of her friends in the real world. She didn't know how they were doing recently. Did they miss her and worry about her?

Shirley held her warm hands tightly and swore in her heart that she would protect and cherish this friend no matter she could go back or not.

"Shirley, it seems that you are really trapped by this difficulty. When we were in college, no matter how difficult things were, you could solve them perfectly. You were always so confident and proud. " From what she said, Shirley knew that the two of them have been friends since they were in college. No wonder they would meet friends from all places and from different families only in college. Only in college would they meet friends who were really good to her and knew all about her.

"Shirley, I believe you. With your ability, you can definitely solve it! I will always support you!" A was still holding her hands tightly. From her eyes, Shirley could see firmness and trust.

"Can I?" Shirley couldn't help asking herself.

"I don't dare to say that to others, but I', sure you can definitely do it! You are my favorite and admiring friend." A's hand seemed to have magic power. At this time, she felt that there was a steady flow of energy passing from A's hand to her. She felt that she had the ability to solve all problems now.

"Okay! Thank you so much! If you hadn't encouraged me this time, I might have given up. " Shirley sincerely thanked A. She was the only friend in this world who gave encouragement and warmth to her.

She chatted with A about all kinds of things that had happened in the university. In fact, most of words were said by A. after all, Shirley didn't know anything about what had happened in their university. So she could do nothing but listen and smile.

After seeing A off, Shirley left the cafe. On her way home, her heavy heart became much better. A was really like the sun in her life. After talking with her, Shirley renewed her vigor and decided to continue her search for a new investor.

What Shirley didn't know was that Samuel usually went home on time, but this time, she didn't go home immediately. Samuel also heard that she had been in trouble with investors, so he was worried about her. He drove to the company to look for her. In fact, when Shirley was crying in the office with her arms around her knees, Samuel saw everything through the glass. But he didn't want to go in and comfort her, so he had to look at her quietly, thinking that maybe she would be better after crying for a while. However, he didn't know why he would do this. In the past, he always felt that Shirley was domineering and unreasonable and he might never take a look at such a woman this life. However, the Shirley he saw recently didn't seem to be as domineering as he thought. She was not invincible as a strong woman. She would also be confused and at a loss, just like an ordinary girl who had just entered the society. Looking at such a woman, Samuel felt a little strange, and he even had a feeling of hugging her.

Seeing that she received a message and was about to go out, Samuel hurried to stand behind the wall to prevent her from finding him. After a while, he walked into the cafe and looked at her silently across the street, fearing that she would discover him. He watched her chatting with a girl for a long time. She had been depressed, but she gradually cheered up during the chat. Samuel felt a little relieved. At least she was not depressed all the time.

Samuel thought that he didn't need to worry about Shirley, so he drove home with relief. When Shirley came back home, she found that Samuel had already had dinner at the table, and the dishes were cooked by the nanny. Hearing that Shirley was back, Samuel didn't even look up at her. He just said, "Have dinner." Then he didn't say anything.

Shirley complained in her heart, 'this man is really cold-blooded. I don't believe that he doesn't know what happened to me recently, but he doesn't say a word. Yes, I am nothing in his heart, how dare I expect him to care about me.'

She didn't know why she was so angry. She didn't eat anything but went back to her room. Anyway, she didn't want to see him.

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