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   Chapter 125 Get Along Well

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At the same time, Vicky seemed to think of something.

"Uncle, are you my mom's brother? Where is my mom? Is she also abroad? Why didn't she come back to see me? "

Of course, it was impossible for young Vicky to know the relationship between Shawn and Nancy. However, at her age, her understanding of the word "uncle" still associated her with her mother.

Hearing this, Nancy, who was sitting on the sofa, was eager to run to her and tell her the truth.

However, Ryan signaled her not to do anything now.

After all, it had a lot to do with her departure that Vicky became like this.

The appearance of Nancy might make the situation worse.

After controlling her impulse, she finally chose to sit there quietly.

"Vicky, you have to believe that in fact, your mom loves you very much, but there are some reasons that she can't see you for the time being, but when it's appropriate, she will definitely come to see you."

Shawn gently touched her hair, and his tone was full of love for the child.

However, Vicky's situation was not so good now. His sister must be very sad.

Seeing that Nancy was not happy, Ryan walked to her and sat down.

"What are you thinking about? It's just a matter of time. We can't have a rush for quick results now. "

Of course, she understood what he meant, but she still felt disappointed.

"Who is Vicky's doctor? Can you tell me? "

She turned her head slightly and looked at Ryan beside her.

He couldn't help smiling when he heard this question.

"Of course, you know him too. But you certainly don't know the family doctors who usually come here. But, the attending doctor of Vicky this time is Kevin."


Hearing the name

eard this question from Shawn. On the contrary, he smiled faintly.

"Mr. Shawn, when you ask this question, you are declaring war on me, aren't you? By that time, you two will definitely try to take Vicky back at all costs, right? "

The two of them were both smart people. They knew what each other was planning without being told.

"Since you know it will happen one day, why do you still allow us to see Vicky?"

This behavior made Shawn feel that he was very contradictory. For a time, he could not figure out what he was thinking.

"I have never thought of the answer to this question, because you can't take Vicky away."

He looked rather confident.

The sun was shining. Ryan turned to look at Shawn and said one by word clearly.

Since he was so confident, Shawn didn't want to argue with him.

'Let's wait and watch. More importantly, we should stabilize Vicky's condition first.'

At least, this time, Shawn and Vicky could get along well with each other. After Vicky accepted Nancy, it should not be difficult to take Vicky away.

Thinking of this, looking at Ryan, he also showed a smile of meanings.

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