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   Chapter 15 The Investor Insists On His Own Will

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There was really no perfect way for Shirley, so she had to sign the actress first. Then she took the contract to the investor again.

In the cafe, Shirley ordered two cups of cappuccino and waited anxiously for someone.

A man dressed in suits and ties came in and hurriedly sat opposite Shirley.

"Make short of long. I'm very busy." The man didn't want to hear Shirley's long speech.

"Sir, why don't you accept my opinion?" Shirley really didn't understand him.

"Your opinion is too risky. I still want to choose a safe way."

Shirley really tried her best to persuade him, "but you think about it, now the entertainment circle is changing so fast. It's too stubborn for you to only focus on Karla. Nowadays, the entertainment circle needed some fresh blood, and Karla had been active in the public for so long, which inevitably caused aesthetic fatigue for the public. We have taken this question into account when choosing the new actress this time. I promise that this new actress has strong potential and will definitely meet your requirements. " In order to persuade the investor, Shirley said many words. It was not easy for him to agree to see her, so she had to persuade him to be willing to invest.

"What's the use of potential? Can it be of real significance? " The investor asked Shirley in reply.

"Let me tell you, the only thing of great importance now is audience rating! You always talk to me in this way. I know you want to find a new way and play a new trick. But my money is not from nowhere. I can't afford it. Again, what is the most important thing in TV series? It is the audience rating! As a new actress, although she had potential, she doesn't have a strong audience base. Even if you said that Karla had been famous for a long time and the audience had aesthetic fatigue, her fans were strong so that the audience rating was guaranteed. Besides, I know what happened between you and Karla recently. It's unlikely that you will invite Karla back. I think you'd better give up." The investor didn't show any mercy to Shirley. She could understand it. After all, they were only connected by money, and there had never been a favor in this circle.

"I've signed a contract with the new actress. As long as the fund is in place, I can start the drama immediately. And I promise you that I won't let you down." Shirley really had no choice and she almost knelt down and beg him. But the investor was still not convinced and rejected Shirley.

What's worse, Karla knew about it. She heard that the investor that Shirley was contacting insisted on her. Thinking of this, she felt that God was really good to her. Karla get another chance to suppress Shirley. She swore to herself, 'Shirley, I won't let you solve it easily this time, no matter what the reason is.'

Karla contacted the director of a new play on her own initiative. The director of this play had been unable to invite a famous star like Karla, so when she took the initiative to conta

s, how can you start it without money? It's useless. So, you'd better give up struggling. Your Xia Group is like a grasshopper at the end of autumn -- nearing its end. Just wait and see how I start my drama that day." After saying that, Karla picked up her phone and left in her high heels.

Shirley didn't look as imposing as she had been just now. She relaxed her tense body. As long as she faced Karla, her body would unconsciously enter a state of tension and ready for battle. Perhaps her body could automatically sense the breath of the enemy. After what happened just now, although she hated Karla very much, what she said just now was really right. Without money, it was useless to sign a new actresses. No matter how good the play was, it was useless not to be seen by the audience. How could they talk about audience rating? Everything was empty words!

However, things were not that simple. After the investor saw the news on the Internet, for the first time in the past few days, he took the initiative to contact Shirley, but scolded her.

"What's wrong with your company? You haven't reached an agreement with Karla yet. She has already taken part in another drama. It's too late now. I don't believe your company anymore! Don't contact me anymore!" The investor shouted at Shirley angrily on the phone.

"Please don't be angry. It's Miss Karla's freedom to choose which drama she likes. Since she has her own choice and it's irreversible, why don't you accept my suggestion? This is our best choice at present." Shirley patiently reasoned with the investors. She had never seen such a situation since she was a child.

"How can I not be angry? It's really a waste of time to wait for you for so long. Well, if she has her own choice, then it's also my choice to whom I will invest my money! I won't trust you anymore. I won't invest in you. Just give up. "

"Don't worry..."


The investor hung up the phone angrily before Shirley finished her words.

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