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   Chapter 14 Upgrade To The First Level

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After coming out of the agency, Shirley felt refreshed. It turned out that the feeling of revenge was like this. After that, she could not be disturbed for a short time. She was felt relieved for venting her anger. She had been suppressed by them before, and now she finally fought back, although it was Samuel who helped her.

The two agents were still in a state of shock after Shirley left. They had always thought that this woman was just a rookie in the workplace and she couldn't be so capable even if she had a double degree in economics and management. But they didn't expect that this woman was so capable to get the evidence of the two of them embezzling public funds. It seemed that they couldn't underestimate this woman. They couldn't act rashly recently. In fact, they didn't know that it was Samuel who helped her.

The news on the Internet caused an uproar. At the same time, Karla was also humiliated because of her previous video. Netizens, keyboard men, and all kinds of rumors were online again.

"It turns out that Shirley is the one who was wronged. Karla was also set up by her agent, but she is also brainless. How could she send the video casually without figuring out the situation in advance?"

"In fact, I have disliked Karla for a long time. She has been pretending to be cute and innocent for so long. Isn't it too false? This time, she even framed her original entertainment company. After all, she was supported by the company. It's too ungrateful of her to do so. This is called kick down the ladder."

"Karla is kind enough to speak for others. How could she be a sinner? It must be that woman has done something bad to Karla. That's why she did that."

However, some netizens were wise, "I have an assumption and you may not believe me. Was it possible that Karla refuse in person, and made her agent be the scapegoat to take the blame now seeing that there is no concealing the truth?" He was really a thoughtful netizen. He was right, but he was only right in the first half.

Of course, there were also some Karla's fans who were brainless. "Our Karla must have been tricked by her agent. She is so kind that we are willing to believe her. Please don't say stuff and nonsense! "

Different opinions appeared on the Internet. There was also a flaw in the innocent image that Karla had maintained.

At this time, in the agency, after reading the notice on the Internet, Karla was very angry and quickly walked to the agent's office.

"What do you two mean? Aren't you embarrassing me? It was you who came up with the idea to let me shoot the video, and now it is you who make a fool of me. Are you crazy? What about my image in front of the public? Why did you do that? " Karla really couldn't figure it out. They were about to succeed, but at the last moment, they gave up and let go of Shirley. She always feel that the two of them were hiding something from her.

With a guilty conscience, the agent didn't dare to answer Karla's question directly. "Leave it alone. We will help you deal with the aftermath and it won't have any impact on you. Anyway, we can't go against Shirley these days. What's more, we have taken the blame for you, haven't we? As for your image, there are still many fans supporting you on the Internet. If you can't accept it, our company will buy water army for you to maintain your innocent image. Don't worry. You can first go back and we will help you settle all troubles for sure."

"Okay. I don't care why you let go of Shirley. But remember what you said. Don't damage my interests." After getting the promise from her agent, Karla felt a little relieved and left. What Karla didn't know was that she had been used, but she didn't notice it.

At this moment, Sam's voice rang in Shirley's mind, "Congratulations! Although it's an indirect way to make the heroine lose face this time, your experience has increased to the first level. Please keep working!"

Hearing that she had been promoted to the first grade, Shirley almost shed tears of excitement. After so long, she had finally been promoted! If Sam was a real person, Shirley would have hugged him tightly. That was great! Finally, she took the first step back home! But she had to hold back her excitement. After all, there was still a long way to go.

Without the interruption of the two annoying people, Shirley's plan to find a new actress would be much smoother. Shirley didn't rely on any agent anymore. She had been tricked by that agent last time. Instead, she went straight to the girl she had chosen on the advertising screen on the street.

In the dining room, Shirley was sitting next to a pure and elegant girl. This girl's appearance was not the same as those of Internet celebrities who had plastic surgery. Her face was completely pure and natural. Seeing her real face, Shirley felt that she had a good eye for people.

"Miss, I believe you have heard about what happened before. Karla has indeed refused to take part in the play. The reason why I come to you is to listen to your own will. Don't choose to trust the agent blindly." Shirley could tell that the girl in front of her was unsophisticated, very simple and innocent, unlik

e Karla who had always pretended to be simple. She was really innocent and harmless, so she had easily trusted that unscrupulous agent and let him deal with everything for her. And it was because of her innocence and loveliness that Shirley thought she was the only heroine of the play.

