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   Chapter 13 Special Means

Traveling Into A Book: Fight Back And Win Mr. Charming By Yi Xiaoxin Characters: 10085

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Looking at the woman who wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought, Samuel felt confused. But after thinking for a while, he looked at the dishes on the table and understood. But he didn't show it on the surface and continued to eat in silence.

After dinner, the two went back to their own rooms.

Shirley, who had been wandering around the room, was very upset. What a good chance it was just now, but she gave it up. How could she be so coward? How could she open her mouth? She hit her head hard. It really hurt. She held her head and rubbed it.

At this moment, Shirley suddenly heard a knock on the door. She opened the door and saw a tall and handsome man standing in front of it.

"You... Why are you here?"

"Don't you let me in?" Samuel didn't answer her question.

Shirley stepped aside and Samuel walked in directly. But the woman still didn't know why he came. She had a bold idea. Was is possible that he knew that she wanted to ask him for help?

"Yes, that's exactly what you think." Samuel looked at the woman who had been in a daze and said.

"What... Is that so? How do you know what I'm thinking?" Shirley was so surprised. Could this man read her mind? How could he read her mind? It was terrible.

"You cooked a lot of dishes for no reason, and still hem and haw at the table. Only a fool doesn't know that you want to ask me for help." In fact, Samuel didn't have any mind reading skills. He had lived with this woman for a long time and knew something about her. In addition, he had asked someone to investigate her recent situation, so the answer was very simple.

"HMM... Indeed." For a long time, Shirley felt uncomfortable to be seen through, but for some reason, she didn't feel bad to be seen through by Samuel. On the contrary, she felt relieved to have someone who cared about her so much. She was very happy because it could be considered as the only comfort for her to come to this world.

Samuel began to analyze the current situation to Shirley, "I think you now know that the people who are against you are actually the two agents. Therefore, you only need to deal with the two of them. But if you fight against them head-on, you can't defeat them. After all, the Xia Group is not as strong as before. So you have to take some special measures."

Samuel's words reminded the woman all of a sudden.

Shirley listened carefully and nodded, "special means? For example?"

"For example, they have something on them." Samuel hit the nail on the head.

"But they must be on the alert now. I have alerted them. They must have been well prepared. Isn't it too late to find their weakness now?" Shirley asked.

"Of course, if I waited for you to look for it, they would have destroyed you. I have already prepared for you." Samuel took out a U disk from his pocket and handed it to Shirley.

Shirley felt that her IQ had been crushed. However, it was normal for him. Samuel had been managing such a big company for so many years. How could he stand w

changed greatly. They stuttered, "This... Where did you get it? "

The content on the paper was the evidence of their embezzlement of public funds. Shirley printed out all the documents and hid the U disk at home.

"Why don't you be arrogant? Didn't you smile happily just now? " Shirley deliberately embarrassed them to avenge the humiliation just now.

Now the two men looked as if they had eaten a fly. They had been determined to defeat Shirley, but they didn't expect that she could find their weakness. But only the two of them knew about it.

"Tell me, what do you want?" Agent B saw that the situation had changed greatly and calmed down to analyze the current situation. He had no choice but to negotiate with her.

"The condition is to clarify the video on the Internet and tell the public that it was Karla who refused my invitation first. After that, I planned to find a new actress. Otherwise, these documents will be spread on the Internet wildly. At that time, you two will lose your job..." Shirley's voice was neither loud nor low, but it was enough to give them a strong pressure.

The two men thought for a while, gritted their teeth and said, "Okay, as you wish."

"In the end, I warn you, behave yourself and don't provoke me again, or I can't guarantee what I will do." After saying that, Shirley turned around and left. She breathed a sigh of relief and finally vented her hatred.

Sure enough, there was a clarification on the Internet soon, but it was not from Karla, but from the company's official notice. The general content was that the agent refused the invitation of Shirley's company to take part in the TV series without authorization, and Karla didn't know it, so she made a big mistake. Therefore, Shirley did look for a new actress after being rejected, and she didn't break the promise.

Although this notice didn't satisfy Shirley very much because they even kept Karla's face, Shirley was relieved, at least she wouldn't be attacked by the public opinion.

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