"I... I don't know if I can make this decision, so..." The girl was still hesitating whether she should agree or not.

"I'm preparing for that TV drama recently and I think you're the right person to be the heroine. To tell you the truth, when I saw you on the street, I felt that this role was simply a perfect match for you. If you can promise me, I will use all the resources of our company to train you. Think about Karla, she is trained by our company, although we have terminated the contract. I will sign the contract with you, okay?" Shirley sincerely made a promise to the girl. She really hoped that the girl could say yes.

The girl was still hesitating. Seeing that she was about to succeed, Shirley continued, "Do you want to be the next Karla? No, not the next her. It's a new idol. It's you. Trust me, I will make you the person you dream of."

When the girl heard Shirley's words, her eyes lit up with desire. Becoming an idol and letting everyone know her and support her was the dream of every artist.

"I... I promise I will sign the contract with you!" The girl promised Shirley excitedly. She might not have thought that this would be the most correct decision she would make in her life.

Hearing that the girl agreed, Shirley was so excited that she wanted to jump up. No, she told herself to hold back. After all, she was the general manager of a company and she couldn't lose face in front of a new comer.

"Well, well. Thank you very much."

Now that the choice of the actress had been decided smoothly, the next step was to solve the financial problem. If there was no money, everything would be empty words. However, this was also the biggest headache for Shirley. The investor had a tough attitude and a stubborn temper. He just said that he wanted no one but Karla.

Shirley had no choice but to negotiate with the investor again and again, hoping to persuade him as soon as possible. After solving the cast's problem, Shirley rushed to visit the investor.

But the investor was still tough. Shirley was really helpless.

Shirley went back to the company and held several meetings with the shareholders, but none of them was ended up with satisfaction. The shareholders were still discussing with each other.

"Shirley. I have told you. This method is too risky. Now we don't even have money. How can we start a new play? "

"Miss Shirley, the company is really short of money. We have to get investment."

Hearing these voices, Shirley felt her head was going to explode. If that investor was not so stubborn, she wouldn't have been so annoyed.

After returning home from work, Shirley lay on the sofa. She had been running around in the past few days without a break, but there was still no progress.

Shirley just wanted to have a rest on the sofa, but she didn't expect that she would fall asleep because she was too tired.

When Samuel got home and saw this scene, he couldn't help but feel a little sorry for her. He had been paying attention to the movements of Shirley, so he could completely understand her. Samuel slowly crouched down, trying to get closer to her. When he looked closer, he found that the woman's eyelashes were so long, and they gently flapped with the rhythm of her breath.

At this moment, Samuel looked at the sleeping face of the woman, and her eyelashes seemed to have swept through his heart. How could it be a little itchy?

After a long time, he found that the woman seemed to have a dream and drop of tear fell from the corner of her eye. He raised his hand, approached her face and gently wiped her tears with his fingers.

Samuel stood up and went back to his room to get a blanket and slowly covered it on the woman. This move seemed to wake her up. She groaned, but did not wake up and continued to sleep.

Shirley rubbed the blanket on her body like a small animal and continued to fall asleep. If Samuel saw his love and tenderness, he would be scared to death.

Samuel had heard that Shirley was bothering the investor again. In fact, Samuel could totally invest in her company. However, on the one hand, if Damon knew it, he would not only disagree, but also make a scene. On the other hand, if he helped Shirley whenever she encountered difficulties, she would never grow up and could not be his help to defeat the Ji family, so he had to let Shirley experience it by herself.

In the middle of the night, Shirley woke up and found herself on the sofa. There was a dinner on the table and a blanket on her body. She felt warm in her heart and temporarily put down all her fatigue. She remembered that she dreamed of her parents again, but she felt as if there was someone accompanying her, comforting her and wiping her tears. But when she thought that these were all dreams, she couldn't help feeling disappointed and lonely.

After dinner, Shirley went back to her room and fell asleep quickly.

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